1. FINAL: OSU 82, IU 61.
    IU: Jones 14, 4reb; Watford 12, 4reb; Oladipo 9; Elston 6; Pritchard 6; Hulls 3; Roth 3; Sheehey 3; Rivers 3; Moore 2.
    IU: 20-52 (39%) FG; 6-21 3PT; 15-20 FT; 32 reb; 14 to; 13 (26) fouls.
    OSU: 24-49 (49%) FG; 7-18 3PT; 27-36 FT; 35 reb; 10 to; 12 (22) fouls.
    OSU: Thomas 22; Buford 15; Lighty 11; Diebler 11; Craft 8; Lauderdale 8, 6reb; Sullinger 5, 7reb; Smith 2.

  2. Look at it this way. Purdue is the 2nd best team in the Big Ten and lost by 23 at Ohio State. A 21 point loss at Ohio State is actually kind of respectable. It appeared to be headed for a much worse beat down.

  3. yes, if we look hard enough there were lots of positives! For example, (this game)Crean was first line to shake hands, and evidently had a lot to say to Motta, that’s improvement! I’m sure someone else can think of more positivies to take away from this game!!!

  4. It use to be I can’t wait til football season is over so we can play championship basketball…now it is I can’t wait til basketball season is over so we can watch baseball and take a look at spring football and 6 months later watch some football games…however if things do not improve in football…then what do we do?

  5. POSITIVES? There were no earthquakes and the roof didn’t fall in. A meteor didn’t hit the building. There were no floods in Columbus or tornadoes.We can dance around in La la land and pretend everything is hunky-dory.Some people’s balloon will never land. WE LOST!

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