Indiana 60, Minnesota 57

For the second time in a week, Indiana defeated a ranked opponent.

This time, it was the Minnesota Gophers falling victim to the resurgent Hoosiers, losing 60-57 at Assembly Hall on Wednesday.

The Hoosiers were playing without Christian Watford (hand), but did return Verdell Jones. Jones had 12 points and five rebounds in 17 minutes of action.

It was not Indiana’s offense that won the game — the Hoosiers shot 39.6 percent from the field, 33.3 in the second half. It was the defensive end, where the Hoosiers flustered a very big No. 18 Minnesota team.

“They were outworking us and outhustling us,” Minnesota coach Tubby Smith said. “It was as simple as that.”

Blake Hoffarber was 4-of-12 from the field, 3-of-8 from 3-point range. The shooting specialist had the ball on the last possession, but was short on a 3-pointer from the corner as time expired.

It was a career night for Tom Pritchard, who had 12 points and seven rebounds. He was a perfect 5-of-5 from the field, including a monster dunk early in the first half.

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  1. Tubby could have added that Minnesota got out-coached too. Crean adapted to what he didn’t have and made it work. I loved the last couple of possessions that were all IU guards for ball handling and free-throw shooting. Kept Minnesota from fouling and shortened the game. Pritchard, though, was game MVP. No doubt.

  2. Pritch!!!!!

    Great game! Great team effort and smart play! Great coaching!

    Thanks for making IU basketball so much fun again, team! Go IU!

  3. There’s really no reason to keep Pritchard..Let’s be honest, is there a Hoosier fan heartbroken if he’s the first of the transfers?…Crean can’t develop bigs..Cody will obviously teach Crean how to play the post position. This is really no loss..Pritch-Lard couldn’t jump 6 inches if he was in a weightless chamber..He has regressed(if that’s possible for someone averaging 1.7 points in his career)..He just doesn’t get what it takes to play at this level..What should we have expected from a Sampson recruit?..No game…No heart. Enough said.

  4. chirp-chirp…chirp,chirp…
    Kinda quiet from the anti-Crean crowd. One of the best coaching jobs in IU history, all things considered. Reminds me of the time Bobby took a handful of underclassmen and upset Kentucky. Tremendous effort. Loved filling the court with guards when MN would have liked a steal or to foul.

  5. 1) What an awesome jam by Pritchard.

    2) Where has 4retards been with his “Crean can’t coach” smak the last week?

  6. CTC gets kudos for putting the team in Hull’s hands , but injuries sort of forced that also. If Oladipo had played more at MSU in the 2nd half and overtime–IU would have won. Roth finally getting meaningful minutes –also due to injuries- is a plus. Roth and Hulls work well together.Moore plays a role.

    Why let theMinnesota guy shoot the 3–foul him, but that’s the coach’s choice.The question for Pritchard– where the hell have you been.Elston slowly getting it.Jones came up big tonight.

  7. I Think they just figured out how to play hard. Awesome job to all. Fun to watch whether they win or lose. Good INDIANA Hard nosed Bball.

  8. Great great game. The TO was scary, then having to put the ball back in play from that point on the sideline. In fact, the 1st chance, they had to call TO again when they were unable to get it in.

  9. Awesome effort from all the players, and great job by the coaches too defensively and offensively. TS clearly got out-coached tonight. Proud of them all. Great job and congrats!!

  10. I think Crean did a good job throughout the game until the end. Once again, like at Michigan State, as they came down the stretch, they didn’t execute well. The key is to use clock AND get a decent shot. They only did half of that. I don’t know whether it’s young players or coaching. Probably both. The players, however, will get older. I think Crean was and is a good choice for IU. These things make me uneasy, however.

  11. In response to GET REAL- Crean explained why he didn’t foul at the end and I completely agree with him. You foul and they make the first… they miss the second on purpose and have 2 seven footers and 2 more 6’8″ guys who can jump out of the gym getting the board for a layup.

    Why not get a hand in their only shooter’s face and play it out?

  12. Good win. Kudo’s to all of the kids for coming out ready to play defense again tonight. Kudo’s to the staff for having them prepared. I thought all of the kids played smart, hustled and gave their best. If that effort continues we can end this season on a high note. Win or lose. Hopefully the bar is raised for future recruits so that newcomers realize that they will play based on their effort and not just their talent.

  13. Great win. One of my favorite things about these wins is seeing IU back in the headlines on – I no longer have to navigate to the Big 10 page to see what happened in the IU game.

    On another note, I still can’t believe how many fans attribute every point, every play, to Coach Crean, as if he is the Emperor. “Crean must be doing something right lately,” I heard one person say.

    No. Crean has been doing what he’s done all season: work his butt off, continue to push his message, and stay positive. The players are the ones who have made the changes, and are finally learning to believe in themselves.

  14. Extending progress through team energy and matured seasoning is a credit to this staff. After some success Coach Crean should really put the whip to them now. The PUkes will be a test in Mackey but maybe no more so than the last 3 games have been.

  15. Over the past 2-3 years it was painful to watch IU play basketball. This season not so much. But last night was a joy to watch! What an effort! Pritchard was MVP with his rebounding, defense, and thunderous slam dunk! WOW! Even when TP dribbled 3 and 4 times with the ball I felt good. Not so concerned where has that type game of his been, but so glad it is here now! Go IU!!

  16. I’ve been critical, so now I’ll give praise. The team has really played well the last several games with the exception of at NW and at Iowa.But then those teams have played well at home recently. The confidence of the players and particularly Pritchard seems to be peaking. The key now is to keep it up, be consistent in giving great effort and being disciplined and believe they can get it done in big games. If the team does that, they’ll build some good momentum going into next year and could even sneak into the NIT this year. Knock on wood.

  17. All of the Gophers fans at the website I frequent are saying Indiana is a bad team, and frankly, it is really pissing me off. Indiana is no longer a bad team. We have a bad RECORD, but we are a much better team than our record indicates. Even without Watford and Creek, IU outplayed Minnesota for 35 minutes of that game. IU outplayed Michigan State AT Michigan State and should have won that game. We are waking up now. I am starting to EXPECT wins, like this upcoming game @ home against Iowa. Indiana is awakening, slowly but surely. We are no longer a bad team.

  18. I think its a combination of both players and Crean. Injuries have done a funny thing of forcing CTC to open up his play book and get creative and I like the results. Also, it has made players step up and get the opportunity to do some things they didn’t previously feel comfortable doing. Before these things happened we heard ‘Jordy needs to shoot more’ which was true, but he was always focused on spreading the love and getting the ball to Jones and Watford, and sometimes Creek when he was in. Now we don’t have people we throw it to and just watch work, everyone is ready for a pass, everyone is ready to go do what they can.

    I love what has happened the past 3 games and I hope we keep stepping forward without any huge steps back, like yet another injury or something. Kudos to the kids and CTC for adapting and getting better with adversity. I hope when all our guys get back that they have been paying attention to how this team plays together and picks each other up. That’s what we need to keep doing. Keep it up boys.

  19. What a great IU team game!! I agree will all the posts. We are playing team ball right now. I hope coach has seen how better we are with Hulls running the point. His 3 point shooting
    was off but he had 6 assists. He just has whatever is needed to get a win and other teams
    are guarding him much closer at the 3 point line. My fear is coach will go back to Jones at the point which in mho would be a mistake. I think Jones plays better when he can catch and shoot and not have to worry about being in charge. Last night was an example of how good Jones can be if he is not at the point. He still had 3 turnovers but he took good shots
    that were not forced.

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