Indiana beats No. 20 Illinois, 52-49

Of course Tom Pritchard made the final shot. He had to, right? The much-maligned, more fouls than points junior had the two biggest points of his career on Thursday.

The big man put back Christian Watford’s miss (a put-back of a Jordan Hulls miss), and Indiana held Illinois scoreless for the last 2:44 in winning 52-49 in Assembly Hall.

The student section stormed the court afterwards and eventually Tom Crean ended up in the south lobby, celebrating the win with fans.

Indiana forced MIke Tisdale into a turnover with 16 seconds to play. Hulls made a pair of free-throws, and Indiana held on as D.J. Richardson and Brandon Paul both missed potentially-game tying 3-pointers in the final seconds.

“There’s no place in the country that would support a program that has been going through what we’ve been going through like we have been supported,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said.

Hulls led the Hoosiers with 18 points, including 4 3-pointers. He looked as confident as he ever has in an Indiana uniform, like the pressure of knowing Indiana needs him to score finally pushed him over the edge.

Christian Watford came through with 16 points, and Jeremiah Rivers deserves a host of credit for the defense he played on Demetri McCamey — Illinois’ best player was 2-of-11 from the field, 2-of-7 from 3-point range.

Want to see a picture of Tom Crean ridiculously, preposterously happy? This is it (thanks to Brad Klein for posting this on Twitter):

AUDIO: Pritchard discusses his game-winner

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls said it was all about defense

AUDIO: Jeremiah Rivers talks about guarding Demetri McCamey

AUDIO: Tom Crean Part 1

AUDIO: Tom Crean Part 2


  1. Great win for the team, the coach and the fans! Excellent 40 minutes of hard-nosed defense and a will to win. Everyone played great. Nice job, guys! We’re all proud of you. Go IU!

  2. While I agree with the sentiment about Rivers, you cannot have (or “deserve”) “a host of credit.”

    Sorry, Hugh, but haters gonna hate.

    Check out that secondary definition. Rivers COULD have deserved “a host of accolades” or “a host of favorable post-game encounters with local females,” but never “a host of credit.”

    Signature win tonight. It’s a good day on the Hoosier Scoop when you have to resort to grammatical nitpicking in order to find something to b—- about.

  3. Amazing what can happen when you have a solid defensive effort! They can beat Mich St., as well, with the same defensive effort displayed last night! Go Hoosiers!

  4. When IU plays with intenisty and puts forth the defensive effort displayed last night they can compete with just about any Big Ten team. I agree they can beat Michigan St. with the same effort. Crowd was fantastic in helping keep the pressure on Illinois. Great rebound from terrible Iowa defeat.

  5. Okay I’ll weigh in and say how happy I am to get the win. Now we just have to be consistent with this level of play. It sure is great to beat the Fightin’ Illness and that whiner coach of theirs. Yeah, Weber, we suck, but we beat you!!!

    Funny how much less numerous the positive emails are this morning than the negative ones were after the Iowa game. Come on people, if you’re going to gripe at bad moments, you should give praise in good moments.

  6. When I see this video clip, I know, conclusively, that the spirit I remember from ‘back in the day’ is not dead, it’s only hibernating a bit. Imagine how jacked up the town would be if the team got on a winning streak, was a Big Ten contender, and was headed for the tournament. That clip shows what IU basketball can be. Here’s hoping this is the ice-breaker win that gets the team some momentum the rest of this season and heading into next.

  7. If the above poster would have scrolled down in the link he posted, he would have seen the following:

    1. a multitude or great number of persons or things: a host of details.
    1. swarm, crowd, drove, throng, horde, myriad.

    This definition is much closer to Hugh’s “host of credit.” (obviously he meant “a lot of credit” (Most readers wouldn’t have thought twice about it).

    Again, we are looking at a case of descriptive vs. prescriptive grammar. What comes first, the rules for the words, or our usage of the words? Probably the latter. Language evolves over time and adjusts to new speech patterns and cultural shifts. Once upon a time we would say that a son was the “spit and image” of his father. Nowadays, it has morphed into “spitting image” due to generations of confusion about the origin of the saying. Both old and new versions are accepted as correct.

    Maybe one day in the near future we will see a host of Hoosier victories. After last night’s game I have a host of hope that the program is still heading in the right direction.

  8. I was in the crowd in the South lobby and got a high-five from Coach. I have to say, this guy has put his everything into this team. I was a little skeptical about him in the last few games, but what heart and enthusiasm he has. The game last night was one of the best college games I have ever attended. The crowd was the loudest I have ever seen. When it seemed the team might start struggling, the crowd just started cheering louder and it seemed to just pick up the team. Awesome. Like the old times. Hope this is a sign of good things to come in the next few years! Great win team!

  9. Anyone remember the huge statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad that was torn down a few years ago? If Coach Knight had ever come out and interacted with IU fans like Coach Creans does there would be statues of RMK like that all over Indiana. Here’s hoping that we feel the need to erect a monument or two in Coach Crean’s honor in a few years. The man has the passion, the fire and the drive to get us back to teh mountain. We are not there yet but if you look through the mist a glimpse of the distant peak is there. Still faint, but there.

  10. Great win for our boys. I only was able to watch the first half, but got a phone call from the parents telling me IU had pulled it off. Now if we can win a few more games like that, we have a shot at the NIT. THAT would be a great accomplishment for this year.

  11. Rivers played great he played great D and rebounded well, he also made a great pass to sheehey for a Dunk!!! go Hoosiers

  12. The video clip of Crean in the lobby..awesome. Nowhere else in the nation does that happen…but hey, ….
    IT’S INDIANA!!!!!

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