1. My pregame comment is: I’m telling you there’s a chance (as in the Dumb and Dumber “one in a million” movie quote).

  2. I look for Rivers to shut down E’twaun Moore and Elston and The Pritch to shut down johnson by being rough with him he has no help down low so that should make the double team easier, also expect a big game from Roth and the Sheeladipo train, Go HULLSIERS hahaha

  3. PeeU is beatable, as they have proven this year. But it would be a real nice win if we pull it off. Go Big Red!!

  4. Good luck to the Hoosiers tonight. When you go up to Mackey your most feared opponent is a harsh shrill-sounding plastic device reserved for blowing a “forcible expulsion of the breath through a small opening formed by contracting the lips” against guys wearing something other than black and gold..It dangles from a ticky-tack string around the neck of the men in stripes.

    I hope to hear a lot of excitement from the voice of Don “Fish” and minimal glimpses at the guy that dons the fish.

  5. There is a HUGE reason Verdell wah wah Jones was named the most overrated mamas boy in the Big Ten …taint a chance I would ever give missy a chance at any important shots in any game …well, save for Savannah southeast State of little sisters of the Georgia poor…he is all …well not much …junk in the Buick LeSabre trunk …all I hope is he’s a nice kid …that’s important cuz my grandma from SB could hit a winner before Verdell the III rd

  6. FINAL: PU 67, IU 53.
    IU: Sheehey 14; Hulls 13; Jones 10; Oladipo 8, 6reb; Pritchard 6, 6reb; Rivers 2; Elston 7reb.
    IU: 22-62 (36%) FG; 2-13 3PT; 7-7 FT; 28 reb; 14 TO; 15 (22) fouls.
    PU: 20-49 (41%) FG; 4-12 3PT; 23-28 FT; 33 reb; 11 TO; 7 (15) fouls.
    PU: Moore 25, 8reb; JJohnson 15, 8reb, 4blk; Jackson 13; Byrd 5; TJohnson 4; Barlow 3, 8reb; Bade 2.

  7. Indiana hustled again this game which is nice to see..but played no defense.Even though the last 5-6 games IU has shown energy..they still have no one outside of Hull’s..Will..and VO.If IU had anybody that could play in the post we would have 4-5 more wins.Crean is starting to understand how it’s going to be at IU and maybe I wrote him off to early..If he can stay close to teams with this group that we have now…which isn’t much…then we might win a few of these next year when Zeller get’s here.Crean should be B10 Coach of the year if we can finish .500.The next few year’s look’s bright…but no B10 championship for several more year’s.

  8. Terry: Keep up the positive energy.

    the team has been incredibly consistent over the past 6 games with its hustle and effort. I think it’s clear now that we are in that stage where our rivals and their fans are looking at us and saying “Uh, oh… the fight is back in the Hoosiers, and when the talent gets here, they are going to be big trouble.”

    There will be an exodus in talent at the end of the year at every Big 10 school except Indiana. I know that “wait till next year” is an overused phrase, but man, wait till next year…

  9. Your right..next year will be better…but in two year’s I think we could be very good.Next year i’m looking for a 15-18 win season..the next year 18-20 wins…then when those freshmen in two year’s become soph. I think we could win 22-25 games and be back at the top of the B10…in 2013.But the waiting is horrible!!!

  10. Terry: I actually enjoy the waiting. Better that our best is yet to come than in the rear view mirror. We are watching the young chutes develop of a program that will soon bear many fruits. The fruit will taste much better, having patiently waited and watched for the buds to slowly open up and the plant to grow tall and strong.

    Do you garden? If you do, you will appreciate the analogy: Picking a vine-ripened tomato from your backyard in July, which you’ve nurtured through the bugs and the elements, is a million times more thrilling than a Mexican-grown Kroger-bought tomato in January.

    You will be left with a strong vine that will yield an abundance of juicy red joy. There will be so many tomatoes, that inevitably some will drop on the ground, decompose, and spread their seeds, so that next year, where you planted one plant, ten or fifteen new ones will emerge.

    Such is the state of our program. You want a Kroger tomato? Call John Calipari.

  11. Waiting is fine..unless you’re waiting on a hemorrhoid to go away. That’s one juicy tomato you don’t want slowly decomposing and sprouting more seeds in your garden the following year. Sometimes you just need more fiber in your lineup to start seeing solid victories.

  12. I must admit that I was one of those a month ago that wanted Crean fired.We played with no energy..no passion..and it was very embarrassing to watch IU get beat by 20 game in and game out.But all of a suddeit seems as though the switch went on..and even though we are still losing game’s..we are at least competing now.I do feel as if though the other team’s are now thinking that IU is capable of beating us now.I still don’t think Crean is the best coach IU could have got..I think IU setteled for Crean because of his clean image..but none of the player’s that he has had at IU since he has been here..could have never made any IU team of the past year’s.There isn’t one player at IU in the last 3 year’s that would have ever got off the bench..maybe Creek and Watford..but with the defense..or lack of..Coach Knight would have had them long gone.But to credit Crean..he won 6..10..and now so far 12 games..and have been in many of the games down till the last minutes.So I think as the talent gets better the wins I think will come.Would like to see our pre-B10 get a little stronger…playing weak teams does nothing for you to prepare you for the B10.

  13. I remember during pre conference play lots of folks were complaining about our schedule strength. Yesterday, I looked at the link with the results of all the conference teams so far this season. Our non conference schedule is pretty consistent in quality with any other team in the Big Ten.
    If OSU goes undefeated they won’t have played the kind of non conference schedule of the ’76 Hoosiers played, which included Kentucky (in Louisville), UCLA (in St. Louis), St. John’s (Madison Square Garden), Georgia, Florida State, Virginia Tech, etc.
    That was also before the tourney was seeded. The Hoosiers faced 5 straight teams that had been ranked in the top ten. Nobody will ever have to deal with a lineup like that again.

  14. Chet- As I’m sure you realize, the “we should have played a tougher non-conference schedule” argument is a very tricky one. It’s hard for me to buy the idea that we would be in a better place right now if we got hammered a few more times in the early going.

    It would be like arguing that Bill Lynch should have scheduled Oklahoma and Stanford instead of Towson and Arkansas State. Would that have helped the Hoosiers make a bowl game? Somehow I think it would only get Lynch fired quicker.

  15. I see Penn. St. knocking off Ohio State for some reason. Probably because evrybody is losing to teams they aren’t supposed to lose to. Wierd season in the Big Ten. It’s IU’s for the taking the next few years. If they want it bad enough.

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