Iowa 64, Indiana 63

Iowa continued to have Indiana’s number on Saturday, beating the Hoosiers 64-63 at Assembly Hall.

The Hawkeyes have won four in a row against the Hoosiers (12-12, 3-8 Big Ten), but this one was the closest.

Bryce Cartwright made a jumper from near the baseline with 1:28 remaining to give Iowa a 64-63 lead.

Verdell Jones missed a jump shot, but Indiana created a stop on defense and got the ball back with 27 seconds remaining.

That’s when things got weird: Indiana dribbled out 13 seconds before calling a timeout.

Jeremiah Rivers inbounded the ball to Jones, who waved off Rivers. After a few fruitless passes, Indiana coach Tom Crean called another timeout and was furious over what had happened.

With only four seconds remaining, Rivers got the ball to Jones, who worked to his right and took a midrange jumper. It rimmed out, and Victor Oladipo could not get the attempted put-back to fall.

Jones took Indiana’s last three shots, all of the misses, and finished 1-of-9 from the field in 21 minutes.

Hulls led the Hoosiers and tied his career-high with 24 points — including four 3-pointers.

Indiana led by as much as 10, as recently as when there was just 7:47 remaining in the game.

AUDIO: Victor Oladipo said the loss came down to defense

AUDIO; Jordan Hulls discusses the defense and the last play

AUDIO: Tom Crean


  1. The last two games, they have looked tired towards the end of the game. I was a bit surprised when they hung on to beat Minnesota.

    I hope someone explains to Pritchard that he should never put the ball on the floor.

    Even with the loss, it sure is nice to be able to be excited about the game on gameday!!

  2. I had wondered if the emotion of the 2 big wins, 3 emotional games withing a week would be draining, it looked that way. Once they get used to winning big games like they have recently it take less out of them emotionally. This team ranked poorly for assists & it showed today. Horrible rebounding stats also.

  3. I don’t like to be one of those people who always blame the officials, but this was the worst officiating I can remember. Isn’t the home team supposed to get good calls? It seemed like every time we got a momentum swing going there was a bogus foul called on the Hoosiers. Probably every one of WS 4 fouls was ridiculous, there were fouls called when the replay showed no contact at all, and what the heck was that double-dribble call on Elston? I replayed that one in slow motion 3 times and didn’t see anything wrong.

    Wow, I didn’t expect them to lose to Iowa at home, but Iowa certainly has a hex on the Hoosiers the last few years. We had the better team tonight, but the men with the stripes pretty much made it a game of random chance. This defeat was bitter, but I’m still proud of the Hoosiers.

  4. Tough, tough loss but who thought we’d have beaten two ranked teams and nearly a third at this point after the injuries? It is what it is. Looking forward.

  5. I dont try to whine and cry about officials much either, but I found myself dumbfounded at some of the calls against us! I hate to say it, but the officials took at least 3 or 4 buckets away from us and gave the same to Iowa. I think we played much better than IOwa, except for assists and rbds. Anyway, thats just my view, there are definite things we could have done different, but the officials made it way too easy for Iowa!

  6. the only reason moore is playing any minutes at all is that fact that Jones is still hurt, CW and Mo are hurt, and GMM is ineligible. Its not about turning a corner, its about filling in with anyone we have got at this point.

  7. Good game to watch.
    Horrible fould calls on IU that impacted the outcome in my opinion.
    CTC needs to learn how to close these out. Get a play to have Hulls or Roth to shoot that last second shot and stop dribbling our own time off the clock.
    Tough loss for a game that was played so well for so long.
    Never let a team go on a 10-0 run without calling a time out again, ever, ever, again.

  8. I did’nt think the officiating was all that bad. The double dribble looked right when the ball touched both hands while in between dribbles. I thought Iowa also got as many bad calls on them as IU. I did’nt notice that any baskets were taken away from IU or were given to Iowa.

