Glass convinced departures don’t signal bigger problems

Fred Glass admits he’s concerned. With four departures of assistant football coaches before Kevin Wilson’s staff’s first spring practice, it’s hard not to be.

But the Indiana athletic director said he believes the deflections have little to do with what’s going on and IU and can all be explained by the fact that the coaches in question are receiving offers they don’t believe they can pass up.

“Each one of these guys left because what they perceived to be better opportunities,” Glass said Thursday. “Not because they had any concerns with the staff or the community or the university. I think when you run with the big dogs and hire guys who are in demand and making upward ascension, you can have this. We’re especially susceptible because we’re in transition.”

Jemal Singleton, who was the running backs coach for just over a week before taking a job at Oklahoma State, became the latest Wilson hire to make the leap. At his national signing day press conference, Wilson announced that defensive tackles coach Jerry Montgomery had left for Michigan and cornerbacks coach Corey Raymond had left for Nebraska. Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Brent Pease left the program shortly after New Year’s to return to Boise State, his previous employer. He had been the wide receivers coach there before taking the IU job, and the coordinator position opened up when Bryan Harsin left it to become the offensive coordinator at Texas.

Glass pointed out that Pease was the only coach at a coordinator level to leave, and that the circumstances were particularly unique. As for the other three, they were all young, upwardly mobile coaches looking to work their way up the ladder who got job offers they felt they could not pass up.

“I’m not going to criticize those guys,” Glass said. “They gotta do what they gotta do. That’s not the way I think I would want to comport myself, but then I’ve never been in their shoes….I don’t feel slighted. I like that we were going after high-quality guys that are upwardly mobile.”

Glass said that though each individual move made sense as a step-up, he was concerned that it may be indicative of an issue within the program. He said that after his own investigation, he doesn’t think it is.

“I’m getting kind of tired of it,” Glass said. “But I’ve looked into it and I’m convinced it doesn’t signal some kind of issue with the staff or the program.”


  1. Sure seems like an issue if someone’s staff keeps leaving. Of course no one who left is going to say anything other than the positives, one is unwise to do so.

  2. I understand high quality talent being upwardly mobile. That is nearly the wish of everyone. But after committing to an offer they need to know their will be a stiff financial penalty before a defector is allowed to carry his bag out the door.

  3. Fire Wilson! Ok, not really, but I do believe something isn’t quite right here and he shares much of the blame.

  4. Glass needs to grow a pair and call these unethical jerks out.If IU hired these guys and fired them less than a month later because a more desirable coach became available everyone would be yelling how unethical IU is. College football becomes more and more seedy by the day.

  5. One would think maybe it’s Wilson????????????????? Who knows I just cant believe that 4 people would do the same thing????????

  6. So, let’s cut to the inevitable conclusion of this fiasco, given IU’s history. How much are we going to have to pay Wilson to NOT coach the team for the next few years after the manure hits the ventilation?

  7. Starting to hear that nagging little voice in the background…something ain’t right here kiddies. This Coach Wilson isn’t ava. for comment, isn’t going to make this go away…Wilson needs to talk, and a couple of these assistant that just left needs to man up and tell us the whole story. This program has had stability problems for far too long…Someone better be coming up with some answers or did we just take another turn down the road to failure again with Wilson at the wheel

  8. He road into this lonely tumbleweed football land fast with guns blazing….now he’s in cahoots with the profit hungry mayor(Glass) and is running straight shooters out of town….I’ve seen this cheesy Western before…..another shady Wilson that didn’t know how to mount a dark horse?

  9. You wonder if Glass is secretly getting tired of having to put on the happy face. “Retracting scholarships? Noooo, everything’s fine..” “Cussing out staff Resident Assistants? Noooo, everything’s fine..” “Coaches defecting left and right? Noooo, everything’s fine..” I don’t know that all of this is a trend or is troubling…but it *is* getting old. So we had calm with few wins under Lynch versus weekly “we’re fine” conferences and TBD with Wilson. Can we have a happy medium sometime soon, please?

  10. this ? needs 2 b answered all these coaches leaving.rumour has it coach has been drunk and students witness him doing things.

  11. These assistants left for Boise State, Oklahoma State, Michigan and Nebraska. Is there anyone in “NCAA Football Land” who thinks that IU is a better football location/job opportunity than any of those schools? They got “much” better offers and they took them. Maybe it shows that Wilson is a GREAT judge of talent because those schools wanted his assistants. I wish they had stayed too but I understand why they left.

  12. When are you Hoosiers going to learn that anyone associated with OU athletics comes with a lot of questionable business practices?

  13. There’s times I’m really embarrassed by the IU fanbase…There is nothing going on behind the scenes! The only problem is the quality of Wilson’s staff doesn’t match the level of program Indiana football is. The coaches we have now are actually desired by other programs unlike past staffs. When bigger programs come calling the assistants leave, that’s the business of college football. Anyone who expects loyalty is naive. Football to coaches is just like any other business, the position with the highest prestige and pay wins out.

