Pitchford is off the board

Walter Pitchford, the 2011 player Indiana was most actively recruiting, has verbally committed to Florida, ESPN.com’s Dave Telep is reporting.

The 6-foot-9 forward is raw, but had clear ability and was thought to be a guy that could help Indiana with its problems in the low post.

He had originally committed to DePaul but backed out of that decision last summer and had also been recruited by Memphis, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Georgia and Rhode Island.


  1. Pretty obvious that the Hoosiers could use some help under the basket before 2012! Is there a Juco out there somewhere to fill the bill????

  2. The coaching staff has to pull a rabbit out of a hat on this one. Whoever they find won’t have any stars behind their name.

  3. And there is RAM, always offering his positive comments. How about maybe acknowledging Pritchford wanted to play at UF rather than IU? CERTAINLY that can’t be possible, right?

  4. Speedway how the hell do you get all of that from what I said? Come down off of your high horse and go back to your cubical and get to work.

  5. The fact is there are VERY FEW quality Juco big men who have not made a commitment.Could the staff find one who has been overlooked? Absolutely,if thats the path they choose to take.

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