  9. Once again, they didn’t know what to do in crunch time. I was at the game and I don’t blame Crean for whatever happened with 13.7 seconds to go after a time-out. A pass to the back court with Olidipo(Sp?) open in the corner immediately to the passer’s right and then a relaxed dribble into the front court. Crean seemed to be wondering what they were doing when he called time-out at 5 seconds so I assume they weren’t doing what he had told them to do. Then, they inbound and Jones has to freelance to find his own shot (which almost fell). With 13+ and 5+ seconds to go, a major college basketball team with a major college coach has to be able to come up with something that has a chance to work. This team has been unable to do so against Michigan State, Minnesota (a win however) and Iowa. This continues to distress me.

  10. a. These guys play very hard
    b. Two freshmen played heavy minutes and played very well
    c. This IS the big ten
    d. no bounces went our way today
    e. They still nearly won

    IU basketball is on the way back. Look at the progress.

    Go Hoosiers! Love ya.

    ?? Did Elston get hurt today?

  11. All is good… all is well. The team has turned the corner. The are playing .500 ball. That to me is all I asked for this season.

    The are playing D, screens are being set, the hall is rocking.

    Relax and wait for the future.

  12. Someone needs to tell VJ3 to step aside and let Hulls work his magic….Going back and watching the last play (13 seconds left)….it looks like VJ3 didn’t want to run the play and wanted to win the game…..he is turning into a black hole when he is on the court.

  13. I am with Jubilee. For the games winning shot I want the teams hot hand to shoot it and that was not Jones today. In fact his shooting % today was piss poor.

  14. So who was the hot hand… please tell me it was not Hulls cause that is not going to happen with his size?

    And if not Hulls then who do u want?

    A Freshmen?

  15. I think taking the last shot is such an incredible offensive/defensive chess match. Most people believe that it should go to the teams best shooter. The counter of this chess match is that the defense could be thinking the same thing & have designed their 5 second defensive for just that. Example: Michigan St. game, they were all over Hulls on his 3 pt attempt with under 5 seconds left when inbounding the ball. If given to Hulls, 5 seconds is hardly enough time to break the defensive player down & get a decent shot at the same time. Any time out under 5 seconds leaves the offense at an incredible disadvantage when having to inbound the ball also.

  16. Jones had 2 points for the day on 1-9 shooting. Hulls had 24 points, nearly 40% of total team points. You go ahead and flip the coin. I have no need of such help to make that decision. No doubt the Hawkeyes were elated to see Jones keep pulling the trigger at the end.

  17. A few days ago Dusty wrote “the Hoosiers are the toughest 12-11 team in the country”. So I guess Iowa is the toughest 10-13 team???

  18. Disappointing loss for sure.Execute one more play and the Hoosiers come away a winner. Like the stock market this has been a bumpy ride but the trend is heading in the right direction.

  19. Of course it’s a “chess match” which means you have to have more than one option off a “set play” out of the time out which IU did not have. It is difficult to get a play run with 5 seconds left so have your “bigs” in at the end for a tip which IU did not have (that’s how we beat Illinois). I don’t expect perfection or even that the shot will drop (that’s up to the basketball gods); I do expect them to have the opportunity for a good shot at the end of the “shot clock” or the period which they seldom have had in the last 3 games.

  20. Maybe I was spoiled by all those years watching BK coached teams, but I don’t see this IU team as mentally tough. I appreciate their fight and effort, especially as they were short-handed yesterday, but they are mentally weak. IU got up by ten points on Iowa and then proceeded to throw the game away with a lot of dumb turnovers and stupid fouls. They played the last eight minutes of the second half afraid to lose. We heard the T.V. commentators say “Iowa is more athletic” and “IU has two of their best players out with injuries”, etc, etc, but the reason IU lost yesterday is because it is a weak minded team. The stupid turnovers in the second half resembeled a Junior High School game. The last possession, split by the time-out, was a classic illustration of their mental weakness. They had no clue how to run the play that Crean called, hence they wasted about ten seconds and needed another time out. Then they give the coldest player on the floor the game winning shot. Short handed or not, they should have won that game at home.

    Crean needs to toughen these young men up mentally. During many of his years as IU’s coach, BK did not have the most athletic team on the floor, but they almost always had the advantage in mental toughness. They made their free throws down the stretch, they avoided the turnovers and they intensified their defensive efforts, applying maximum pressure on the opposition. This IU team seems to do the opposite.

