Minnesota at IU women

Indiana with a turnover on its final possession, leading to a Minnesota layup and victory. The loss extends the IU losing streak to eight as the Hoosiers are outscored 19-4 in the final 7:52. GOPHERS 65, HOOSIERS 59

0:44.5: A couple point-blank misses last IU possession, then Minnesota hits two free throws to make it a two-possession game. GOPHERS 63, HOOSIERS 58

2:06: This one headed down to the wire as Jori Davis keeps trying to will Indiana to victory, but Hoosiers need some defensive stops. GOPHERS 59, HOOSIERS 58

3:57: What once was a nine-point lead is completely gone and maybe then some as Minnesota will shoot free throws out of the time out. HOOSIERS 55, GOPHERS 55

7:52: Jori Davis and Whitney Lindsay taking control as this game heads down the stretch. Davis will be at the line out of the time out with a chance to extend the lead. HOOSIERS 53, GOPHERS 46

11:45: Indiana hasn’t scored in nearly four minutes now but still clinging to the lead. HOOSIERS 41, GOPHERS 40

15:08: Indiana off to a good start here in the second half. HOOSIERS 41, GOPHERS 35

Indiana’s last three shots of the first half were 3-pointers, the final one by Hope Elam off the left wing. Whitney Lindsay has come off the bench to lead the Hoosiers with 11 points, three steals, two rebounds and two assists.

Minnesota shooting 52.4 percent for the half, while IU hitting at a 46.2 percent clip, including 55.6 percent (5-of-9) from 3. HOOSIERS 32, GOPHERS 29

4:32: Minnesota overcoming nine turnovers with hot shooting so far, while IU is hitting 44.4 percent from the field, which is actually pretty warm for the Hoosiers lately. GOPHERS 23, HOOSIERS 20

10:49: Minnesota with six straight points to take the lead as we have back-to-back TV time outs. GOPHERS 14, HOOSIERS 11

12:39: Indiana on top as these two teams seesaw back and forth. Whitney Lindsay did not start but came on after three minutes and made an early impact, particulary on defense. HOOSIERS 11, GOPHERS 10

I’m at Assembly Hall tonight for women’s basketball as Indiana looks to break a seven-game losing streak against Minnesota. These are two of the three teams in a tie for last in the Big Ten, so the winner escapes the cellar for at least a night. I’ll have updates, as usual, here and on Twitter.

Whitney Lindsay expected to play tonight after missing the Purdue game with a concussion, but she will come off the bench. Starting lineup: Andrea McGuirt, Hope Elam, Jori Davis, Georgie Jones and Simone Deloach.


  1. Jeremy,

    From your observation do you think Coach Legette-Jack is in danger of losing her coaching position after this season. I see her in a similar light as Coach Lynch. Wonderful person but that’s not what it is really about. It is about the win column and staying compliant. The lady Hoosiers have lost 8 in a row. No real key wins this season, but some terrible loses. Her team is not competing at the big ten level. There is some talent on this years team in the senior class; however, they are leaving. What will the team look like next season? How does the incoming recruiting class look? She has had 5 years and it seems that since she has had her own players the level of competition has went down. What about transfer/injuries, the numbers are uncomfortably high over the last few years, am I wrong? Contrastingly to Greenspan, Glass has a business/law background. So with this being said from his perspective, what is Legette-Jack bringing to his “business”? She’s nice, says the right things, but she’s losing, and OFTEN.

    I’ve watched a few games this season and the team often looks in disarray, no true direction. I see effort, but it stops there. So Jeremy, you are obviously in no position to know what is going to take place after this season but I’m curious as to what your take is on the situation. Or any of the other followers of the Lady Hoosiers.

  2. You have to wonder how long IU continues with her. If anything her team is regressing and her recruiting is not exactly inspiring. If you fire the football coach for lack of progress then you can certainly fire the women’s basketball coach.

  3. Hoosier,
    A month ago I probably would have said, ‘No, she’s not in danger at all this year.’ But the current losing skid makes you kind of wonder what Glass might be thinking. And if they don’t pull out of this and end the season losing 15 of 16 or something like that … who knows?

    I think you’ve covered most of the bases. I don’t think the transfer numbers are abnormally high. There’s been about one per year, but that’s hardly a mass exodus. And injuries have been a constant from the minute Legette-Jack set foot on campus it seems like. It’s a team more capable of pulling off the upset than Indiana was five years ago but faring no better overall aside from that run they had in 2008-09 when IU just missed the NCAA Tournament.

    I know the one signee for next year from Virginia, Necole Sterling, has gotten pretty rave reviews in most everything I’ve read, so that sounds like a real good get. But when you’re replacing Jori Davis, Whitney Lindsay and Hope Elam scoring-wise, that’s a lot to ask of a freshman. The young post players should be better next year and maybe Chaplin is finally healthy. To a point, it seems like IU just can’t sync up all aspects of the team to be good in the same year.

    All that said, she’s under contract for two more years after this, so perhaps she gets — deserves? — one more shot at it.

    All I know is if I had a nickel for every time somebody asked me about Legette-Jack’s job status these days, I’d at least be able to get a free tank of gas for the car.

  4. I think she is toast. Her comment after the Missesota game that “the coaches coached as hard as they could” leads me to beleive that there is no future for any of them here. If you watched the Purdue game, this team looked like a team that had never practiced or played together. That is a sign of a coach not having the ability to control the team. I think she’s done.

  5. agree, the Purdue game, they look lost dont know what to do with the ball, too many jump shot, always depent on the 3pts shot, they should have a game plan it look like they dont, the post player are not doing any good under that basket, not strong enough!!!!!!

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