1. FINAL: PU 72, IU 61.
    IU: Watford 18, 9reb; Hulls 15; Jones 13; Sheehey 5; Elston 4; Oladipo 4; Pritchard 2, 6reb.
    IU: 19-50 (38%) FG; 8-19 3PT; 15-20 FT; 31 reb; 11 to; 18 (22) fouls.
    PU: 25-50 (50%) FG; 8-23 3PT; 14-24 FT; 34 reb; 10 to; 12 (21) fouls.
    PU: JJohnson 20, 9reb; EMoore 17, 6reb, 5ast; Byrd 11, 9reb; TJohnson 9; Jackson 8; Barlow 4; Smith 3.

  2. Michigan lost a heart breaker to Wisconsin. They missed their last 6 free throws, including some one and ones. I wonder if any of the Madison sportswriters will put that in the headlines.

  3. The effort was there tonight..but still just a horrible game again.Watford scored alot of points but way to many turnovers.Purdue had one chance to do it right..and they did..hired one of there own and after one or two bad seasons they are one of the best teams in the country.Indiana decided not to hire one of there own…and will struggle for many years to come.I’m sure DE and BC will transfer after the season…our only chance is that Crean gets a couple 6-10 jr. college players to go along with Zeller..VO…WS..then maybe we can win 15-16 games next year.The fans were great…but we are still a horrible team that shows no improvement from game to game.Even Shaun Morris and Gus Johnson said..until IU gets some bigger players on the inside..IU will struggle.You cannot win in the B10 with 6-6 players…I think Crean should be given another raise after this year…that makes about as much sense as anything that has happened at IU in the last 10 years.Keep up the great work Glass..you have nearly destroyed IU basketball…move on to soccer or baseball..you have already done your damage to football.

  4. 3-16 current record
    (no way am I counting the 9 cupcake gimme wins)
    no way they bounce back and win another game this season(even in the players quotes they mentioned that this PU game was ‘the season’)
    will finish 3-20 overall

    sure they played hard and the crowd was great-sadly those 2 things do not matter; especially when the mistakes they’ve made on both sides of the court for 2 straight years now haven’t changed a bit, the countless losses they’ve piled up making the same blunders is disheartening

    at this point you cannot rely on Zeller to carry this group anywhere, thats asking way too much from Cody. Nor can you just give this group/Crean the benefit of the whole well “another year of experience, strength, off-season work etc” total bs. Last year at one pt they were 3-3 in the B1G and they ended with 4 wins. This year they’ll have 3 BTen wins total……wow.

    simply put- these guys are their own worst enemy, at first it looked admirable that our fans have shown such great support through the think and the thin, now it just looks sad, rooting for these kids is admirable— but seeing them make the same mistakes, show the same lack of effort, hear the same bs from the coach…its worn thin, its old and IU has wasted another season

  5. rry, one aspect in comparison to Purdue hiring of a new coach. Did you forget that Purdue had players already established when Painter came in and had those 2-3 bad seasons. Did they have restrictions on recruiting. Had they have scholarships removed? Did they have 2 players leaving the program in the offseason? Did they have “ONLY 2” players returning with a sum total avg playing time of 1 1/2 minutes per game. I’m a bit sick of posters comparing to other programs that have had a cpl bad seasons b/c of a coaching overhaul, there’s far more to this situation than the simple overhaul of coaching staffs. Research teams that have had major rule violations & the sanctions put on them, that’s apples to apples. I’ve already done the research and none of those teams have won a national title the 3rd year, none of them won their conference. Many of the teams never got back to a winning season until the 4-5th year. BUT!!! If you want to compare this team & it’s results, comp[are them to teams that have been put on probation, lost scholarships, defected players, a coach fired for NCAA violations, a coach that has inherited a sanctioned team with 2 returning players with a sum of 1 1/2 minutes playing time. And had very little skills at that. Imagine what the 1st recruiting class was actually like for Crean & any incoming players. I don’t think a whole bunch of talent was really excited about going to IU to play under those circumstances. The 2nd year the outlook appeared to be better for possible incoming players. I still think the outlook has gotten better yet.

  6. I’m surprised IU stayed within 15. At least watching Wisconsin and the Pacers win made for some good roundball. I’m sure Crean will have something to pin this one on..