  14. Hopefully all this early commotion will be a distant memory once the season approaches. Let’s remember that coach Wilson is taking over one of the most historically negligent, pathetic programs in the country. There is bound to be a little turbulence.

  15. True, IU is still a way station on the way to more prestigious destination jobs. and true, young coaches are upwardly mobile and move around more at the drop of a hat and some leeway has to be given them to account for that in today’s sports world.

    but four assistant coach departures is two or so too many. it indicates that the new coach did not gauge the degree to which these associates were looking over his shoulder, down the road, to the next stop, when he was interviewing them to come to IU. the vetting process for them was wanting.

    Or, it indicates some other problem, much more serious. i dunno. i have no knowledge to indulge in rumors such as about the coach’s behavior and such, but you can only deduce a conclusion from all the data you receive, added up, showing an overall big picture. at this point, that is not a good picture. this is similar to how michigan under richrod started out, with one bad thing after another, and that ended badly, for richrod anyway. hope IU fixes this.

    kevin wilson is fred glass’s richrod. he owns that hire and it is all on him, the same way richrod was on bill martin at UM and kelvin sampson was on rick greenspan here. let’s hope the ship gets righted, the negative stuff ends and IU football starts moving onward and upward. the cynic in me says dream on but the cockeyed optimist says maybe this time they got it right. i hope it’s too soon to tell.

  16. It’s Indiana. Holy Cow you would think these people are coaching for the Green Bay Packers. Indiana is equivalant to a good Mid-Major program. Wake up!

  17. OU Fans were calling for Wilson’s head the past few years for poor unimaginative play calling. He also evidently has problems with his personality in dealing with his Coaches; micro manager. Good luck with this guy. Other coaches will bail also. At least that is my perspective. But, I will concede that OSU got a good running back coach that saw better opportunity than Indiana. OSU has a very explosive offense returning with the nations best receiver and some great running backs. Joining a top offensive team will add to anyones resume….

  18. OU fans were calling for his head after they won a national title and he was named assistant of the year? Ha

  19. This situation is really unfortunate because even if there is no culpability, these “events” themselves now subject Wilson to a level of scrutiny that is bound to be a distraction. Everyone now has their guard up and is on some level suspicious. So now instead of focussing efforts on building a program, we have a coach who needs to walk on egg shells because we are all watching for the next misstep. Hopefully, we’ve seen the last one for awhile and the good news is that memories are short; so let’s hope for the best.

  20. Fans are always calling for the offensive coordinators head. Everywhere but Oregon. For myself, short of NCAA violations, I’ll wait and see the product on the field.
    What if…?
    What if Wilson has let some of these guys know his expectations and they are intimidated by them? What if, instead of hoping for 7-5 down the road, he has a 5 year plan to put IU in the BCS picture and these guys think he’s nuts? What if he is bringing in a level of expectation we have never experienced and this is what happens when a coach does that? How would we know?
    As for me, I’m not gonna get excited about the deck chairs being moved around. I want to see what direction the ship is heading.

  21. After some pondering I believe these thefts of recently hired coaches is a compliment to Coach Wilson. The man knows talent both on the field and on the sideline and apparently every coach who knows him knows that. He is always going to find the best available. Also there is no way Chuck Neinas would put the name of Coach Wilson in the ear of AD Glass if there were human relation problems in his past. That is why the background checks take so long so as to uncover any character issues. I have several friends who live in Oklahoma being both OU and OSU fans who say he was the real deal at Norman. If he had been hard to work with Stoops would have made changes long ago. As far as supporters being unhappy with the offense ran there it was Stoops who kept a lid on being to creative or multiple. Stoops being an Ohio boy holds to the old Buckeye philosophy of the 1-2-3-4 priority in football; tackle, block, run and then the pass being the lowest on the priority list that is until Sam Bradford came along and then the development of Landry. IU FB has been so uneventful for so many decades we are having trouble recognizing now the excitement is beginning.

  22. I think Clarion’s logical and well thought-out assessment is the one I am going to go by at present.

    Pedigree means something, especially when it has been built over a longer span of time. Everyone around Wilson, and some who only knew him through other people, told Glass, “Oh yeah, this guy is the real deal.”

  23. theres a thing called commiting to a program.where your word means something.the hiring of coach wilson means a brand new start.i know that iu is not the rose royce of college football.if iu would got some breaks iu would been in 2 straight bowl appearances.theres some talent on iu’s roster.

  24. It is important to calm down…the key here is that the leadership set the tone and establish a vision shared by his assistants. We hired Kevin Wilson, a respected and clearly talented football coach. The assistants are his concern. The value of that vision and his leadership will be evident on the grass soon enough.

    A.D. Glass, on the other hand, while establishing himself as an innovative sports marketing man, now has to show breadth and depth in providing guidance and leadership across the board, easily the greatest challenge in IU athletics.

