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Indiana’s Will Sheehey, center, and Tom Pritchard defend Iowa’s Melsahn Basabe on Saturday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



Better communication in practice led better communication during games for the Hoosiers, who may utilize a changing zone defense today against Purdue, I wrote.

A very good piece from the IDS’ Greg Rosenstein on Jeremiah Rivers and his relationship with his family, including Doc (who attends more games than one would expect).

Good stuff over at Inside the Hall: the podcast is a sit-down with Austin Etherington, while Ryan Corazza’s breaks down the final seconds of Saturday’s game.

The recent string of close games has created a wise group of Hoosiers, the IDS’ Ryan Winn wrote. Matt Painter knows his team will have their hands full with Indiana, the Indy Star’s Terry Hutchens wrote.

Progress is being made in Bloomington, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope wrote. Painter will not make a big deal about playing Indiana, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio wrote.

JaJuan Johnson admitted it makes for a better rivalry now that Indiana is coming off wins against Illinois and Minnesota, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.

And just because you can never not laugh at this — Bob Knight sits down with the Purdue mascot.


I ended up going with Illinois as No. 4 in my Big Ten power rankings, solely on the idea that if you had the Big Ten Tournament this week, they’d probably be the fourth semifinalist (the Illini would get a bye, and are better than an Al Nolen-less Minnesota team). Still, I don’t feel real confident about anything from No. 4-11.

Opponents are hacking Jared Sullinger and he needs to start making more of this free throws in order to end the strategy, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist wrote. Iowa center Jarryd Cole did not care for Will Sheehey’s dunk on Melsahn Basabe, the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s Pat Harty wrote.

Blake Hoffarber’s injured left knee should not keep the senior out of Minnesota’s starting lineup, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf wrote. Northwestern is not on the NCAA Tournament bubble, but it has the potential to play its way into the discussion, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein wrote.

Its a tough road ahead for Illinois’ Bruce Weber, the Champaign News-Gazette’s Loren Tate wrote.


The Black Keys’ “All You Ever Wanted.”


  1. Sheehey could have very easily been called for a tech if the refs would had caught his face after the power dunk in the Iowa game. I thought it was alot of fun but might well have POed Iowa enough to come back and beat the Hoosiers! Think about the timing!

  2. Iowa fans commented that Sheehey was ‘show-boating’ after his dunk on Basabe. After watching the video over and over I just don’t see any hot-dogging by Will after the play. He starts backing back down the court almost immediately. He does have a shocked look on his face.
    The Iowa faithful loved Cole’s block on Sheehey a minute or so later. It does seem as if Cole is giving Will an ‘in-your-face’ glare-down after that one and even looks like he says something to him. None of them made any negative comments about that. I guess perspective is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. I don’t see how any young player couldn’t react the way Sheehey did after such a breakout moment. He stared around in elated surprise that he just pulled off such a feat.

    Vaguely reminds me of a surprised Shaq after a game-clinchig alley-oop in game 7 of the conference finals vs. Portland way back… the first of many great Laker moments of the past 15 years.

  4. I always wished Shaq could have faced Wilt, a truly talented man of size and strength. It would have provided him with a huge dose of humility. I always heard the Shaq could do this and that in practice but all I ever saw him do in a game was outsize opponents.

  5. If they had called the rules that were in effect when Wilt played, he would have embarrassed Shaq. No contest.

  6. I barely miss the old Scoop header design and the former style of formatting the page. And may I add that the “THREE-POINT SHOT” was a clever way to make this particular edition of Hoosier Morning a bit more concise with some added zing. I noticed, Hugh…Shocker, huh? Mr. Negative noticed. Don’t forget that even with my trolling and satirical postings, there still is a sincere side that recognizes your abilities, heart, and hard work. And that goes for Dustin and the entire group of Scoop nincompoops. It goes to show you, sometimes people have a predisposition to just bitch about anything(mirror, mirror, on the wall….). They don’t recognize the positives strictly because they fear change. They must forever compare the present to the past and remain reluctant to recognize the unique qualities of something illuminating and new for they think it means loving less what they once were so familiar each day. We’re constantly told not to live in the past. It’s difficult sometimes. Maybe we feel we don’t honor the relationships that made us who we are(flaws and all) if we don’t speak for those we bonded so closely vanished from our lives. It’s not our affection for short shorts that makes us refuse to stop talking about names like Knight, Downing, and Alford. It’s the friends we made…the good times we had with faces never to see again…it’s the memories we never want to let go of..it’s the fear the clock is winning and those engrossed in what they think the eternal day their own youth appear to reinforce our score no longer matters. Just be an ear for somebody you feel a generation removed. Strike up a conversation with the dinosaur sitting next to you in the stands. Maybe a friendship will be born..Maybe you’ll both find a meeting point that helps one break free a clinging to old ways thought never better and the other a chance to look with a bit of empathy at a world that had all the fruits of optimism the present you casually believe only bestowed to the ripeness of your day.

    Go Hoosiers!!


    Wilt "The Stilt" was unbelievable, Chet. Probably Jerry West and Gail Goodrich could give some Jordy Hulls' hotshots a decent run for their money too. Does the wine truly get better with age? Or does the whine a youthful tongue just get better at boasting its latest fermentation?

  7. Yeah, with football season over until spring practice begins I decided it made more sense to not try to shoe-horn in another subject or two to make it a “starting five.” We’ll still go that route on days where IU women’s basketball, men’s soccer or whatever else is in the news.

  8. Chet and ron- Shaq advantage did indeed derive much of his avantage from his size. But what made him unique was his quickness and agility for his size. Usually, the bigger the big man, the clumsier and less-coordinated (think Greg Ostertag, who I believe was as big as Shaq).

    Call it the Fridge syndrome. It’s not that he was the most skilled pass rusher. He just overachieved for his size. Adding small degrees of skill to an already hulking and intimidating frame has an exponential effect.

    By the way, when I say “size”, I am talking about both height and bulk.

  9. I’m in Lafayette but I bleed Crimson & Cream (basketball) I’m “wishing” for a big time upset……..GO HOOSIERS!! As I will never forget how stupid, dumb, idiotic, childish, the Purdue fans were. IU was getting thumped (during the Coverdale years), so with 5:00 left in the game I decided that me & my 9 year old son would beat traffic. Nothing like revealing your team like leaving early during a beat down. We were spit on, cussed at, had trash thrown at us, drinks thrown at us & sexual acts toward us revealed that still today I’ve not heard of.

  10. Get used to it Cole — Sheehey will dunk over many before his years are done at IU! He is a kid that can leap! Also, by the way wait till Vic gets a chance! He’ll out jump Sheehey! Then when HP comes to IU if you dont like people dunking over people my suggestion is stay on the bench. You aint seen nothin yet! Also, if you cant take it in college my suggestion is dont ever think about the pros!

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