1. About time!!!! I wasn’t always a fan of his rants (good for a few laughs but usually negative in impact), but he did care about his players getting their college education and he definitely knows his basketball… Those qualities should be honored.

  2. Well this honor was a no brainer.. Love or Hate RMK he has influenced how the game was played, and produced may successuful coaches and players.. Congrats Coach Knight

  3. RMK belongs in the hall of fame for his coaching abilities. He also belongs in the hall of shame for his antics on and off the court.

  4. The opening statement seems very derogatory and negative. Why not just present the story and let the readers make their own conclusions?
    Bob Knight is one of basketball history’s all time best coaches. Why wouldn’t he be honored in this way. It is only right considering his accomplishments.

  5. 2hotcoffee,
    I don’t mean it to be derogatory to him or to say he doesn’t deserve it. Obviously, he’s won more games than any coach in college basketball history. Of course he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.
    I put that line in because there are some folks that aren’t very happy that Thad Matta said after Sunday’s game that he called Knight for advice on fixing his defense and that Knight gave it to him. I don’t know for sure that the call happened just before the IU game, but there are some who read it that way and aren’t pleased about it. I’m not saying they’re right. I’m not saying they’re wrong. I was just pointing out that there are some IU fans out there who aren’t quite as happy to read positive Bob Knight news as they might have been 24 hours ago.

  6. Dustin…I also wondered why you would write the introductory paragraph about Knight’s selection to the HoF. Did you think the sarcasm would go over our heads?

    You were wrong…and, frankly, it is getting tiresome.

    You seem to be in complete need of some review of some of the more honored basics of journalism. The story itself seemed to be a rather straight-forward announcement being taken directly from a press release about a legendary figure in IU’s basketball history and, therefore, many of our lives.

    You seemed to have an overwhelming need to round it out with a ‘tongue in cheek’ statement about how fans would take RMK’s honor. Is the disrespect for him (and those of us who are his fans, essential to your story? Is the ‘wise-ass’ style necessary to enhancing the lead? Is it part of your particular view of good writing?

    You do have a proclivity to underline your sarcasm. It is not good journalism; just like incomplete presentation of facts, lack of thoroughness in reporting, the introduction of personal biases into otherwise objective stories… and, over the top hyperbole. It seems, others notice this as well.

    As readers we appreciate good stories, well researched and written that are dependable, balanced with analysis that is not too speculative and, above all, written without the reporter’s biases spewing over the margins.

    Please…I am sure you are capable of better. (Just think of all the trouble you bought into over a one ‘graph ‘smart-__s’ comment).

  7. First, Tsao Tzu Gonzalez is unfair to Dustin.

    In the context of the news that Matta says that Knight helped Matta out against Indiana, I think Dustin’s comment is fair, particularly in what is, essentially if not explicitly, a blog.


    Beyond Dustin’s comment, and focusing only on the fact of Knight’s coming induction, of course, Knight deserves it. How could anyone disagree that the man was and still is a basketball genius and great coach.

    Also, he did many good things for Indiana and basketball, particularly early in his career, although he certainly wreaked havoc later.

    Knight is a fascinating guy. IMHO, Knight’s problems stem from his approach to people. As human beings, in my humble opinion, we should all start from a default position of respecting others — until and unless they prove that we shouldn’t.

    Knight did the opposite. He started from a default position that you had to earn his respect. His view was and is that “we should disrespect others until and unless they prove that we should respect them.”

    And I should add, the judge of whether you’d earned that respect or not was him!

    That led to Knight’s mistreatment of and even demeaning of others, many of whom didn’t deserve what he meted out. And that made people fear and dislike him. It also ultimately led to his demise at Indiana.

    I think if he had been able to add that component of respect for others to his way of approaching the world, he could have been equally or even more successful as a coach (a la Coach K), and his successes would have extended to him as a person as well as a coach.

    He would then have retired from Indiana when he was darn good and ready with celebrations, honors — and more victories than he ended up with (that extra year or two he missed), instead of being run out of town. And Indiana basketball would have avoided ten plus years of mediocrity.

    By the way, Knight doesn’t get sole blame for that period of mediocrity – throw in some blame for IU’s worst President, Adam Herbert who hired Mike Davis and then Sampson and some for former IU President and NCAA President Myles Brand, who initiated a period of mediocrity in ALL IU revenue sports – and got promoted to be President of the NCAA for it!

    But Knight has to take his share of the blame and unfortunately, he seems to enjoy the fact of that ongoing Indiana mediocrity. It probably feeds his ego.

    One funny sidelight is that, even if Knight had been that different and better person and retired with honor, IU basketball might still have been doomed to a period of mediocrity anyway.

    Why? Because if Knight had retired, we would then probably have been stuck with his son as coach and suffered 10 years of “standing Pat” (i.e. mediocrity) anyway!

    UCLA experienced similar woes after Wooden, Kentucky after Rupp, etc.

    So maybe it doesn’t much matter in the end!!

    Bottom line? For all his brilliance and his many accomplishments, I feel sorry for Knight even as I applaud his induction into the Hall of Fame.

  8. Tsao,
    I won’t deny I get a little glib on here, but it’s mostly in reaction to what I see from you guys. I only led it that way based on what I’ve already seen on this blog, Peegs and elsewhere today. I’d actually say I play it more tight to the vest than most, but every once in a while, I write stuff on the blog that’s more conversational and direct conversation with the readers. I write with a slightly different voice here than in the newspaper, I think.

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