Indiana adds highly recruited slot wide receiver

Up to the moment, Indiana has received letters of intent from 16 of its recruits and most of them were expected, but there was one pleasant surprise. Shane Wynn, a  slot receiver from Glenville Academic Campus in Cleveland, signed a letter of intent with the Hoosiers despite interest from some heavy hitters.

The 5-foot-6, 147-pounder with 4.43 speed in the 40-yard dash had scholarship offers at least at some point from Illinois, Miami, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio State, Tennessee, Toledo, Southern California and West Virginia.

So far, the other recruits who have signed are defensive backs Michael Hunter, Nick Stoner, Mark Murphy, Forisse Hardin and Kenny Mullens, wide receivers Jay McCants and Cody Latimer, offensive linemen Ralston Evans (spring enrollee) and David Kaminski, tight end Jake Reed, defensive linemen Bobby Richardson, Adarius Rayner, and Bernard Taylor and linebackers Mike Replogle and Kyle Kennedy.


  1. Wynn will start out as our returner for ST. At Miami with Randy Shannon they wanted him solely for that and Miami is a school that gets and has TONS of speed. Great get. Dustin any word on whether or not a DE from Glenville Academic will follow? On rivals hes a 4star and it was said to come between Toledo and IU, forgot his name though…thanks.

  2. That other Glenville player I believe is trying to get qualified to enroll this fall. From Scout Board.

  3. Great get with Wynn–our slot WR for the future. As for Sturdivant, it looks like he’s signed with Toledo.

  4. Corey Raymond is a real loss. He sounded great! If I were Wilson, I would want to destroy Hoyke and MI! The other guy is easily replaced-Coach Mo comes to mind.

  5. Coach Mo comes with a good rep but our lineman have never truly impressed (excluding middleton & kirlew in recent years). I think it is time to move on to someone new

  6. What the flying frick is up with losing these coaches already?! Is it because they think the grass is greener elsewhere? Or do they think Wilson is a cluster f**k as a head coach and they left before the sh*t hit fan?! I hope it’s the former rather than the latter! To my knowledge we’ve now lost 3 coaches that were recently hired!

  7. Sounds like we found another Marcus Thigpen. Let’s hope this coaching staff is smart enough to leave him at WR.

  8. the kevin wilson regime is starting out — with the dust-up over staying with scholarship commitments, the dorm incident and then three coaches leaving — kind of like richrod did at michigan. one bad thing after another, karma getting worse. at least now wilson has a staff and a class of what look like decent recruits. hopefully the worst is behind them and it’s smooth sailing ahead.

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