1. Mr Glass, please get the money wheelbarrow ready. You can throw the clip board down and wave in four more guys, which should happen in practice not in front of a TV audiance. Zeller and all the others will not make a differance as long as the snake oil salesman is here. I have been a fan since 1970.

  2. FINAL: NU 70, IU 64.
    IU: Jones 18, 6ast; Hulls 14; Watford 11; Pritchard 8; Sheehey 7; Elston 4, 11reb; Rivers 2.
    IU: 23-46 (50%) FG; 4-13 3PT; 14-19 FT; 25 reb; 12 TO; 11 (21) fouls.
    NU: 19-43 (44%) FG; 11-24 3PT; 21-25 FT; 19 reb; 11 TO; 12 (20) fouls.
    NU: Thompson 22; Shurna 19; Marcotullio 11; Crawford 9; Mirkovic 5, 6reb; Cobb 4.

  3. Absolutely pathetic.

    It’s one thing to be loyal and quite another to be a mindless idiot. I feel like an idiot after watching this game. I’m jumping off the IU train since it is obviously moments away from derailing…

    …well, it’s now plowing through the dirt towards the center of the earth.

  4. Wow….Crean is really ripping his players on radio.

    Positive contribution from Crean tonight: He got the Game Ball back from Juice Thompson!!!

    “lack of toughness, lack of awareness”..sniffes Crean…like he’s crying.

    36 minutes for Verdell….good bye knee, but at least Crean will keep his job!

    “There’s no way I’m coaching this.” well, who’s asking you to stay (ooops, forgot the buy-out clause)

  5. This has to be the toughest loss of the year to swallow. How do we get our asses kicked by Northwestern at home when we have a week to prepare? And when so many recruits are in house?

    Going 0-4 against Iowa and Northwestern this year is just appalling. I still hold out hope for beating Purdue though.

  6. Ha Ha, Why!

    the refs even called Verdell for a travel AND a carry tonight! Unless the refs let us drape defense (like they did in the Homer games vs. Illinois and Minnesota) we are toast.

    How bad are we?

    Last place bad.

  7. Boy is it hard to be an Indiana fan!! It turned out to be a game at the end, but bricking 4 free throws at crunch time!! 3 conference wins is going to be it for the Hoosiers this year. I doubt Zeller will be the difference maker they need!!

  8. Crean and all these jokes should take the high road and give up their $ Crean and scholarships …this junk in the Hoosier trunk has hit bottom …their is only ONE positive …Indiana has great fans …I have been and watched Hoosier hoops since 1968 …this is the lowest and most disgusting I have ever seen …Am I wrong to ask for the pot smoking …flunking retards under Sampson ?? OmG …I want to just puke …nothing has gone right under junk Lynch …junk Legatte-Jack …junk Crean …what can we do to change this …Indiana has turned into not only a Statewide joke, but a national joke …

  9. Crean should be crying. Well, at least all the way to the bank.

    As a taxpayer I am offended. As an IU fan I am in shock.

    As the coach, Crean needs to coach. Why wait?

  10. Crean…great speaker, great recruiter, great cheerleader. What we need is a Norman Dale (Hoosiers), take what talent you have and work with it, I don’t think Crean is connecting with these guys. We hear practice is tough and great, but show us that on gameday. I know I am comparing a movie, but I am sick of hearing give Crean more time. This is Indiana, the patience has run out. We can’t live in the past any longer, we have officially become irrelevant. Outside of this state we don’t even come up close to the radar.

  11. Demote Crean to recruitor …that is obviously the ONLY thing he can do …well, he could don a Hoosier IU cheerleader outfit and I would think do quite well …Indiana has become a HUGE joke in Indiana …nationwide…welln nobody over 55 remembers us …shoot me please

  12. I have to agree–Crean is a great speaker, but way over his head at IU. But hey, the evening’s not lost, Sparty is down 1 at halftime……

  13. Let’s just give a brief comparison …I live here in Arizona and for those not familiar with the deal here …UA had major issues with a coach considered to have Parkinsons and was in a bitter divorce …major distractions just 2 years ago …3 coachs embarked to try to right the ship in the desert where, honestly, nobody cares …bring in some young guy just last year from the mighty power Xavier …who that you might ask ?? ..Sean somebody …within ONE frickin’ year …13th in the nation …in the drug riddled desert where families are afraid to send their kids to school …what the FRICK …and you all give Crean a pass in Hoosier Hoops crazed Indiana ??? THREE years and ZERO to 10 percent progress ?? We Hoosiers here in AZ think you are all snow bound NUTS …he should be fired tomorrow

  14. A big thank to 4guards. Thank you for relentlessly recruiting Cody Zeller and ensuring a long stay at Indiana for Tom Crean. Mission accomplished.

    The postings above can’t possibly be from Scoops’ very own “Easy Rider” Chet.

