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Purdue’s E’Twaun Moore is fouled by Indiana’s Victor Oladipo on Tuesday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



Indiana was tougher than it was on Saturday, made JaJuan Johnson earn his points and overall held Purdue to a below-average day offensively, but it was not enough because the Hoosiers couldn’t make enough shots, Dustin wrote.

This rivalry begins to change next season, when E’Twaun Moore and Johnson are gone and the Hoosiers come back, I wrote.

Indiana did not have an option to defend Johnson and Moore, the IDS’ Greg Rosenstein wrote. The Hoosiers were frustrated by the foul calls on one end and not on the other, the IDS’ Ryan Winn wrote. This was a game where Indiana needed Christian Watford, the IDS’ Nathan Hart wrote.

Indiana is showing signs of narrowing the talent gap against Purdue, the Indy Star’s Bob Kravitz wrote. Sheeladipo stepped up in the loss, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope wrote.

Moore was determined to play through a sore left hand, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.


Michigan’s players know it is an important week for them, starting today against Northwestern, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein wrote. Northwestern must keep winning to have a shot at a NCAA berth, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein wrote.

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan credits Iowa’s Fran McCaffery with how fast the Hawkeyes have improved, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz wrote. Iowa’s Melsahn Basabe is following the path of former Hawkeye Jess Settles, the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s Pat Harty wrote.

Here are the Big Ten standings.


Bruce Springsteen’s “Blinded by the Light.”


  1. I know it goes without saying that Kravitz is an idiot but to say IU won’t be able to compete with PU for another 2 years is complete lunacy. Did he not watch the game last night? We competed pretty damn well for the majority of the game without our top scorer/front court player. Who knows what the results could have been with a healthy Creek and an eligible Guy as well. Purdue is leaps ahead in their ability to defend for long stretches of a game but I don’t see how they will replace the consistent scoring of Johnson and Moore next year even with Hummel back. According to Kravitz they will still be “stacked”. Really?
    I honestly think last night will be the last time PU wins going away for years to come. If they are able to eke out a win at the Hall on Feb. 23 they better relish it for as long as they can cause the tide is turning Crimson once again.

  2. Fortunately, no one cares what “get real” has to say. Stick with a sport you know something about Gump, like field hockey.

  3. In response to Indiana University fans blathering about Kent Benson being a regular Mackey Arena visitor and supposedly wearing black and gold to the most recent Purdue – IU game:

    Bobby Knight doesn’t give a damn about what the Marxisits in Bloomington think. Why should Kent Benson?

    An egomaniacal university president manufactured a tough guy reputation by standing up to the old-school Hoosier icon who also happened to be the nation’s most famous basketball coach — and who presided over one of the cleanest programs in Division I. By doing so he played to the same idiotic political correctness forces that have pushed this nation to the brink of ruin. He then cynically parlayed the move into the high profile presidency of the NCAA. Subsequent basketball coaches were recklessly hired without regard to merit, and the program experienced an almost unprecedented fall from grace. It was a comedy of incompetence and cognitive dissonance. Who can blame Kent Benson, representing the once glorious days of IU basketball, for disassociating himself from the whole stinking pile of excrement?

    Self-loathing Indiana University has attempted to divorce itself from the richest part of its history — from the only reason most folks gives a rat’s ass about the place. How was it possible that Steve Alford wasn’t interviewed for the job that was so casually handed to the filthy Kelvin Sampson? The clueless university bureaucracy wishes to keep all things Knight at arm’s length, yet it expects loyalty from the same faction. I’m sure Kent Benson isn’t alone in being sickened by it all. He’s just happens to be the one who’s most openly acted on his disgust. He deserves credit for sticking to principles, unlike other former players who’ve eaten a crap sandwich for the sake of not making waves.

    Wearing the black and gold was probably not a good move, but I’m sure Kent Benson has sound reasons to being bitter. Now IU basketball is more appropriately represented by the likes of Todd Leary, perhaps finding joy in again being able to wear the striped pants.

    In summary, the IU basketball program, now coached by the clapping orange-skinned Calipari wannabe, has become a fitting metaphor for the downfall of American civilization.

    By the way, we Purdue fans regard Benson as a unfortunate college basketball refugee who enjoys the game being played in the fundamentally sound manner to which he became accustomed in the mid 70s. Though he’s not one of ours (Our #1 draft choices don’t become legendary NBA busts.), we’ll politely endure his anecdotes about life with The General, though we’d prefer he not wear black and gold.

