1. This team is not that talented, especially on the defensive side of the ball. We have extremely slow reaction to anything defensive. We have no low post defensive presence at all Creek, Elston and Hulls are have been exposed defensively.

  2. You think some guys will be asked to leave to make room for guys who can actually play? Maybe another big and a PG? can’t wait another year for the 2012 kids to come they will still have a huge learning curve to the college game, and Zeller alone isn’t enough down low, need to get a big body to complement his game, jmo.

  3. “Jury’s Still Out” But Meanwhile? Tom~Crean We Are Becoming Restless. Watching an I.U Team That Seems 2Out~Hustled Out~ Coached ? I Don’t Want 2Say That ? But ? Doggone It T.C Pass~Pick~Cut Block~Out ? Please Incorporate These “Fundamentals” ? In This TEAM ! We Are Watching ?

  4. I would suggest that you gradually lengthen your enjoyable introduction to help reduce the time that you have to spend trying to analyze this situation.

    Sitting near the IU bench- Watford was holding heat/cold on his lower left back early. Was it really smart to try to play a player who was obviously so hobbled. Much like Mo earlier (Vegas), I think the coaches must accept the onus for playing guys who physically aren’t able to compete at the B10 level for long stretches due to physical issues.

    Reducing Mo’s minutes seemed to help tonite improve his effectiveness while playing. Maybe a similar strategy would have helped for Christian.

    I don’t think that it is acceptable to use a player who is ineffective due to injury and then try to use it after the game to explain/rationalize another debacle.

  5. well, this is one way to turn IU into a football school…

    seriously, the talent just ain’t there. nor is there speed. or size. the coaches and kids seem to want it, but with their shortcomings, they have to play much smarter and tougher and longer than they are.

    not to reminisce, but in knight’s first year, IU had steve downing and john ritter and little else. whole new system, some resistance to it, but the players adapted, played smart basketball “within themselves”and IU went 17-8 and got to the NIT. lost to princeton because of poor guard play, but still had a winning record and got to a tournament.

    to be fair, the cupboard was much barer for tom crean his first year (is this really already his third?…)and there were no ncaa or self-imposed sanctions, so this team is carrying around that ball and chain. but it’s been two-three years, so c’mon.

    hope next year’s influx of talent makes a world of difference; key will be how far they go under tom crean. hope his success and getting the IU job wasn’t as tied to having dwayne wade as it now seems it might have been.

  6. What happened with all of that weight lifting and the new winning attitude the Hoosiers worked so hard for during the off season? They are about where they were last year, just a year older. It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that our guys take too many plays off while on the court. They have developed some bad habits out there with focus and execution. We may have to wait another season to get this turned around with the new talent we have coming in. By the way, with DSR supposedly back on the market, is he someone we look to court again to help us at PG?

  7. Michael Chandler…for those who say we don’t need him your crazy. After watching tonight’s game we need as much inside presence as we can get. Watford and Elston are not inside bangers, they took too many shots from outside the paint. We have too many 6-0″ to 6-5″, lets get some heighth for next year.

  8. We need some team defense. Defense can be taught/coached and I am not seeing any improvement there. Elston is constantly lost on defense. I do not think that we can win any Big Ten games at this point. Going into the season I thought that we could be close to 500, but after the last 3 games I don’t see anymore wins. Crean needs to chew some a$$ instead of clapping and giving “good game” pats on the rear.


  9. Z-ville Johnny:

    Nobody is saying that IU doesn’t NEED a guy like Chandler. The problems, though, are his long-running academic issues, maturity, and worries about 2 (already) decommitments. THAT is the concern that most (including your’s truly) have with IU pursuing Chandler. Heck, if the guy can get his stuff in order, then I’d welcome him with open arms!

  10. I have been watching IU for over 50 years, and even though we’ve went through some tough times, I’ve never given up on the team. But, I wanted to throw my TV out the window Monday night! After seeing a team with few, if any 4 or 5 stars, take our team to the cleaners I didn’t want to watch them anymore! I would’ve thrown the TV out, but it weighs 300lbs!

  11. In addition to John Ritter and Steve Downing, Knight also inherited a pretty good big man in Joby Wright. Knights first teams in no way compare to what Crean had to work with.

  12. One thing that strikes me amidst the gloom and doom of the Hoosier Faithful, remember this — IU’s two highest rated recruits currently playing (Watford and Creek, both from the 09 class) played last night injured. Creek has the bum knee and is a shadow of himself. May he recover quickly and completely. Watford evidently had back spasms and gutted things out. But the point is that neither of them were 100%.

    Add that Elston had a lousy offensive game. And the whole team clearly needs to play better team defense.

    But Oladipo, Hulls and Jones played well, at least on offense.

    But remember this – with Watford and Creek 100%, that game goes to IU easily and the defensive lapses and other mistakes are, if not forgotten, at least diminished. They’re on Crean’s “work on these things” checklist, but they didn’t cost the game.

    Also, as to Jordy, his strengths will be far more evident with an inside game that draws some attention. If IU had a strong post presence, he would be getting the looks that he needs and could really be a factor. Roth too, for that matter.

    The real trick this year is to design an offense that, without much in the post, gets open looks for him, Roth and the shooters. Part of that is getting Verdell and Watford to look to pass to shooters once in a while instead of always shooting themselves. What they have to realize is that if they can establish the outside shooters early in the game, it will open things up for penetration for them and vice versa. Good passing can help everyone individually and as a team..

    And how about some picks and screens away from the ball? Not necessarily a complete motion offense, but at least some elements of it?

  13. as a person who thinks they have watched a considerable amount of basketball in the last 47 years, I am not saying this to criticize the coach but just an honest question to other observers of the game…..

    We spend way too much time dribbling, weaving, bumbling around. Nothing crisp, nothing that looks planned, no picks, no screens. Can’t figure out if it is the coaching style or players not being able to execute.

    Opinions of others?

  14. thank god for dwayne wade or we would never had heard of tom crean.Well we always seem to have money to pay them off but not from me anymore. makes me wonder about the people in charge did we have to have some outsider help us pick our coaches ,or we that stupid that we can;t do it ourselves. recruiting won,t help unless the coaching changes or we,ll just hear more excuses.

  15. Why is everyone always on Crean? Who is the leader on this team? The point guard who can’t make his own shot, and gets embarassed on defense? Who on the floor is going to take over a game? Who is going to say to the other guys on the team…”No way we lose tonight on our home floor!”?

    I don’t see toughness or swagger from these guys, except from Oladipo and Sheehey. I love their “just don’t give a f@#$” attitude.

    Really, who in the country would fear IU? Hulls, Jones, Roth, Elston, Pritchard, Moore? Are opponents lying awake at night thinking about how they are going to handle these guys?

    If the coach is going to be relied upon to instill toughness, we’re never going to move forward. This is not the Indiana of old. It never will be again. Forget the banners. It’s 2011 this week, and a group of players will need to redefine Indiana basketball for themselves.

  16. Speedway….. your right I’m well aware of Chandler’s academic shortcomings but maybe with IU’s recources he can do well. He’s also an Indiana kid I say we should go for it.

  17. After watching the game last night for ten minutes, I realized that Penn State was much more atheletic than I.U. I realize we have players coming in in the future in the next few years, but we looked slow defensively and couldn’t beat anyone off the dribble and create our own shots.

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