Crean on Indiana’s road woes, Creek

It has been a while since Indiana won a road game — more than a year, actually.

The last road win came on Jan. 21, 2010, against Penn State. That is 18-straight losses away from Assembly Hall (while not a true road environment, I am counting the Big Ten Tournament and the Las Vegas Classic).

Asked if he had an explanation or a reasoning for the problems on the road, Crean’s answer indicated that Saturday’s loss to Michigan was a microcosm of the problem.

“There has got to be a tinge of fear that leads to a collective toughness,” Crean said. “Not a tinge of fear that leads to comfort. … We got to have that our hair is on fire mentality that we are just going to play all out.”

Crean used the “hair is on fire” phrase after the Michigan game, and continued to talk about the combative edge Indiana needs to play with — collecting defense stops in the process.

“The game is always up for grab at some point, and that’s when you have to be at your best,” Crean said.

Free throws have also been a problem, Crean said. Indiana is allowing 28.1 free-throw attempts on the road, 22.5 on the road.

“We have put teams on the line too much,” Crean said.

Also, Crean updated Maurice Creek’s status. The sophomore, out since mid-January with a stress fracture in his knee, is not yet practicing with the team but is shooting and rehabbing aggressively with strength & conditioning coordinator Je’Ney Jackson and trainer Tim Garl.

“The biggest thing for him right now is the strengthening of the knee and the building of his body,” Crean said.

We saw Creek shooting 3-pointers before the Michigan game and while he had very little lift, if any, he was still making them on a consistent basis.

(Photo: Chris Howell | Herald-Times)


  1. Here’s an idea, stick with the formula that led to victories over two ranked teams (and almost MSU). Namely running the offense through Hulls and limiting the VJIII dribble drive offense. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the team played much better when Hulls is the primary point guard and Jones time is limited. Instead Crean goes right back to the same stagnant offense that hadn’t done anything but beat cupcakes up to the Illinois game. Hulls was doing a great job of creating his own shots while running the offense, I don’t see how Crean thinks he is better coming off screens. Hulls was lighting it up with cross-overs and kicking out when the defense would collapse. Don’t get me wrong, I like Verdell and think he serves a necessary role. Just not as the floor general of the offense. It seemed like Crean started to realize Jones shouldn’t be the point in the second half Saturday but instead of making Hulls the primary ball handler he gave Daniel Moore extended minutes. HUH??? I’ve tried to avoid Crean bashing to this point but some of the line ups Saturday were a big time head scratcher.
    All around energy Saturday was lacking up until last 4 minutes. Won’t win any games when you wake up down 20 with four minutes to go.

  2. Armchair Quarterback Nation ^. What a collection of knowitalls we have in the great state of Indiana.

    As if achieving greatness is simply a question of pushing your chess pieces into the right places.

    One thing is for sure – we’re a lot better off with Crean (the Next Coach K) at the helm than any of these wacky bloggers.

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