LaLumiere coach to IU Fans: You saw a fraction of Perea

Alan Huss hopes Indiana fans won’t judge Hanner Perea by what some of them saw at Bloomington South on Saturday afternoon.

In front of a crowd comprised of nearly as many fans in IU crimson as South purple, the Hoosiers’ ballyhooed verbal commitment for 2012 was held to just four points and seven rebounds, shooting 2-for-4 in La Lumiere’s 56-48 loss to South.

It obviously wasn’t the performance Hoosier fans were expecting to see from Perea, the No. 10 recruit in the Class of 2012 according to Huss, La Lumiere’s coach, said it’s not indicative of the player he is.

“He’s been really good this year,” Huss said. “I’m really disappointed for him because he had an opportunity in front of so many IU people to be good today. I just thought we weren’t prepared for their physical level of play today. The environment, we had a stretch in the first half where we just didn’t play very good basketball. We shot way too many jump shots and didn’t get it inside to him. To all the IU fans, I’d say what they saw today is just a fraction of what Hanner really is. He’s a lot better player than that.”

Perea was effectively taken out of the game by South forward Joey Forney, a 6-foot-3 bruiser who got underneath the 6-foot-8 Perea and kept him away from the basket. Perea appeared to never properly adjust to being played so physically.

“They know me and they were ready for me,” Perea said. “They did a good job defensively. … It’s very tough because I’m used to playing big guys, strong guys like me. I just need to get used to that stuff.”

Said Huss: “In high school basketball, a lot of times, the officials really let smaller guys get underneath him. Hanner’s a pretty physical kid, but he’s still learning to get his center of gravity down. That problem is probably made to look a lot worse when he’s got a 6-foot-3 guy underneath him, and they weren’t going to call a foul.”

What IU fans didn’t see, Huss said, is Perea’s extended range. He didn’t really take a shot out of 10 feet and one of his two buckets was on an alley-oop dunk.

“He’s expanded his range,” Huss said. “You can’t see that when he’s got a 6-foot-3 guy on him.  When he has a 6-8 guy or a 6-10 guy on him, he’s really gotten good at facing guys up at 10-12 feet, making that jump shot and having kind of a 1-2 dribble pull-up. We hadn’t seen defense like that.”

Huss credited South and coach J.R. Holmes for taking Perea out of the equation.

“There was just no way to simulate what they were gonna do,” Huss said. “We just got out-toughed, out-coached, out-prepared.”

AUDIO: La Lumiere coach Alan Huss

AUDIO: Hanner Perea

Here’s video of Perea’s interview, courtesy of our friends from Inside The Hall.


  1. the whole smaller players getting under him is bs. I guarantee pritchard would man handle hanner, i think VJ3 would man handle him. Hanner needs to learn how to make post moves and to play hard. He should have attacked the offensive rebounds a lot harder. That’s indiana high school basketball for ya though. If he would work half as hard as the south players do he’ll go to the league.

  2. Branden Dawson scored 37 points against LaLumiere. Recruiting Indiana? Oh, that’s right, Dawson had no connections to Mark Adams..just a hell of a basketball player that plays for a public city school that was noticed by Tom Izzo because he has all the necessary size, athleticism, shooting stroke, rebounding tenacity, and inside/outside game to be the next Dwyane Wade.

  3. Perea’s coach excuses are bs. I’ve seen him play and this is his MO each game. Raw athletic ability, but no real basketball skills. He is way, way way overrated in the rankings.

  4. I was at the game yesterday, and I must say, Hanner has a lot of work to do. The fact that he and his coach blamed his play on a 6’3″ guy (who is going to school on a baseball scholarship, not even basketball)is absolutely ridiculous. If you can’t score on someone five inches shorter than you, how are you going to score on guys taller and stronger? Hanner needs to learn some post moves, and do absolutely demand the ball. His teammates would often look at him in the post, and simply pass the ball around the perimeter.

    However, I must say, Hanner’s could should be fired immediately. That guy had the worst game plan I have ever seen. It seemed to him that everyone should touch the ball on every possession, except Hanner. Joke.

  5. Great…yet ANOTHER project. Perea can’t be averaging 12ppg. So freakin’ what if he can jump high? This is basketball, not track. Cody needs some BASKETBALL players to help him out here.

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