  7. No postseason ban…no tv ban…THIS IS INDIANA…if you can’t recruit talent to INDIANA then you should not be coaching.If this team was playing in a good park and rec program…they would still lose…if you can’t play defense..and if you can’t shoot free throw’s…you lose.Crean is here to stay…Glass loves him…if IU never wins more than 12-15 games a year…Crean is not going anywhere..he is here for at least 10 more years.By that time Indiana..a once proud school…can be the laughing stock of college sport’s in all sport’s…Oh i’m sorry…we are already there…and it only took 3 short year’s.At least IU is ahead in one catagory.

  8. Here is a few stats for you out there that don’t think Steve Alford should be the IU basketball coach…

    Alford at Manchester 78-29
    Alford at SWMS 78-48
    Alford at Iowa 152-106
    Alford at New Mexico 93-35
    Alford total 401-218
    Alford 20 Year’s of coaching…made either NIT or NCAA
    16 out of 20 year’s…and really 17 out of 21
    New Mexico will make one of them this year
    Including this year which is still not over
    Alford avg. 20 win’s per year

    Why he should be here over Crean………

    Crean at Marq. 190-96
    Crean at Indiana 28-62
    Crean total in 12 year’s 218-158

    Crean made NIT or NCAA in 7 out of 12 year’s at Marq.
    Crean with this year not over yet in 12 year’s coaching
    avg. 21 win’s a year.

    If we add 8 year’s of an avg. of 21 win’s per year…which we know Crean won’t win 21 games at IU for at least 3-4 more year’s…but for the sake of argueing…he does…that give’s Crean 386 win’s in 20 year’s of coaching….Alford has 401 in 20 year’s.

    Crean had double digit losses in 7 out of 9 year’s at Marq. After the Final Four run with Dwayne Wade…Marq. avg. 3 transfer’s each year.The Marq. fan’s had started a Fire Tom Crean website…

    Alford..started at Div.II Manchester…but took them to the Championship Game his third year.At Iowa..took over a program that was once a great program…but had struggled bad the last 4-5 year’s under Dr. Tom Davis…no disrespect to him a great man and coach..just over stayed his welcome.Alford did a great job at Iowa..had them in the NCAA tournament…but a kid that had played high school basketball in Iowa that all fan’s had been waiting on…got arrested not once..not twice…but three times for theft and domestic battery.Alford refused to play the kid and the President and AD and the fan’s no longer wanted Alford.At New Mexico..again a once great basketball program that had struggled the last 4-5 year’s..Alford goes 30-5 last year.They have struggle alittle this year but are still 17-11 and lost to #6 San Dieago State both times by 4-5 points.

    Coach Crean is a decent coach..he will never win big at IU…and he will alway’s feel the wrath of the IU fan’s…that’s no way to live…ask Mike Davis…put Crean at a mid-major program…he coach’s 20 more year’s with modeate success.Mike Davis at UAB..is having success..winning 18-20 games a year and having fun.

    Put Alford at IU…do we win the NCAA next year…no way…but Alford will win here much faster than Crean because he know’s about every high school coach in Indiana and they have a great relationship.Alford got Mr. Basketball from Indiana when he was at Iowa.Alford at IU we win 20 games in 2-3 years…with Crean we win 20 games…maybe in 6-7 year’s…if we ever do.With Alford IU win’s a National Championship in 5-7 year’s.

    But the only problem with all this…Alford wouldn’t come to IU now…this program is in grave shape with no end in sight.It would take 2.5-3 million a year to get Alford here….but that would be the best money IU would ever spend.

    Alot of you will agree with me…alot won’t…that’s ok..but let’s see the direction of our IU team’s over the next 5 year’s..and the direction of New Mexico.Can’t play the strength of team thing…look at who IU play’s pre B10.

  9. @ TERRY, if you think Alford would have done much better at IU over the last 2-3 years you are nuts! I doubt that RMK could have done any better had he come back. By now you would probably be one of those screaming about why we didn’t hire Dane Fife…

  10. who?….my point is….if IU had done the right thing in the beginning…we would not be in this mess…Alford should have been hired after Davis interim year…Sampson never happen’s.We would now be a top 10 team every year.However I do think Dane Fife would do a better job now…than Crean.Also..yes..I also think Alford would have done better these last 3 year’s than Crean has done.We would not have the type player’s that we have here now under Alford.They would play defense…or they wouldn’t play.Watford..Jones..Rivers..BC..would not be here.Ask Purdue fan’s if they could go back after Keady left…would they take Painter or Crean? Same here..Alford or Sampson or Crean??If you don’t say Alford…then your just disagreeing to have something to talk about.

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