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  1. Your usual good job guys, after the pregnant pause.

    And a very classy admission by Dustin.

    Beyond that, come on, you guys are sharp enough to know that the Iowa game (a) came on the road, (b) immediately after an injury to your second best scorer (Jones) and (c) not long after an injury to last year’s best scorer (Creek).

    Add to that the fact that (d) your other point guard (Hulls) was so sick he was throwing up before the game and had an abysmal game.

    What do you expect?

    In general, as you know very well, road games in the Big Ten are a tough fight. A team will get crushed on the road and then come home and stomp somebody.

    This ain’t news! It’s been happening since somewhere in the early Paleolithic era!

    The bigger surprise was that Michigan beat MSU AT MSU!! That is a sign of a team (MSU) in turmoil.

    If we’re lucky, that turmoil will be ongoing when we hit East Lansing. But, unfortunately, the realistic probability is that MSU is going to be very tough. They’re going to have been listening to Izzo pound them. He is a genius at that kind of stuff and they’re going to be ready.

    But let’s hope this carries forward and that the Hoosiers defend with the same spirit they showed yesterday.

    The most interesting aspect of this for me is Jordy’s ongoing maturation, which I think was the signature event of this game. With Jones out, I think Jordy took on stuff that he should take on, but probably couldn’t with Jones playing.

    I hope this marks Jordy’s coming of age as a team leader, that Verdell is ok with that and that Verdell realizes that Jordy as a threat makes Verdell better. Let Jordy “‘point’ things out,” and I think the team will be better for it, including Verdell.

    No jealousy or upperclassman/underclassman issues, I hope.

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