    Every sport in our program is undergoing some type of a crisis. Resolving these calls for strong, thoughtful and clear headed leadership guiding the choices made for each program. Transparency (or the lack of it) in IU athletics, the influence of the various constituencies, their relationship to the sources of financing, the role of the Trustees and/or the ‘players’ in the IU Varsity Club and the obligation of the University to the alumni and residents of the state of Indiana are obligations which can not be ignored.

    This can no longer be carried out in private negotiations between self-empowered individuals. For about a decade the state of I.U. athletics have been a cause of great concern for Hoosiers. It is time those hired meet their obligations, make their decisions, effectively implement their visions and hold themselves openly accountable for the results.

    I suggest we calm down and allow the professionals the space to do their jobs. And, I suggest that those professionals accept their responsibility.

    So that they know….we are watching.

  25. A further thought….Hoosier Clarion and Chet. I do enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas. Sometimes we agree, sometimes not but they always seem constructive and well thought out. I hope you’ll continue to write them in. Their quality makes them hard to ignore.

  26. I also have to agree with Clarion. It’s like other programs are saying, “see who Wilson is going after, and get them”. I hope this don’t carry over to the recruiting front as well.
    IU football is due for some luck. I don’t mean one game either. I mean no injuries, no bad calls or bad spots of the ball, good coaching and some recruiting success, and consistent improvment. In my time as a fan, 30yrs or so, I bet IU has a negative 20,000 yds in bad ball spots. You veterans know what I mean.
    When does spring ball start anyway? GO HOOSIERS!

  27. Clarion,

    Your thoughts about the coaches is spot on. It is obvious that Wilson tried to get these guys in house before other coaches could get them. Sometime the prestige (and paycheck) from these other teams is too much to ignore. I have a raised eyebrow to whats going on here, but I’m exciting to see what they look like this spring.

  28. Reference posts by Chet #20, Hoosier Clarion #21, Tsao Tsu Gonzalez #24——-Well thought out and explained positions made for very enjoyable reading. These posts pretty much sum up my own slant on the state of things IU. I have nothing to add except “come on football season”. GO HOOSIERS!!!!!

  29. Before you blame Wilson or comment on OU coaches…

    1) You KNEW what you were getting in Sampson. Quotes from OK newspapers at the time – “I knew it (the calls) was against the rules but I didn’t consider it cheating”. You hired him anyway – you deserved what you got. How’s it worked out for you since he was fired?

    2) The football coaching question is not why did they leave but rather why would Wilson or any of the 4 now bolted assistants stay any longer than they have to in the football wssteland that is Bloomington? They all went to better football schools than IU. What do you pay compared to the higher level jobs at better football schools that these guys got?

    3) Wilson did catch undeserved heat from OU fans when the team did not meet their annual lofty expectations – so did Stoops and Venables (DC). When he goes 5-6 he’ll be up for coach of the year and off to a real football school.

    Good Luck staving off total sports irrelevancy.

  30. Golf clap for OUoutsider. Such penetrating commentary.

    I can honestly say that I’ve never gone on another school’s board to post anything. I wonder what the attraction is to that behavior.

  31. You can look at this two ways:

    1) obviously the program is horrible and coaching bailing is never good OR

    2) WIlson actually did a great job in finding coaches other top teams would want and there isn’t much he can do when a better job comes a long. So kudos to Coach for finding good coaches.

  32. Wilson needs to adjust his sights when recruiting coaches and do a better job of probing candidates during the interview process, because no matter how attractive these assistant coaches are to other powerhouse programs, losing four of them in a couple months is a problem. Just the speculation about why they’ve left IU is a problem, not to mention a waste of time for Wilson and an embarrassment for IU.

    Since I’m confident money (coaching salaries) is part of what caused these defections, it kind of makes me laugh to think about those people complaining about the deal Wilson got when he was hired and the money IU was willing to spend on the football coaching staff. Glass found what he thought would be enough money to upgrade the coaching staff, but apparently Glass’s FB budget is still not close enough for IU to compete with Michigan, OK State, Boise State, and Michigan when it comes to retaining quality assistant coaches.

    As for all the speculation that there must be something wrong with Wilson’s character or management style, that’s just stupid. Wilson simply did not have enough time with any of these guys to offend them or run them off. And one of the four would have said something to Glass if Wilson was really a bad guy. No, they left for jobs at better programs and more money.

    Wilson, maybe it would be good for you to go out and get the top assistant coaches at non-BCS schools so that they feel as if taking a job at IU is a major advancement in their careers. A man’s got to know his limitations.

  33. …and with that firing went a staff full of non BCS talent…just as Chet suggested…we do not want to return to that experience…this assistant coaching situation will backfill with a quality hi-caliber find by Coach Wilson and we will be pleased at the performance this coaching staff can showcase from the existing roster talent…

  34. I’m pretty sure that this is connected to Wilson’s running around drunk and supposedly looking for his apartment. I figure he was looking for a young lady and got caught. When all this hits the news, he will be fired and that is why these guys are leaving.

  35. Graduated from iu in1956 saw them go to the
    rose Bowl once in my lifetime and if my children se that one time in their life they will be lucky. Still support them but the Good Lord himself would be a loser inhoosier land.

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