  4. “the same idiotic political correctness forces that have pushed this nation to the brink of ruin.”

    How do you even respond to such extremist blabber? If “American Civilization” is represented by that kind of gibberish, then maybe we could use a little “downfall.” The world would surely be a better place without it.

  5. …and no wonder it is so easy to understand why we as HOOSIERS do not lose any sleep about PUke spewed thoughts…

  6. leslie’s comment: “By the way, we Purdue fans regard Benson as a unfortunate college basketball refugee who enjoys the game being played in the fundamentally sound manner to which he became accustomed in the mid 70s.”

    (Purdue fans???) She is absolutely full of it, I live in Lafayette (still an IU BB fan) and visit both the breaking news comments section after every single Purdue game & visit the forum section numerous times daily while making numerous comments on each one. I have been doing this for say maybe 8 years. THERE HAS NEVER EVER EVER BEEN A MENTION OF KENT BENSON regretting being a Hoosier. Nor a regret being on the last college team to go undefeated & win a national title. I cannot recall any mention of Kent Benson in any forum on The JCOnline.

    And one has no memory of a few criminals that attended Purdue, one of which punched a guy at a bar & killed the gentleman, another of which was supposed to be a respected NFL star that stole the tip jar of the under paid waitresses. (being an NFL star making millions, this is pathetic, period) One can research this only to find more recent criminal acts, esp among the football players.

  7. And being on and around campus for upteen years & in the public daily have never ever, ever, ever heard anything whatsover mentioned about Kent Benson.

  8. Hmmm, if Kent is so disgusted with IU, its clueless university bureaucracy, its stinking pile and all the Marxists — then isn’t it a bit strange that his daughter Ashley goes to school at IU and is an outstanding player on the IU volleyball team? (IU Volleyball’s first ever All-American and has been invited to spend the next three months training with the USA Women’s Volleyball National team coaching staff. You go, girl! And remember, your Dad is very proud of you even if he hates the school you play for.) Surely, if Kent was so disgusted with all things IU, as Leslie says he is, he could have helped his daughter find an outstanding volleyball career at Purdue. I’m getting a sneaky suspicion that our pall Leslie doesn’t know any thing and is just jealous of IU. Let’s leave Kent out of this, Leslie. He can speak for himself if he chooses.

  9. The IU/Purdue game was a disappointing loss but not unexpected given that it was a road game against the #12 ranked team and we have injured players on the bench and less severely injured players on the court. IU played with a lot of heart and determination. They are making progress and doing us all proud.

    I agree with STLBAM that Kravitz is wrong about IU not being able to compete with PU for another 2 year. IU will outmatch and outclass PU next year and forever after. Games at Mackey will be tough for the next two years, but IU will be more than competitive.

    get real — your one note song is getting old. If you are an IU fan, then support your team and stop bashing the coach. Discuss the games, tell us what you like about your favorite player, tell us specific things that concern you about the offense or defense, suggest plays or sets you’d like to see IU run, but stop with the non-helpful and uninteresting slogan approach you seem to take. If you aren’t a fan of this team, then move on and find a team to cheer for. There are lots of good teams out there and with the modern miracle of the Internet, you can follow them no matter where you or they are.

    Go IU!!!!!!!!!!

  10. (Our #1 draft choices don’t become legendary NBA busts)

    Three words…Joe Barry Carroll.

    BTW Benson played for ELEVEN YEARS in the NBA. That’s one less year than Michael Jordan played for Chicago.

  11. On a side note, I always find it amusing when the crappy university always resorts to calling the prestigious univerity ‘Marxist’. Down here it’s Liberty University or Radford calling UNC or Virginia Tech ‘Marxist. Out west, it’s Pepperdine calling Cal Berekley ‘Marxist’. Where my daughter goes to school it’s SUNY calling Cornell ‘Marxist’. Those ‘Marxists’ sure do pick good schools.

  12. Another thing for sure and for certain; Kent Benson wearing Puke garb if true is as close to a NC and an undefeated season as the fans at W. Laffy will ever get.

  13. As I have heard from many, the reason Mr.Benson wears Pu colors and sets behind their bench is simple…..He’s has moved to Lafayette & is dating a Lady that works for Pu…Enough said.

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