Purdue 67, Indiana 53

Indiana’s Victor Oladipo dunks the ball over Purdue’s D.J. Byrd on Tuesday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaune Moore remain very good players.

Purdue’s seniors were the difference on Tuesday in Mackey Arena, combining for 40 points in a 67-53 Purdue win against Indiana.

“It’ll be interesting to play these guys someday, when these two aren’t in there dominating the way they do,” Indiana coach Tom Crean said.

Overall, Crean said the Hoosiers matched the No. 14 Boilermakers in terms of physicality and did a good job of limiting Johnson (while he had 15 points, he was 4-of-10 from the field).

Will Sheehey continued to play with a lot of energy that leads to production (a team-high 14 points), while Victor Oladipo had 11 deflections.

Jordan Hulls played through the holds and grabs that happen on the road in the Big Ten, and Verdell Jones played more minutes (28) than he was expecting.

Still, the Hoosiers struggled to make enough shots to take a real run at the rival Boilermakers. Indiana was 0-of-7 from 3-point range in the first half and 2-of-13 for the game, never getting the baskets it needed when it had to have them.


  1. Ok I will be the first to lay down the harsh news v3 sucks, tom pritchard can’t throw the ball in the ocean but for some reason thinks he can shot mid range jumpers, rivers is dead wieght on the offense end of the floor and the one thing he does good at he sucked at tonight. But I do see a few bright spots in this team, will sheeyhey, jordan hulls and vic oladipo are our best players( if u need proof look at tape of any top teams we have played) not saying he is as good but some of the plays oladipo makes when he is flying to the basket with ease reminds me of a guy named micheal Jordan again not saying he is as good but reminds me of him, hopefully vic and sheehey are a sign of things to come at IU, but as for that 2008 and all but Elston, Watford, and Hulls can leave for all I care we won’t get anywhere with them, I also bealive creek is done both kneecaps broke I don’t think anyone can recover from that he might need to think about transfering to I don’t know maybe a ball state or Indiana state or bowling green or maybe he could play at butler but idk about butler he might not be good enough to beat out chase stigall for a spot in the rotation so I see about 5 guys on IU’s team that might help us in the future but other than that I don’t see us getting anywhere with the others

  2. Rivers is a tremendous asset on the defensive end and he has great passing skills, maybe they didn’t show tonight. Complain about Pritchard all you want, it’s already a well known fact IU has a weak presence in the middle. Even more so was a mismatch defensively with Purdue’s big man but I thought Crean adjusted the defense ass well as they could. Personally, Indiana played PU much better than I thought they would at Mackey. A win over Purdue at Indiana would not surprise me.

  3. Pritch is a better post defender than either Capo or Elston. I think Hulls has taken the leadership role since VJIII went down (before then I don’t know that we had a leader), but I don’t think Rivers’s value to this team can be overstated. Also, how about these 2 freshman. Coming along nicely.

  4. IU for Life 7…

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re nowhere near a medical professional. Shaun Livingston is playing in the NBA after leg injuries much more serious than Creek’s and actual doctors thought he’d never play again. There is a chance Creek could return from his injury. Ligament tears and fractures are much more treatable now than they were even five to ten years ago.

    I was going to reply to the rest of your comment but I’m not going to waste the energy on second thought

  5. I’m pretty certain posters on here do not know the precise facts of Creek’s injury. Having had 7 fractures in my left leg & reconstructive on my ACL from a serious cycling accident & but yet a quick return to competitive cycling (4 months from the accident) I can say that Creek should be able to return. But, then there’s Oden & Yao Ming. I don’t know I would be the one to be making that statement in a forum not having all the facts. There’s only a couple of people that would know the status of Creek’s return, if at all. Both of his injuries

  6. Did anyone see creek playing this year he was as slow as a turtle and couldn’t get of the floor 2 inches ex. He misses a wide open break away lay up against Minnesota I’ll quote dan dackich ” creek didn’t even have enough lift to make a that lay up” he looked so bad with only one bad knee now he has 2! come on now

  7. And Aegis if don’t agree with what I said just make your statement and leave it at that don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about

  8. No doubt that the Hoosiers could use some additional talent. I’m encouraged by the effort being shown on the floor Not taking anything away from Cody but I think next year Austin could be just as important in getting the talent level to be able to be competitive in the Big Ten. Austin needs to develope , no doubt, but I think he brings an scrapiness that you can see some of in Sheehey and Victor that is lacking in most of the rest of the team. Hulls is showing outstanding will power and is the leader they needed! I know, talk of next year is getting so old but we’re on our way!

