Minnesota has landed in Indy

Indiana put out a release moments ago saying it is continuing to monitor the weather. It said that Indiana is obligated to play the game if both Minnesota and the game officials can travel to the game and Monroe County does not declare a state of emergency. Moments after that release was sent, IU confirmed that Minnesota’s basketball team has landed in Indianapolis and is busing to Bloomington, meaning it’s likely the game will be played as scheduled.

The release follows.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.- With severe weather continuing to affect travel conditions throughout Indiana, Indiana University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass has appointed Assistant Athletics Director for Game Management Kit Klingelhoffer to coordinate information relative to the status of Indiana’s men’s basketball game scheduled for Wednesday night at 6:30 against the University of Minnesota.  A 30-year veteran of game management, Klingelhoffer and IU Athletics is consulting with IU Emergency Management, Monroe Country Emergency Management, Indiana State Police, the Big Ten Conference, and the University of Minnesota to determine whether the game should be played or postponed.

If the University of Minnesota basketball team and the officiating crew are able to travel to Bloomington to participate in the game, IU is obligated to host it unless a state of emergency is declared in Monroe County.

If the game is played as scheduled, due to weather conditions throughout the state of Indiana, fans are encouraged to use their own discretion and take precautions when travelling to Assembly Hall.  The forecast for overnight and Wednesday calls for more snow and freezing rain across much of Indiana. Indiana University would like to have a great crowd, but more importantly wants all its fans to be safe.

IU Athletics will update fans on the status of Wednesday night’s game on IUHoosiers.com and through regional media entities.


  1. What is the difference between a State of Emergency and the Travel Advisory Warning, which is the highest level the Indiana Department of Homeland Security uses for county watches and warnings?

  2. If there is a state of emergency, get every student with two legs or less into Assembly Hall. Just put a keg every block between campus and the parking lot.

  3. They should do what they did maybe 10 years ago or so for an Illinois game during a snow storm- Knight got on the radio pre-game and offered free admission to anyone that could get to the Hall. My son and I were able to get there at halftime and had a great time watching with about half the house there

  4. Great idea Dave. All – I live in Bloomington. If someone is unable to attend – please let get your tickets.

  5. A “State of Emergency” is just that – only essential personnel should be on the roadways (emergency vehicles). A “Travel Advisory” is just traveling is more hazardous than normal and to take precautions or stay home if you don’t have to travel.

  6. The way Hulls has been leading, inspiring all teammates involvement on the floor, and draining clutch shots against top competition, it’s Jones’ playing time that should be put in a “state of emergency”.

  7. Doubt we will be able to travel up for the game. I think the team will really need a lot of encouragement with the loss of Christian. Hopefully some can go.

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