1. FINAL: IU 60, MINN 57.
    IU: Pritchard 12, 7reb; Jones 12; Roth 9; Elston 8, 6reb; Hulls 8, 6ast; Oladipo 5; Sheehey 4; Rivers 2.
    IU: 21-53 (40%) FG; 5-24 3PT; 13-15 FT; 33 reb; 10 TO; 11 (20) fouls.
    MINN: 20-54 (37%) FG; 6-18 3PT; 11-22 FT; 34 reb; 10 TO; 9 (13) fouls.
    MINN: Hoffarber 15; Hollins 13; Sampson 10, 9reb; Mbakwe 7, 9reb; Williams 5; Armelin 4; Iverson 3.

  2. Ok Chet here goes…great win glad team is still playing hard and well together..but Crean has to understand that VO is the best athlete we have and he must be on the floor.When VO was guarding Hoffarber he shut him down and IU had a 11 point lead.Why did Crean take him out??VO could play 30 minutes a game with no problem…took him out..Minnesota went on a 11-2 run.First sub off the bench tonight was Daniel Moore…not VJIII…not VO…Daniel Moore!!!Daniel is a good kid I’m sure…but he should never be on the floor unless we are up or down by 20.Thought Bobby C played good minutes tonight…and with missing Watford and Creek..IU played very well.Strong finish and NIT here IU comes!! Would be great for Crean and the team to get some tournament play in.River’s needs a skirt rather than a uniform..he can’t play one game without getting hurt..he has been playing very well the last couple of games..but needs to stay in the game…should never take himself out of a game unless he just can’t walk.

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