  15. Well where are all of you Crean lovers tonight? He continues to set amazing records NEVER seen at Indiana in…well, forever …Indiana hoops is in a shambles altho when you look at the supposed talent level versus NW ….ok you get it too …Indiana’s players and coachs and Tom “I only got by with Dwayne Waaaaaaade” Crean …should be embarrassed thru and thru …Can anyone here say that NW has less talent, but much better coaching ?? Yes, we can ALL say that …Fire Crean Today

  16. I have a feeling Hoosierwynn has a panic room in his house…It’s known as 4guards’ basement.

  17. Hey Curse …bite me sweetheart …I’m on the outside lookin’ in here …I don’t live in Btown anymore …Indiana is a joke and I don’t know or have a love afair with 4 guards …here is what we 10 Hoosier fans that lived thru ’76 …’81 …’87 …’91 in Minny …’02 in Atlanta …Hoosier Hoops is light wrong years from the past 40 years …if you like it sweetie …you are no Hoosier hoops fan …something needs to be done yesterday …

  18. Well..at least it is good to see that most of you out there are also tired of Crean. I have been saying that for 2 years now.He is not a bad coach…just in over his head at IU.Put him at a mid major school and he wins 15-18 games a year and the fans are happy..THIS IS INDIANA…those are his own words!!!No coach would come to IU now…it has become a national loser and will not win for years to come.IU better crawl back to Coach Knight and Pat..this is his last year at Texas Tech..and beg them both to come back.Stupid you say???Even with all of Knight’s crazy behavior…not knowing who is staying and who is transfering at the end of every season..all the embarrassing thing’s Knight has put IU thru the last 15 year’s…at least we won!!!Every year we win 20 games…compete in the B10..make the NCAA tournament…even though some were one and done’s…at least we made it.It will be year’s..if we ever make the tournament again under Crean…I don’t care who he bring’s here.And talk about all the great recruit’s we have coming…Zeller will be ok..230lbs. in the B10 won’t help us much…Ethreington is a jerk…he own teamates don’t like him..got made at his hs coach a few weeks ago for benching him..and refused to go back into a game…Prena got 4 points today….yeah we have some stellar player’s coming…yeah can’t wait!!!Crean will use the injury card every year…because he will never win here..and injuries are there for every team every year…I don’t hear Painter crying…Crean is not going anywhere though…Glass isn’t man enough to admit Crean isn’t the right guy for the job.I promise..one call to Cuban and he will give the money for the buy out.But if IU were to fire Crean…who in there right mind would leave to come here???The people running this once proud university..are very weak…all sport’s program’s are in the dump…face it fan’s…IU sport’s as we all have known it…IS OVER!!!Firing Knight was the worst mistake this school has ever made…at least the way it happened was.What coach would come here…thinking if they fired a legend…they would surely fire me.Like I have said since day 1…Board of Trustee’s had one chance to do it right and they messed up…they know it…and if your a true IU fan you know it also.I don’t have to even mention the name who should be coach here…again if your a true IU fan you know who it is…if you don’t know…you just think you are a fan.Get use to this kind of a season fan’s….this is about as good as it’s going to get.Lost to Northwestern and Iowa both times this year…Glass and Crean should both step down tommorrow if they were real men…how can they show there face in public???

  19. Publico …are you happy tonight ? Do you feel all warm and fuzzy losing at home to a junk NW team that looks like it should be in a math contest ? Hate no …unhappy enough to demand better from. $ 2 million dollar a year coach paid for by the residents of Indiana …um…yes Publico …

  20. Terry,
    How many final fours did Knight make in his last decade as coach? How many times did we suffer first round defeats to inferior opponents in the tournament? The reason he was fired is because HE WASN”T WINNING ANYMORE. When you’re winning, people will put up with your crap, when you’re not, you’re shown the door. It’s been a long time, everyone needs to let RMK and Alford go. Alford couldn’t win at Iowa, and he wouldn’t win at IU. Crean will win, with all the recruits coming in it’s only a matter of time. So be careful what you say about him now, cause when he does win you’ll be kissing his rear and telling anyone who will listen how great he is.

  21. Top 10 United States recruiting class …last place 2 years in a row Big Ten eleven LAST fricking PLACE …not a home win in 2 years …are you peeple brain dead ??? Are you happy ??? Are those numbers acceptable ??? Believe me ladies, the phones are lighting uop in Mr. Dead Head Freds office tonight …

  22. Hoosierwynn, I think we get it, you want to fire Crean. 10 more posts saying the same won’t be necessary. That would actually be the stupidest thing we could do right now. We would lose all our recruits and set the team back another 3 years. And who would you get for the job? There is no magic solution but we are slowly getting better…

    Think about last year. In most games we were not even competitive. This year we have been in almost every game through at least 30 minutes. With one more key player (like our 7 footer that the NCAA took way from us) we would have probably 4-5 more victories. Last year our free throw shooting was terrible, this years its pretty good. This year we beat 2 really good big 10 teams and last year none.

