1. Great intro to the post game summary. You might consider producing slightly extended versions that you can roll out after future disappointments.

    Agree, that we simply wore down. Need a few more big bodies to battle these elite programs.

    Appreciate your great coverage of all things related to IU Sports. (WinWithWilson)

  2. Honest to God, we have nothing to do with that. I think Hugh said on a different post that it’s a Google spider or some other term I don’t understand. But no, that’s not our doing at all.

  3. Kelvin Amayo, 2011 PG from Newark, NJ has reportedly received an offer from IU. Does anyone know if this is true and if it is how it would effect the 2012 class?

  4. thanks for the great coverage, guys. you’re excellent at what you do and you continue to rise above the muck of local sports journalism with your straight forward, to-the-point approach. it’s refreshing. keep it up.

  5. Manning,
    This does not suprise me if true. I like what Verdell and Hulls bring to a team. But other than a true post presence, I don’t think IU can wait till 2012 for a true D-1 point guard. Without either, nobody is playing IU honestly. They don’t have to.

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