IU’s Watford out indefinitely with broken hand

Injuries continue to afflict Indiana’s basketball men.

From an official IU release:

Indiana University sophomore Christian Watford is out indefinitely with a broken left hand suffered Sunday in an 84-83 overtime loss at Michigan State.  He underwent surgery today.  He is the team’s leading scorer and is eighth in the conference averaging 17.0 points. He is sixth in the conference in free throw percentage (83.5) making 111 of 133 charity tosses.


  1. its time derek elston bobby capobianco will sheehey vo to step up there games up more.

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!! This team is fricking cursed!!!! Everytime they inch forward they are pushed 20 feet back!

  3. Some guys on this team needed an opportunity to disprove the critics as to whether they can consistently play in the Big 10 and contribute to this team…I’d say this is it. Best of luck to them, and Watford on his recovery process.

  4. The Hoosiers seem to have two kinds of luck – bad luck and no luck at all.

    I tried to find a half serious/half humorous take on this::

    1. It may aid development of the other guys.
    2. The season was already toast.
    3. There is no logical theory under which the NCAA could have anything to do with this — although, on second thought, they always seem to find a way to screw IU far worse than their USC, UCLA, Auburn, etc. Could they have placed psychic trip wires on the court(s)?
    4. It gives Maurice Creek, Verdell Jones and Guy Marc-Michel someone else to talk to on the bench — which also happens to constitutes 4/5ths of what many originally thought would be IU’s starting 5 this year.
    5. What’s the old expression? “Whatever doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.”
    6. It should provide the medical staff at IU reasons to argue for that raise they’ve been wanting.
    7. One word: Obamacare!

  5. This team is taking one hit after another, but with Creek and Jones both out they have only stepped it up and played harder. Now it is time for them to do it one more time. What they are showing is that they are tough. if they can fight through losing 3 starters and still play the way they have specifically in the last two games, then just think of what is to come with this team. They are bringing back Hoosier basketball! Go Hoosiers!!!!!

  6. wow wth i cant believe this i agree with comment earlier every player must step up and show some hoosier pride!! we will not lie down!!!!

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