    This year’s IU team would have at least three more wins if they were able to stay mentally strong when the pressure was on.

    On the positive side, you’ve got to take a lot of pride in the IU fans that showed up yesterday at Assembly Hall. They showed the national T.V. audience that the passion for IU basketball is still there, even in the down years. IU’s fans and their enthusiasm made me proud to be a Hoosier. Too bad the team wasted that advantage yesterday.

  21. Then they give the coldest player on the floor the game winning shot. Short handed or not, they should have won that game at home.

    Totally agree. Nobody gave it to him. He took it. Crean should have said “I want Jordan Hulls with the ball and by no means is Jones to get his cold sweaty palms near a shot. I’ll make you run sprints ’til 3:00am if ball hog Jones gets a chance to selfishly take an open shot.”

    If Crean wasn’t such a pansy of a nice guy, he would have just kept Jones on the bench during the final play to assure he doesn’t get the touch. Isn’t he the one that was slowly dribbling the ball(previous to the final timeout) like he was strolling with his girlfriend through campus to class? Christ, he was taking so much time he could have puckered his lips and given the basketball a tiny kiss between each bounce off the maple. I haven’t seen urgency in his game since the day he put on a Hoosier uniform. Have you? I don’t think this team is weak. The decision-making from the bench is weak to decide on a leader. When Jones was out of the lineup(the majority of the three previous games) there was no decision to be made. Hulls ran the floor to utter perfection. They are fighting a dysfunctional player on their own team every moment he’s on the floor…Do we care so much about a kid’s feelings we’re willing to chuck games? Harsh statement, but in most crucial game stretches it’s true. My grandpa walks across the living room faster with turds in his Depends. Can we send Jones off to a junior college where his game belongs?

    Best fans in the world to cheer on a player that sabotages our chances for victory.

  22. What a shock…after VJIII makes a huge 3-pt shot and critical free throws against Minnesota, he has a bad game (mind you, he’s still not 100%) and the haters come out of the woodwork again. Of course, those haters were largely quiet (thus giving VJIII no credit for being key in the Minny game) after his good game prior to this Iowa loss. We get it–you can’t stand the guy and never will, no matter what he does well. Move on.

  23. Watch a game with an open mind and with the sound on your TV turned down and see if you still think Jones can play. He has no feel for the game, and less for the situation. How many times has he destroyed momentum by taking an ill advised shot, or making an unforced turnover, or fouling someone because he was out of posistion. If the Iowa game was not on ESPN he might have made a different decision. But then again, why was he put in a position to make that decision? Or maybe he thought based on his woeful shooting he was about due. Even if they foul him we are probably looking at overtime. You can talk about his good games and specific plays all you want. But for someone with the amount of playing time he gets you shouldn’t have to pinpoint specific moments. I have come to the conclusion that Jones reminds Crean of himself as a player. I hope that Crean will become a better coach when Jones is gone. He seemed to be better while Jones was injured-they were actually a joy to watch there for a couple games.

  24. Speedway,

    You are onto something. I have been more critical of his poor play than complimenting his good play. The best thing about him is he is inconsistent, the worst about his best is he is disappointing. That covers all the bases.

  25. Thanks for the condescending lecture, Hoosier Fan So Far. I guess only those that are negative on Jones are thinking logically, rationally, and with an open mind. Wow, glad that I’ve been set straight.

  26. REALITYCHECK! We quit and coasted at about the 7 minute mark.Oladipo and Sheehey need to be on the floor all the time,they’re active and want to win.Crean lit up VJ3 FOR Not running the play he called the first time out.In addition according to THE PRITCH on the Inside the hall site the play set after the second time out was set for Hulls to take the shot!SCHOCKING!This game had a bad vibe from the beginning and we still should have won.We need a miricle to pull one off this week!NEVER-EVER-GIVE-UP

  27. Jones stubborn disregard to run the plays called to run mirrors exactly what is wrong with this team when he is one of the five on the floor. They through past experiences cannot and now do not trust him. I now suspect after this incident of defiance Coach Crean will offer Verdell’s backside, the Rivers remedy for success implemented the end of last season, for the remainder of this season.

