Source: Boise State’s Pease a candidate for offensive staff

A source said Boise State assistant head coach/wide receivers coach Brent Pease is a candidate for a spot on Indiana’s offensive staff and has taken a visit to Bloomington. The source was not entirely certain if Pease is being considered for the offensive coordinator position, but considering that he was paid $185,308 this season according to the USA Today coaches salary database, it seems unlikely that he would be willing to take a position on the staff other than offensive coordinator.

There is nothing to suggest that Pease’s hiring is a done deal, but he does have an impressive resume. At Boise State, he’s developed three All-WAC receivers in Austin Pettis, Titus Young and Jeremy Childs, They add to an offense that is ranked third in the nation in total offense this season and second in points per game.

Before joining Boise State in 2006, Pease was an offensive coordinator at Baylor for three years and at Kentucky for two seasons in 2001-02. The Wildcats went 7-5 in his second year with Jared Lorenzen. Before that, Pease coached at FCS powers Montana and Northern Arizona.

His bio from the Boise State website.


  1. Who’s the source? (In other words, some identification–does not have to be his name but a general description…this is journalism 101)? that allows a reader to consider the reliability of the )so far) vague rumor.

  2. I’ve read about this three times today from three different entities. If true this guy is a high caliber look for IU. Would be another quality piece from a winning program.

  3. Tsao,
    Your understanding of Journalism 101 is correct, and I would like to provide a better description, but I also have to protect the source. For the sake of discussion, I’ll say it’s a source I wholeheartedly trust knows Pease is a candidate and has been in Bloomington. It’s not a source that would be in position to say for certain that Pease is the only candidate or the leading candidate or if he’s already been hired.

  4. Tom Dienhart is reporting that Pease is being looked for the OC job, like Dustin had previously speculated.

    This would be a major hire if it happens.

  5. A few random thoughts:
    1. Pease would help IU expand its recruiting base in the West, which I think is essential in making the program competitive sooner rather than later. IUB is a well kept secret to many kids in the west. But if they got to see IU’s campus, they’d love it.
    2. No one can argue with the offensive firepower Boise State displayed over the last couple of years.
    3. Compare Boise State’s campus and academics to IUB, and IU wins hands down. Facilities and climate are close.

    Hope its true and Wilson snags him.

  6. Dustin,

    If you have not had access to the team I know this question is mute but have any team members left the program since the change in HC? Seems to me that would be a small part of the transition process.

  7. I don’t beleive that there is enough money to make this hire. Also why would this guy want to come from a winning team to IU? It makes no sense, his next job should be to head coach somewhere not a parallel move especially to IU.

  8. Big Bob;

    1. Move closer to home?
    2. Make more money?
    3. Be a part of a BCS conference?
    4. use IU as a stepping stone to a head coach’s job.

    There is enough money if they want to spend it.

  9. HC,
    The media (not just me, not just the H-T, but the entire IU beat) has had no access to players since Wilson was hired. I’m sure that’s mostly because of the timing compared to finals and then semester break. I’m unaware of anyone that may have left the program yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had, but I doubt there’s been a mass exodus. The players don’t even have a full staff yet, so I would think they wouldn’t feel certain enough about their situation to bail on it yet. Plus, this isn’t like basketball when transferring before the beginning of next semester would serve a purpose. Anyone who decides to transfer to another FBS school is sitting out next year. Anyone who goes down to FCS or lower can play.

  10. Big Bob,
    I’m not saying he will or he won’t, and there is certainly a possibility that shake-ups elsewhere will lead to more attractive opportunities for Pease. However, the pool of money for IU assistants has virtually doubled from about $1.1 million to $2 million, according to Fred Glass. According to USA Today’s salary database, Matt Canada made $159,908 last year as IU’s offensive coordinator. So this becomes about a $300,000 job. Pease was making $185,308. That’s a significant raise. Remember, Pease was not the coordinator at Boise, just the assistant head coach.
    Now, if things shake up and Boise State offensive coordinator Bryan Harisin gets a better job (Texas OC is still open) then Pease would certainly want to hang around. Harisin made $259,520 last year, and his is certainly a really good stepping stone job.

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