Legette-Jack inked through 2013

OK, time for a little clarification on the women’s basketball front after last week’s post on contracts and recruiting. First, and most importantly, it should be noted that Indiana women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack is under contract with the university through June 30, 2013.

Following Legette-Jack’s initial season at IU in 2006-07, one that saw her go 19-13 and reach the third round of the WNIT, then-athletic director Rick Greenspan signed her to a two-year contract extension beyond the initial five-year deal signed one year earlier and gave her a raise. That agreement was never publicized.

So when we talked last week, there was some misunderstanding as Legette-Jack was talking about a contract extension beyond 2013 with current AD Fred Glass, since her previous dealings were with Greenspan. And she was talking about how that contract impacted her ability to recruit 2012 and 2013 classes, currently high school sophomores and juniors. Meanwhile, I was unaware of the extension, hence some crossed wires in the course of our conversation.


  1. Coach Jack is the next one that needs to step or step out…She like Coach Crean has the premier Basketball facilities in the country we should be seeing 20 plus win seasons, 5 star recruits, and NCAA banners in the hall..not calling for her head yet, but the time maybe coming

  2. Sam, because she is a class act, solid coach, and the program is headed in the right direction.

    Harley, the women don’t have the tradition that PU does…it is much harder to recruit to IU.

    With that said, she needs to make a tourney run in the next 2 years. She beats top 25 PU teams, a top 5 OSU team last year and a top 25 Neb team last week so she can win…can she be consistent?

    I hope Sam and Harley go to the games!!!

  3. The program is better than it was, but it’s hardly on the rise. It’s treading water and she has had a number of defections/transfers/quitters.

  4. J pat, I do in fact make my way to a womens game now and then and I agree with Bobbie Sue we have seen a few quit the team and leave/ transfer.. treading water seems to me to be a pretty accurate term

  5. I think there’s some progress. I’ve seen ups and downs over the past 20 years. It’s a tough spot and has worn out some pretty good coaches. That said I think Legette-Jack did better in her first year than Versyp did in her one year, so I think we have a good coach. I was pretty impressed with her work with that tall awkward center that Versyp gave up on, and Legette-Jack turned into a Big Ten honorable mention. Her teams have suffered from some key ACL injuries, but she manages to keep them going every year.

  6. Harley, the girls quit because they partied and broke rules and coach Jack don’t take no crap!

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