  28. seems everyone is blaming the lose on V3 (which is fair) but i havent seen anyone on here complain about “The Pritch’s” play he played some where in the 20’s in minutes and didnt score a point??? how do you go from your best game of your life then throw up a goose egg like that????

  29. My comments were not directed at any one IU player, it was the entire team’s mental weakness. It should not have come down to V3’s last shot, the game should have been over by then. All the IU players made stupid mistakes after getting up by ten points. Turnovers, stupid fouls, missed free throws, bad passes, stupid turnovers that lead to easy layups compunded by a foul under the rim, etc. Just moronic basketball with eight minutes to go. Yes, V3’s play at the end may have contributed to the loss, but there was plenty of weak minded mistakes to go around during the last eight minutes.

    Crean may be too nice during the game. I have no idea what goes on in practice, but during the game, there does not seem to be any price paid when one of his players makes a really stupid mistake. I’m not in favor of humuliating players in front of a crowd or a national TV audience, but given this IU team’s tendency to repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over again, maybe its time for Crean to strat intensifying the immediate feedback. Maybe half way between BK’s methods and Crean’s current methods would be appropriate. Otherwise, waiting til the film session the next day is too long and the “learning opportunity” is lost.

    Anyone on this site old enough to remember the first time Isaah Thomas missed a dunk during the first half of a home game during his freshman year? BK pulled him off the floor and sat him the remainder of the game. No yelling, no screaming, no jersey pulling, he just benched the best point guard in the country and future Hall-of-Famer for about 30 minutes. Thomas never attempted another dunk as a Hoosier! That was a classic example of immediate feedback and the problem was solved.

  30. That was called pampering his star player. I’m old enough to remember what happened to the kids that weren’t his pet. Valavicius from the ’76 team tells all ten years later(which is consequently still a quarter of a century ago)!

    March 27, 1987

    Anyone going to Indiana to play basketball knows he’s in for four years of verbal abuse, but Rich Valavicius still wasn’t ready for the X-rated outbursts of Bob Knight.

    Valavicius, basketball coach at Huntsville, Ala., High School, played on Indiana’s NCAA championship team of 1975-76 as a freshman, then transferred to Auburn after his sophomore year.
    “It got to the point that I actually hated playing,” Valavicius told the Huntsville Times. “A lot of people go back there, but I don’t. I’m bitter about it, because I felt I could have been a better player at another school. I felt deprived.”

    Of Knight, he said, “I didn’t know what he wanted. He was yelling, screaming and cussing all the time. I wanted to do all the things he wanted, but I was thinking instead of reacting.”

    Valavicius, who went to Indiana after a brilliant prep career in Hammond, Ind., said he heard Knight was tough but said, “I didn’t think he’d cuss as much as he did. My impression of him is that he’s a great coach, but he has to grow up. Some of the things he does are childish.”

    Asked if he read John Feinstein’s best-seller on Knight, Valavicius said, “Everybody’s reading it, but I won’t. I don’t want to contribute any money toward him.”

    Carry on weakling Hoosiers with pansy coach incapable of proper discipline a missed dunk.

  31. Valavicius was one of those talented players during RMK’s career at IU that he was unable to help coach what the focus of their role on the team was. Why did so many other players get it and Valavicius and a hand full of others could not? Undefeated at 32-0, Valavicius in revealing his feelings was the only team member a full bubble out of plumb. Sounds to me he is now sorry he did not stick it out.

  32. Hoosier Clarion…see the interview by ESPN with both Coach Knight and Coach Kryzewski. It answers your question and I believe explains why some very talented players could not play for either. The game of basketball has become, to a large extent, five individual games of driveway 1 v 1.

    Pay particular attention to the answer they both give that should explain why earlier in the year it was so hard for IU to play ‘help-side’ defense. That is probably the toughest job with young players…and some, just never get it. Generally, like Valivicius, were the ones who left.

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