1. I just hope Jones plays tonight. Without him Iowa trounced us. With him 36 minutes on the floor we got trounced by Northwestern. So you see…

    This team is young. This team lacks experience. This team needs a leader. This team needs D Wade. Or maybe just a competent basketball coach.

  2. I predict a win tonight, but we’ll need whatever scruffy points we can find. I crave the funky slow scooping signature move of VJ going to the basket down the right shoulder of the lane…Bedazzle the crowd with the slow-motion locomotion heart-stopper to the glass..Hope Jones is ready to go…maybe Elston makes tiny Tipton prouder than Tiny Tim a Christmas goose tonight…tips the one lump of coal scales in favor the Hoosiers…Aren’t double figures for Rivers always possible minus his old free throw line shivers?..Give that ref a touchy whistle when Jeremiah is in charge the missile! Hulls gets back to his nasty whiplashing of the nets form from beyond the 6.32 meter mark. Take it like a man, Mr. Nothing ButNet…Watford is hypnotized into a hunger for rim-chomping after a private pregame viewing of the “Eye the (Tijan) Liger” YouTube song soon to be released by Fox & Weber? I pity the fool goin’ up against our Hoosiers tonight.

    Crap! Out of beer in my fridge..Maybe some Harp? Any suggestions?

    Let’s shock the basketball world and get a hard-fought scruffy win tonight!

  3. I, too, predict a win. I’ve seen Illinois losing to Illinois – Chicago. Besides if there’s a worse coach in B10 than Crean that has to be Bruce Weber.

    It is possible.

  4. FINAL: IU 52, ILL 49.
    IU: Hulls 18, 4-5 3PT; Watford 16, 5reb; Sheehey 6; Oladipo 4; Pritchard 4; Rivers 2, 6reb; Elston 2.
    IU: 18-48 (38%) FG; 5-15 3PT; 11-11 FT; 29 reb; 14 TO; 11 (13) fouls.
    ILL: 19-59 (32%) FG; 5-20 3PT; 6-8 FT; 34 reb; 13 TO; 9 (14) fouls.
    ILL: Davis 14, 7reb; Richmond 9, 11reb; Tisdale 8; McCamey 6; Richardson 5; Paul 5; Cole 2.

  5. It was totally the way NothingButNet predicted! A hard-fought scruffy win tonight! Great job, team!
    Go IU!!!!!

  6. Wow..what a game!!! I’m first to critize…want to say Indiana did a GREAT job.Assembly Hall was rocking..that was like being at a game back in the late 80’s early 90’s!!! Hull’s shot the ball great..Watford played inside out great..Pritchard played great..River’s played great defense.Coach Crean did a great job tonight also.He shared a great moment with his family right after the game..I wasn’t more than 30 feet from that…great scene!!
    Now let’s celebrate this tonight and get back to work friday..Michigan State lost to Michigan tonight so they will be very mad…let’s go and compete and see what happen’s.Indiana has a long way to go..but tonight is a good start.Once VO settles down and quit’s trying to dunk everything he will be able to help alot.WS will get there also.We are 2-6…if we could somehow finish 4-4…that makes us 15-14…NIT here we come. That would be HUGH for these kid’s and the Indiana program.

  7. WOW!Who would of thought after last week?Our much needed leader is emerging in Jordon Hulls.We must continue to keep him involved in the offense.We finally found a way to finish and play some defense for a change.It’s amazing what can happen when you play defense and don’t breakdown in the last 8 minutes.Now the true test will be to brace ourselves for Michigan State at home and mad as hell!We have to go in there with a attitude and play defense ,because they will.Look for a all out attack of our front line ,it’s do or die for them playing at home.Also thank you to Rivers,Watford and the tipmister Pritchard for a great effort!We just can’t go into Michigan State thinking about Illinois,How did that feel Bruce?

  8. Just wanted to say, THANKS COLD WAR!, appreciate your stats and effort.
    I got to watch the Game with an Illini fan last night at his house. What a great feeling getting the W. A much needed win for Hoosier nation. You could see that Coach Crean needed it too. Gotta keep giving the effort. If you don’t think Crean can coach now, then watch last nights game and the Wisky game over. I will say that having fewer options seemed to keep guys on the floor longer to find some continuity. The lineup with Hulls, Oladipo, Rivers, Wat and Prithard is solid. Sub w/ Elston and Sheehey. Brick by brick, it’s being built.

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