Hoosiers, fans, get props from Green, Davis

Michigan State junior standout Draymond Green’s determined play and game-winning free throws helped the Spartans edge Indiana in overtime Jan. 30, but he subsequently praised the Hoosiers and their fan base in a Feb. 5 entry on his ESPN “Conference Voices” blog. And Sports Illustrated college basketball writer Seth Davis echoed similar themes in his Feb. 7 “Hoop Thoughts” blog for SI.com. Here is what they wrote:

ESPN’s “Conference Voices” SportsCenter blog
“Only a matter of time for Indiana Hoosiers”
By DRAYMOND GREEN, February 5, 2011

Indiana’s motion offense — all those dribble hand-offs into ballscreens — has been working for them. They’re just playing together as a team. Christian Watford was out that last game and they still upset Minnesota. That just says that they’re playing together as a team, which eventually is going to grow that program into one of the elite teams again.

The Hoosiers upset Illinois, then almost got us and then beat Minnesota. They bounced back from not getting what would’ve been a good win and put up another great effort. They’re showing that they’re growing up as a team, to be able to handle that emotional up and down.

Since I’ve been in college, Indiana hasn’t been that competitive. I can only imagine how that building is when they are a competitive team. It rocks in there. Assembly Hall is one of the best venues to play in, and their fans are definitely a key to that program. You have to respect that about Indiana. You know it’s only a matter of time before Tom Crean, who’s a really great coach, gets that team rolling year after year.

And here is the Seth Davis excerpt:


Speaking of Indiana, I have to say I have never seen a fan base so passionately support a struggling team. The Hoosiers still fill Assembly Hall for every home game, and the place is always rocking. (By contrast, Ohio State couldn’t even fill up the Schottenstein Center for its big game at home against Purdue.) The Hoosiers lose a lot of games, but they play their tails off and the fans know it. Their loyalty has been rewarded recently as IU scored home wins over Illinois and Minnesota in the last two weeks. The fans know things will get better in time, but they’re not waiting until it happens to show up. Bravo.


  1. Nice comments from a peer of the Hoosier players. Green seems to have a good head on his shoulders – his comments were thoughtful and well stated.

    Davis was spot on by recognizing the fans for showing up on a regular basis. It takes a special fan base to do something like that – not many fan bases can say they’ve been there through thick and thin.

  2. Last week I wrote to Seth asking why he hadn’t given IU any props after beating two Top 25 teams and almost winning at MSU.

    Glad he listened to me.


  3. Don’t you just love all the attention when we’re right where they want us(looking for scraps under the table as we comfort on the floor of the Big 10)? That Green kid from MSU just fed us some crumbs from the free throw line the result of a bogus nothing foul call a week ago. Davis? Never have liked that Duke dweeb. Sorry…just can’t find the love for a Tar Heel compliment forever disguised by a Devil in blue..They have too much baggage from Hoosiers taking them down in NCAA tournaments. They love us down. You won’t hear this stuff when we’re kicking their friendly posteriors again soon.

  4. I am so glad that people see our fan base for what it truly is, and not the reactionary fringe element that trolls around the blogosphere.

    The students, in particular, are a commendable bunch… full of optimism.

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