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Jordan Hulls reacts to turning the ball over, with Tom Crean beside him. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



In a notebook, Dustin writes about Tom Crean being upset with the start time of the Illinois game, how the Hoosiers responded to a 7:30 a.m. practice and Crean’s trip to West Virginia.

Three items of note from Inside the Hall: a Q&A with Zak Irvin, the podcast with IU’s Jeremy Gray, and an update on Maurice Aniefiok (interesting to note him saying he will make the decision, given that Jon Boncore is his advisor and we all know what happened with Moses Abraham).

Purdue starts a brutal stretch run for the Hoosiers, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio wrote.

Cody Zeller is part of a tradition of siblings dominating Indiana high school basketball, the Star’s Kyle Neddenriep wrote.


Right now, the Hoosiers are drinking coach Kevin Wilson’s Kool-Aid, Dustin wrote.


Ohio State is still on top of my Big Ten power rankings, but there is much upheaval in the middle.

Thad Matta is questioning why people are so concerned about his team, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist wrote. To beat Ohio State, Illinois’ slumping 3-point shooters need to find their stroke, the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Hine wrote.

Kalin Lucas has elevated his game and Michigan State has as well, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote. Minnesota has no idea if Al Nolen is returning this season, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf wrote.


If you are a young man or woman with the inkling that sports journalism may be for you, you should read this. If you struggle to understand why Dustin and I do not throw on the crimson before every game, you should read this. If you just want a good laugh, you should read this.

Chris Jones writes for Esquire, but has also covered boxing and the Toronto Blue Jays. He’s one of this generation’s best writers (you likely remember his story on Roger Ebert last year) and just started up a blog (“Son of Bold Venture” — and a 1,000 points to the first commenter to get that reference) about writing. It is very good, and should be read by all interested in the written word.


Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep.”


  1. We are going to see some huge games next year for Ron Patterson, his team moves from 3A to 2A next year. He will be facing Yogi as well. He could be up for Mr. Basketball.

  2. Hugh,
    “Son of Bold Venture” – title chosen as an homage to W.C. Heinz (and perhaps a prayer to be blessed with his writing style). Or perhaps he chose the title in hope to ward off a misstep that ends a career on the first outing. Or perhaps he believes that he, himself, has a great sire.

    Thanks to the link to his great blog/writing. Oh, and I’m glad you leave your Yankess (and/or IU) cap at home.

  3. Hugh—thanks a lot for the Chris Jones link. His Esquire stuff has always been first rate, but this blog allows him to write from the heart without the NYC publishers’ and advertisers’ restrictions. A new “must read” for me!
    Liked the Adele video too.

  4. You said “we all know what happened with Moses Abraham”. We sure did not learn what happened from the HT! We know that Moses appeared to really like IU. That Coach Crean thought that he had his commitment. That his family felt that Georgetown in DC was far better for him than Indiana in the Midwest. I don’t know anything about the role of his “advisor” Jon Boncore. What do you claim to “know” and where is the article to prove it?

  5. BeatPurdue,
    Saying “we all know what happened,” was probably a bit of a stretch because we don’t know exactly what happened. We do know it was bizarre. I mean, everyone remembers the supposed midnight deadline that we all were up (or at least I was up) until 3 a.m. waiting for, right?
    Anyway, here is an article in which we tried to get to the bottom of the situation and got Boncore’s explanation.


  6. Perhaps from Bobby Thompson’s homerun on, I think of the scores of famous plays I’ve listened to, replayed time and again, as recorded by the ambivalent, totally unbiased announcers throughout the years.
    No, wait. I can’t actually think of any.

  7. Hugh, I just clicked on the first link. It’s Al Michaels Miracle On Ice. Are you calling that an ambivalent, unbiased announcer? Seriously? Have you never actually listened to it?

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