1. So DD and HK, when are you going to get to the bottom of CTC’s timeout after he called timeout and set up a last play and then went ballistic when someone (VJIII?) did not do what he diagrammed? If it is true that VJIII refused to pass to Hulls when that was the designed play, WTF? If there is some other explanation, please inform us. (From a Crean AND VJIII supporter).

  2. Had a chance to catch Austin Etherington’s game Friday night. Very disappointed, not only did he shoot awful(3-15), he did nothing inside the 3 pt line and nothing to help his teammates, his ‘mates acted like he wasn’t on the floor and he did the same to them. I haven’t seen as arrogant a player in many years. They lost to an unranked Maconaquah squad. The one time AE did show emotion was after he air balled an NBA 3 his brother mouthed off to him as they came off the floor, AE then punched/slapped his younger bro in the man region. Which led to the younger bro dropping his hands to his knees, untucking his jersey throwing a fit and sitting at the end of the bench, livid and embarrassed. When the coach was informed of the incident he replaced AE whom then did the exact same tantrum as his younger brother. They sat at opposite ends of the bench for the remainder of the 3rd until their jv coach babied them both to going back into the game, all while it was too late and they lost to a team they had no business losing to. As an IU fan and someone who went to the game knowing AE had a bad reputation, I was appalled to see that his play and behavior did not only live up to his bad rep but it far exceeded it in my mind. I know he might not play that way in aau or once he gets to IU, but seeing an 18 year old young man act like a 5 year old child, left me dissappointed.

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