IU women vs. Miami (Ohio)

2ND HALF: It comes down to IU missing from outside, 1-of-20 on 3s and 19-of-59 overall. Miami outscores IU 6-0 in last minute. Davis finishes with 31 points, two short of tying a career best.

MIAMI 67, IU 61. Final.

1ST HALF: IU, with a lot of good looks but empty possessions, should have a big lead. Both teams can say the same thing, however, as the shooting and turnovers were about equal before Redhawks’ leading scorer Courtney Osborn, a Hamilton Southeastern grad, got free for a couple of wide open looks and buried them to put Miami up. Lead ballooned to 23-17. Hoosiers are getting nothing on the post as Andujar has played all but two minutes and is scoreless. The goal early seemed to be drive and dish or score, but Miami’s backed off. And IU, which was shooting just 38 percent coming in, is just 9-of-29 from the field, 1-of-10 on 3s and 2-of-6 at the line with 11 turnovers. Miami has 16 turnovers (averages 21.1), many unforced, but IU has six steals. Redhawks are 10-of-24, 3-of-9 on 3s and own backboards 21-15.

Elam has 7 points and Davis 6 for IU. Osborn is 5-of-8 for 13 points for Miami. It’s the lowest first-half output for both teams this year. Miami 25, IU 21.

Hi, Jim Gordillo here at Assembly Hall for tonight’s women’s basketball game between IU and Miami (Ohio). The Hoosiers had good luck against the Miami (Fla) volleyball team so the hoopsters will try and compete the Miami sweep. Stay tuned for updates.

IU will start Andrea McGuirt, Hope Elam, Whitney Lindsau, Danilsa Andujar and Jori Davis. Miami hit 12 of 21 3-pointers last time out against Marshall. We’ll see if that continues against IU’s active zone.


  1. This game was god awful. Hope Elam has no idea what the definition of a good shot is. I’m hopeful that when the transfer gets eligible and Sasha gets healthy this will be an improved team, but we looked flat, uninterested and poorly coached tonight.

  2. Bobbie Sue, Hope won several games for IU last year. Hope is a great player. She had a bad game last night…

    Tell me the definition of poorly coached as far as the IU women go? I am just curious. I have gone to these games for years and Coach Jack has her team playing a high-spirited and very excited fast pace game. I have NEVER seen an uninterested Coach Jack team!

  3. WE’ll have to agree to disagree about Coach Jack’s teams. You clearly are on her bandwagon, whereas I feel like I’m pretty objective about what I’m seeing. To be fair, I couldn’t attend the Nebraska game, but saw the end on TV. And I’m not saying her teams don’t EVER look interested or well-coached.

    Hope Elam is a streaky shooter. Her form is awful. She could do SO many more things besides score, particularly when we lack any post-presence other than Danilsa right now, but she simply floats around the 3-pt line and jacks up shots no matter whether they’re good, within the offense or contested. A really good coach gets her to do things besides jack up 3’s or she sits her behind on the bench until she figures that out.

  4. Bobbie Sue, thanks for the nice post. It is cool, people are being somewhat respectful on this blog for a change. I guess I am not really on her bandwagon but I have popped in on a couple of practices and she definitely knows her stuff. They play well together, good defense and some set plays on offense and dribble drive. She needs to find a presence in the post and I know it sounds crazy after last night but run almost everything through Jori. She also needs to win and go to the Big Dance! I also have to say that I love Jack as a person. I have talked to her multiple times and what a class act that loves IU, loves B town, and wants to win! Thanks and take care.

  5. they need a strong post player underneeth the basket, who can put up the ball, instead of passing it out!!!!! if shooting outside don’t work, they need the post to drive to the basket, so far they haven’t got any strong post

  6. bobbie, your right if the 3s dont fall, stop shooting them, seen so much outside shoot from this team, they need lay-ups more on attacking the basket, are we gona see a strong post soon, hopefully when the transfer play things change, do you know if she is a strong post player?????

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