So you want to know what’s going on in Vegas?

BeatPurdue asked on the chat earlier today about happenings in Las Vegas. A few hours later, I got an e-mail from someone on the IU Alumni Association who saw the question and so answered it.

A list of the IU sponsored events in Vegas can be found here. I’m sure there will be other informal gatherings, but this is the official stuff.


  1. Dustin, you keep this good work up and I will have to take back that lump of coal and replace it with a nice frosty beverage! Although, from your post, it appears that the only work you did was to open your email. Nothing wrong with working smart! Thanks for the follow up.

  2. You want the really, really big news? 4guards and his wife are currently in Vegas on a second honeymoon fully anticipating the Hoosiers and Lobos to get it on as well.

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