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Will Sheehey goes up for a dunk against Iowa. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



In my postgame Q&A, I determined that Tom Pritchard’s dunk was far better than Will Sheehey’s, relayed what Tom Crean had to say about practice time and also speculated on Tuesday’s game against Purdue.

Injuries cannot be the only explanation for the loss, the IDS’ Nathan Hart wrote.

Here is Inside the Hall’s weekly recruit watch, led by Cody Zeller’s big performance against Princeton. Speaking of Zeller, he’s enjoying his final few weeks playing in the Hatchet House, the Indy Star’s Kyle Neddenriep wrote.


The Indiana women lost their ninth game in a row, this one by 26 points to Wisconsin at home, Lynn Houser wrote.

Coach Felisha Legette-Jack said after the game that this was the first time her team did not have the desire to represent Indiana, the IDS’ Avi Zaleon wrote.


Ohio State gave a lesson in how to control the crowd at Minnesota’s Barn, taking the fans out of the game early, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist wrote. As the game continued, it was evident which team was No. 1 and which team was not in an eventual Ohio State 13-point win, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf wrote.

Wisconsin’s Jordan Taylor scored 30 points as Wisconsin became to latest team to deliver a body blow to Michigan State, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz wrote. These Spartans have resorted to finding little victories within the game, their fifth loss in the last six, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote.

Tim Hardaway Jr. took over as Michigan went to Penn State and came out with the victory, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein wrote. During the last eight minutes, Penn State simply made too many mistakes, the Daily Collegian’s Jared Shanker wrote.

Here are the updated Big Ten standings.


A truly sad story about what has happened to William Perry (you know, “The Fridge”), from ESPN.com’s Tom Friend.

His day consists of watching television and eating three or four meals prepared by his heart-broken wife, Valerie. She nags him to exercise, but says she gets “cussed out” for it. She bugs him to take his medication but says she gets ignored over it. Her new trick, just to get him on his feet, is to tell him he has to come to the kitchen to eat his lunch. That’s her best way to get “The Refrigerator” to walk near the refrigerator.

Of course, then when she least expects it, her husband will hobble out the door and into his car. She knows exactly where he’s headed: to the liquor store.

Because every day ends with William Perry needing a drink.



  1. The story they had on NFL Countdown about The Fridge yesterday was really sad. You could see the pain in Ditka’s face when he talked about it.

    His story is why I try to keep my son from having sports stars as idols. Perry was one of mine, and it hurts to see him sink as far as he has in life.

    For some people, substance abuse is a problem they will never overcome, William Perry is one of those individuals that could dominate on the field, but will never defeat his own demons. It’s a shame.

  2. What was a very good Super Bowl game was marred by the most bizarre excuse for entertainment that I could imagine, starting from the failed attempt to sing our American National Anthem, then descended into a lower gear and followed entirely through halftime to people wearing illuminated boxes on their heads near the end. What the hell was that. If Bridgestone paid for that fiasco it leads me to question their prospects of future viability to survive against well managed competition in their industry. The NFL should be ashamed for allowing that expose’ to blemish their marquis venue. What was the purpose? It was a me. Every mid-sized town in America with an operating theater or playhouse could have provided a more professional performance to display for the halftime entertainment. If the NFL would put that poor a product on the field to play the game there would not be enough space in the blog world to accept all the posts expressing dissatisfaction. WE continue to allow the media and the media driven phonies to contrive promotions to convince us these engineered talents are genuine.

  3. Perhaps it is a generational thing. Black Eyed Peas = one of the most entertaining live shows out there. They didn’t sound great last night, but they are always entertaining. Definitely the best live show I have ever been to (#2 = The Beach Boys).

  4. The Beach Boys Were top-notch entertainers possessing talent that did not have or need exotic light shows, pyrotechnics and weirdness as diversions from the real performance. What was perpetrated last night was a waste of oxygen and an abuse electrical energy consumption, which = a farce. But I readily admit there are some who are easily entertained than others.

  5. One could make the argument that the younger generations (the black-eyed peas fans) are perhaps HARDER to entertain than the slightly older folks. Some might not be content to watch an old dude play guitar and sing perfectly on pitch for a super bowl halftime. Instead, there seems to be an ongoing need to produce more explosive and technologically advanced entertainment. And thats just how it is.

    More importantly, what has changed over the season that these Hoosiers have become so much more explosive and aggressive in going up for dunks. I remember in Crean’s first season watching players miss layups because it seemed they were afraid to dunk it and instead went up awkwardly like they hadnt made up their minds. Now they’re all trying to do their best blake griffin impressions. I love it!

  6. Clarion (and co): The sub par entertainment points to a much larger question that hangs over our heads: why have we tried to turn the Super Bowl, and every other holiday and major event, in to an advertising frenzy and commercial opportunity?

    “All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned”…

    It literally disgusts me that we stop football and basketball games at 4 or 5 different junctures to advertise …the dreaded “TV timeout.” As a fan in attendance at one of these events, it is even more embarrassing… the players stand around chatting for 5 minutes, while the at-home viewers watch Office Depot commercials. And on top of it all, during the “real” game stoppages, such as halftime, we are bombarded with more commercial garbage and watered-down, mass-market “entertainment.”

    Capitalism has clearly spun out of control in the American sports world. Sometimes I wish we could just do it European soccer-style and have players wear the names of their sponsors on their jerseys.

  7. Here is how it is. After additional reading today about last nights lark( Will.i.am also could not remember correct lyrics), it is evident that even fans of the BEP’s believe the performance only hit 40% of the target it was intended to impact. A fireworks show costing 60% less displayed on the mega-tron would have left no less people satisfied. Bridgestone valuing passion for excellence should demand a refund.

  8. I actually like the Black Eyed Peas but I didn’t think much of their performance last night. Likewise, I like Springsteen a lot more and he was terrible. Prince was a total debacle. Worst ever. The halftime show disappoints more often than not. The best Super Bowl performance I recall was a pregame concert by Carlos Santana. Pure magic.
    Sports has become entertainment. It’s sad but it brings us 60 college games a week and 25 cameras at every NFL game.

  9. “I really haven’t kept abreast this discussion about Super Bowl halftime performances,” said Janet Jackson.

  10. I wouldn’t call it a generational thing at all. My dad was thrilled that The Who were playing last year. My mom (a few years older than my dad) was thrilled that the Black Eyed Peas were playing this year. (Actually, my dad’s ringtone is The Who, my mom’s is the Black Eyed Peas.)

    I’m 23, and I haven’t been excited about a halftime show since, I don’t know, Paul McCartney? Springsteen was good, too, and U2. But the BEP’s were out of their depth last night, and bad sound equipment didn’t help. I guess if the sound was going to be awful either way, the show last night had more to offer than others. Who knows.

    My point, I guess, is that generational generalizations are most often incorrect. I have very few friends my age who have similar taste in music. Personally, I’m hoping The National play next year’s. (Maybe Hugh and I could start a campaign.)

  11. I have said this for years, the people who are in charge of the Super Bowl half time show needs to contact and work with the people who take care of the half time show for the Orange Bowl. Every year, the best half time show of the college bowl season.

    The Super Bowl still needs to contact Kool and the Gang to perform! They were magnificant during the half time of the 2010 Orange Bowl.

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