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Maurice Creek is making progress as he recovers from a stress fracture in his knee, I wrote.

Ryan Corazza from Inside the Hall breaks down Michigan’s early second half barrage of 3-point shooting. A look at the home/road splits from the Indiana Daily Student’s Nathan Hart.


Former Hoosier catcher Josh Phegley, now with the White Sox, overcame a rare blood disorder to play well in double-A and earn an invite to spring training, Dustin wrote.


Bill Lynch will be co-chairing a gala to benefit Down Syndrome with his son, Joey (an assistant coach at Ball State).


Here are my Big Ten power rankings — Ohio State still No. 1, Indiana No. 11. Much craziness in-between.

Ohio State put 800 students directly behind the benches and it has led to a better home-court atmosphere, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bill Rabinowitz wrote. Michigan State’s Delvon Roe is questionable for tonight’s game against Ohio State, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote.

Purdue legacy and 2013 prospect Kendall Stephens committed to the Boilermakers on Monday, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.


Mumford and Sons playing a new song. The best I can tell it does not even have a name yet, but it is quite good.


  1. ‘Tis a glorious February morning. February? Feels more like mid-March. The sun’s path has shifted since the frigid days of January. The light enters the bedroom at a slightly different angle, with noticeable increase in intensity. Snowpacks are almost gone outside. Still a lot of broken branches on the ground from the ice storm, but a sure hint of Spring is detectable. Friday we are supposed to hit 65 degrees.

    To my friends PizzaWhat, Cupcake Hogwash, Hoosier Clarion, Chet, TERRY, and Juan Blanco: carpe diem!!! Make a pizza tonight! Have a pork tenderloin at the TroHo! (with the crispy pounded-thin pork sticking out far beyond the bun) Savor thoughts of a tournament-caliber Hoosier team a year from now!

  2. Yes sir, there is a hint Winter is loosening the seasons hold. Watched the deer standing on the ice of the river yesterday AM and licking up what was melting. I am happiest when the sun gets in gear and gets up when I do. Soon Spring practice, gardening prep and planting and of course my bride will be on me to open the pool even before the temperature is agreeable. Can’t wait, like kids on Christmas eve.

  3. Chet,
    I live in Southern PA. I have been eyeing a Scrambler and the Parkway myself. I’ve also heard and read good things about bike routes in the general area. What is your take on the Triumph and the routes. Go Hoosiers!

  4. Has anyone ever had lobster on pizza? Obviously, no tomato sauce..a brushing of olive oil..drizzle of melted butter..a hint of garlic…Now what?..just some herbs, sea salt, and a crack of pepper? Could a few sweet sliced cherry tomatoes work? I wonder if a tad of mayo and lemon mixed into the olive oil would work..a bit like a lobster sandwich thought goin’ on there.

    Fun Lobster Facts:

    It has been argued that lobsters may exhibit negligible senescence and some scientists have claimed that they could effectively live indefinitely, barring injury, disease, capture, etc.(courtesy:Wikipedia)

  5. Mass. Hoosier, you were correct, it’s a Triumph Bonneville America. My wife bought it for me for my last birthday, replacing my venerable Vulcan 1500 I’d had for many years. She rides a Honda VFR rocketship. I’ve lived all over the country and nothing matches the roads nearby. On the ‘America’s Byways’ website half the scenic rides in NC are within an hour. I have an entrance to the BRP 4 miles from my driveway. Nothing beats the Parkway. Drover’s Road is less than a mile. Deal’s Gap about an hour (overrated, just another NC road but with more traffic/cops). Cherohala Skyway the same. On and on. Little traffic on most. Unbelievable scenery. I can tell you anything you want to know about the routes. I can put you up if you’re near Asheville.
    The Scrambler is also a version of the Bonneville. Same engine size but, I believe, different gearing and I’m not sure the firing sequence is the same. Not a lot different. Love mine. Much lighter than I’ve been riding for the last decade or so. Best handling cruiser ever made IMHO. From what I’ve read, the Scambler package is a stylistic thing. Going for retro. While it does put the exhaust in a safer place, don’t expect a KLR or KTM. Or a V-Strom or Versys, for that matter. It’s a Bonneville with a high pipe, which is a great bike. Just don’t buy it expecting a dual sport, which it’s not.
    PW…LP? That sounds awesome. Not a mayo guy, myself, but the rest of it sounds incredible.

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