1. FINAL: IOWA 64, IU 63.
    IU: Hulls 24; Sheehey 12; Oladipo 12; Rivers 7, 4reb; Elston 6; Jones 2, 5reb.
    IU: 22-54 (41%) FG; 5-14 3PT; 14-17 FT; 23 reb; 11 TO; 11 (21) fouls.
    IOWA: 21-44 (48%) FG; 2-9 3PT; 20-25 FT; 30 reb; 17 TO; 9 (15) fouls.
    IOWA: Basabe 20, 13reb; Cartwright 15, 8ast; May 11; Gatens 7; Cole 4, 7reb; Marble 3; Brommer 2; McCabe 2.

  2. Home Court + Favorable Calls From The Refs + Iowa (Not a very good team + IU inconsistent play and shot selection + joke = IU Loss

  3. you gave the ball to a hot hand, not a ball hog. Verdell needs to sit for that. Its one thing to be confident and another to be selfish with the ball. They didn’t run the play properly and then he just decided that it was his shot to miss. Don’t worry about Hulls and how he kept this team going (along with Sheehey and Oladipo). JV is selfish, plain and simple. Nothing like losing to Iowa at home…again

  4. I feel it should not come down to one play. A 5 or 6 point lead takes care of any bad calls or fluke plays. IU blew a 10 point lead and Iowa deserved to win; no less on the road.

  5. When I- did you see the Minny game, Verdell hit 2-3 huge shots, I was fine with the look he got, didn’t fall, neither did VO’s tip. IU lost this game with 4-5 mins to go, they were up 10 and lost the lead…not on the final pop.

  6. Verdell had a good look and he took it. If that was the call, fine. If not, fine. I’m not sure it was the call, but it was a good look to win a game.

    The fact of the matter is that IU should not have been in that position. There’s no excuse for blowing a 10 point at the tail end of a game, not to a team like Iowa.

    Indiana proves again that the only thing we can count on is inconsistent results.

    I’m pleased with the overall effort, but once again, IU fails to close out a game. That’s four straight games that were closer than they should have been. Thankfully, we pulled out two of them, but it’s still disappointing to have lost at MSU and especially at home to Iowa when we should have won those games.

  7. Can someone answer two questions I have?

    1. Why is a guy (VJIII)who was 1 for 7 in the game to this point taking the final two shots (and missing both) at the end of a close game?

    2. Why is it we can never score after CTC calls a time out to diagram a play?

    Somehow we figured out how to come from ahead and lose. Unbelievable.

  8. VO’s tip had no direction on it. He was not in position to properly try to knock that in. He got lucky that he even directed toward the goal because he was so out of position (not his fault that just happens). But VJ was NOT the hot hand. To me it appeared his mind was made up that it was his shot. It may have been, in which case I question the play calling. It is what it is. A loss to Iowa at home. I just wish someone who had been playing well today had taken the shot.

  9. Just 2 really bad teams playing each other.Indiana playing without 2 of it’s starter’s at home..should still beat the worst team in the B10.If Indiana hope’s to keep any of the momentum it has gained in the last few week’s..along with bringing the fan’s hope’s back..it must play the next 4-5 game’s very well.Not going to win at Purdue..but play it to a 5-8 point game…not going to beat Ohio State…but play it to a 8-12 point game.I think Crean is doing a better job coaching…but still subing way to much.Until he understand’s that VO is about all he has…IU will never win.VJIII need’s to be benched and only play when he has to..lineup should be Hull’s…VO…Will..Pritchard..River’s..

  10. Those TO’s are being taken way to late in the clock. 4-6 seconds left in the game limits offensive strategy & puts less pressure on the defense..I mean a defense can hang tough for 5 seconds. What I see, more teams seam to be doing this. I can under stand ya don’t wanna score too early but offensive options are limited with 5 seconds left. There is just not enough time to break down the defense. The Jordan Hulls 3 against Mi. St. way too late in the clock…2-5 seconds on the clock..a defense is pretty much sure that who gets the inbounds pass is going to shoot, maybe take a dribble or 2, then shoot.

    Personally, I believe in running the offense as usual, work on breaking down the defense with the hopes of getting a shot around 8-10 seconds, then put the defensive pressure on them at the other end, I want the lead, make them win it at the other end. This waiting is obviously is not working.

  11. t–comment
    Saturday, February 5, 2011 – 6:15 PM EST
    I feel it should not come down to one play. A 5 or 6 point lead takes care of any bad calls or fluke plays. IU blew a 10 point lead and Iowa deserved to win; no less on the road.

    Don’t we all wish our team could have a 6 pt lead with :05 left? Please get real! Heck, why don’t we wish for a 50 pt lead, that would surely take care of things. Bad calls? There were a ton of them for a long stretch midway thru the 2nd half, but I thought they were pretty much split for both teams.

  12. I agree VJ was not the person to take last shot..but should not have came to that.

    Up 8 with six left comes down to toughness…this team shows glimpses but not consistent. Still growing but this group should show more.

    While I do understand that Crean must shuffle lineup especially with injuries, it seems to me that he shuffles way too much. When IU up 8, he had 5 in and that seemed to have some flow both offensively and defensively, he then subs in DM and BC and the flow that was there…gone. He does this all the time. Many times, the lineup is left with no actual scorers on the floor.

    I believe this was another loss on Crean.

  13. Agree Tim…Crean sub’s more than any team that I have ever seen.Once conference play start’s rotation should be no more than 7-8 player’s at most.These kid’s are under 21..they should all be able to play 35 minutes a game..if they can’t then our conditioning coach isn’t very good.The last play of the game at Mich.St. should have been something towards the basket..not a 20 foot shot down by 1!!!Letting a 10 point lead go at home against a horrible team like Iowa..is one thing..horrible coaching.Don’t call TO with second’s to go to try and win..call TO and try to stop the game from getting away from you when your 10 up.Again my point…Crean coaching Indiana…is like a 16 year old kid’s first car being a Corvette!!!Crean is a decent coach…but not at Indiana.We will still lose this type’s of games next year also…Zeller won’t help that much in those position’s next year.

  14. Run for your life, the sky is falling again and it is all Tom Crean’s fault run away, run, run, ru, r, ,!!!!!!!!!

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