    We are on the brink and help is on the way. Starting all over again is NOT the answer. We just need more talent and more bigs, pure and simple. A good juco transfer to help Zeller inside and we’ll be fine…

  23. Couldn’t agree more with John there! We are just a handful of shots away from a 17-10 (8-6) record — does that not count at all?! God, how I miss Bill Lynch… can someone please remind me why we fired him? I thought he was doing a hell of a job!

  24. What a bunch of dreamers!!! Just a few shots away from 17-10?? It seems you need to be a little blind to be a Crean fan….really sad..

  25. Your right Coach Knight wasn’t winning anymore and was shown the door.But just like every other move this administration has made it has backfired.Knight was not winning…but still we won 20 games every year…we were not winning and still finished in the top 5-6 in the B10..we were not winning and still made the NCAA every year…Oh yeah..I’ll trade all that for what we have now.Forget about all the recruits we have coming…they are verbal…not signed…when we win 14-15 games next year with Zellar….see who still comes.Remember..verbal…Knight and Alford can’t win can they…remember just a few years ago when Knight took a Texas Tech team to the Sweet 16 ?? Alford won 25 games last year and will win 20-22 this year…he will have his team in the NCAA…will we??If IU would have hired Alford after Davis interim year…we are the top team in the B10 now…would have had a lean year or two sure…but by now we are winning 20-25 games year in and year out.To late now…a sack boy at a grocery store would be better than we have now.Great job Glass…your going to finish what Brand started…FINISH OFF INDIANA

  26. There’s been posters here that compare the previous (to NCAA sanctions)17 years & claim that there’s never been seasons like the past 3 at IU. NO KIDDING!!! First of all, that’s like comparing apples to peanuts. The past 3 years have been under restrictions, sanctions, lack of numerous talents wanting to commit the 1st cpl years, etc, etc, etc.

    I see only one mention of Kelvin Sampson putting this program to where it’s at. Granted it’s Crean team now, most posters have clearly forgotten what goes into rebuilding from such destruction. I think it’s fair to grade this team up to this point keeping in mind many variables.

    I looked back at Baylor, a good comparison to a destroyed program. It took Baylor the 4th year removed to get to a 15-16 record. Their seasons went after the tragedy, 8-21, 9-19, 4-13

  27. I think we all understand that Mr. Crean inherited a difficult situation coming in. I really don’t know yet where the program is going because it may be too soon to tell given the difficulties and the fact that are best recruits are ahead so to speak. I guess what does bother me is that he is getting 2.3 million a year, not 100,000. For that you expect results or some evidence of coaching skill and coherence. So far I’ve seen very little evidence of any emerging coaching philosopy either offensively or defensively. Granted we don’t have great scorers but we are not a hard team to score on. I would think by now we would be seeing some evidence that his coaching philosophy is catching on. Many teams do not have great collections of athletes but still they are tough to play and even win a few here and there. Butler comes to mind. Right now I think Mr. Crean is overpaid and underperforming.

  28. I feel where I was after Iowa. You know the three game run against Illinois, Mich St, and Minny were great..I don’t think Illinois win justified rushing the court but whatever. I’m like many on hear sick and tired of the “oh we had to rebuild from scratch and nothing was left” – you people do realize Coach C decided to let all those kids go or kicked them off right? Anyway, we are rebuilding as a result of Coach C’s decisions – and I do think he has done an awesome of job of recruting and keeping the kids somewhat together (he is clearly working his butt off) – so I give him credit here. Ultimately, the bad thing is the offense strategy is pathetic and clearly on defense we miss out on fundamentals. Sadly we are stuck with this crap thanks to previous administrations. We will not be better next year folks.

  29. One more thing…get ready for 10-12 games of cupcake city again next year…then we enter the big ten which will be somewhat down in comparison to this year. A better overall record next season does not mean we are a better basketball team/program in comparison to who we aspire to be like..ie Duke, NC, UK, KU.

  30. Sure as hell is easy to tell when the sky is falling, save yourself, run sheep and duck.

    I am damn glad Kelvin Sanctions is no longer here because that would fire up my posts of hate.

  31. Hoosier Clarion…don’t post anymore..you can’t say 10 word’s without cursing…must be the IQ.Start stamp collecting..you surely can handle that with your mouth.I don’t get where everybody think’s that with our restrictions or sanctions that we can’t recruit players.We were not banned from post season play..not banned from TV..so can’t use that as an excuse.Crean never got great talent at Marq. and he won’t at IU either.He is alot like Davis…ok recruiter but don’t know what to do with them when they get here.We played nobody pre B10…let Crean win 18-20 games this year..Creek is the only real injury we have had this year…every team in college sport’s goes thru injuries…then we can say he is a good coach and worth what he is making.Coach Knight never had very many great player’s…but alway’s won…any coach can win with 2-3 all-american’s on there team.That is not going to happen here…so I want to see Crean win 18-20 games a year with average talent.Can’t do it.Forget 2 year’s from now…those kid’s aren’t coming…why would they??I will gladly take a 2-3 year set back to get a coach in here that could win 20 games a year..with Crean we will never have a 20 win season.If he was such a great coach…why didn’t Marq. try to keep him??They were tierd of him there also.

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