  9. I will ask the same question I have asked for weeks: Why is it we cannot get off a good shot, much less score, after CTC calls a time out to set up a play? Pretty much guaranteed that we will not score after a T.O.
    An what is with this weave thing on offense? All it does is wind the clock down, encourage turnovers, and (if all goes “well”) result in a rushed, low percentage shot at the end of the 24 sec. clock.

  10. Rob, it is called game management. Coach Crean had an excellent game plan in place taking into consideration the talent IU has and other factors (PU’s talent, experience, playing at home, and inside presence). The dribble weave was used to control tempo and hopefully limit PU’s possessions. In return it gave IU the chances (even though they didn’t capitalize) to stay in the game. Even though IU is not winning games they are laying the ground work for the future. As along as the players continue to “buy-into” this season and do not quite, I see bright things in the next few years. Again it is extremely important that the players do not quite on this season.

  11. Did IU for Life actually use the words “Jordan” and “Oladipo” in the same sentence???????? I like Oladipo, but give me a break.

  12. Oladipo reminds me of Jim Thomas. A never mentioned, forgotten?,underated player. Vic might have a little more explosiveness though. Purdue put the game away at crunch time. Thats what successful seniors will do for you. IU failed to do this against Iowa. The officiating was again, questionable at the least. Not who got the calls, but dictating flow and gameplay. Hulls was frustrated, and seemed to struggle switching PG duties with Jones and Rivers. I thought that showed with the team also. To many cooks in the kitchen.
    I must add, teams are on to IU now. They probably won’t suprise anymore teams. And teams know how to counter now.
    IU is at least making teams earn wins and giving solid effort. Go Hoosiers !

  13. I think Rivers is the most under-valued player on this team. Obviously he is our best defender and has shut down a few big time players. But I think he is much more valueable on the offensive side than people give him credit. His quickness and ability to go left along the baseline has led to not only a few layups for himself, but countless assists under the basket or kick outs for threes. Im not sure how opposing teams have not scouted that better, because he does it multiple times every game.
    His ball handling skills are also very important especially against a team like Purdue who does a tremendous job at fouling, I mean playing pressure defense. You probably noticed daniel moore didnt see much action last night, and im assuming that is because he doesnt have the ability to dribble while getting pressured. Rivers can be counted on to take the point and control the ball while the offense is trying to set something up or when Jordy isn’t in there.

  14. I thought Tom Pritchard put in a superb effort slowing down one of the top post players in the country last night. I can remember how JaJuan Johnson in his sophomore season could not be stopped by Jon Brockman(Washington Huskies) in a Sweet Sixteen game two years ago. I haven’t looked at his numbers, but it seemed like Prtich did nice job on the glass as well.
    The near total lack of production from Elston has been killing us. Going into the season I would have never predicted his point contributions would be so small. I really liked Elston when I first saw him play. I truly thought he could be one of the best forwards in the Big 10. I still think he has that potential. It’s a shame his game has gone so south.

    Does anyone else get exhausted just watching Hulls? He works so damn hard from opening tip to final tick of the clock. Maybe the slightly longer rest before the upcoming Michigan game will help all of our guys get their legs back. Everyone on this Hoosier team looks like they’re playing their guts out on tanks nearly empty. Could be a big reason why the shooting percentages dropped off(guys not elevating enough and getting rejected going to the rim..Jordy’s 3-pointers a tad off). Rivers looked emotionally spent toward the end of the game. You could see the frustration in his body language when he didn’t get back in time on a late breakaway layup by Purdue..He’s carrying a lot of the load when continually assigned to slow down the top guards in the conference. I agree with Alternative Perspective’s post…Rivers has had some unbelievable defensive gems. Without his athleticism and grit we likely have a goose egg in the win column of our Big 10 schedule to date. I feel bad that Jeremiah’s hard work will never see the rewards of some NCAA tournament notoriety/play in front of the national cameras during March Madness.

    Hopefully we can get Watford back, continue on the upward swing, and maybe even make a little noise in the Big 10 tournament..It would be sweet to pull off a couple upsets and somehow get to the championship game…You just never know.

  15. It was a solid effort at both ends of the court. What if we only could have had healthy players in MC, CW and an eligible GMM. 2 more wins, 3 additional wins, maybe even 4 and we are nearly satisfied with 2010-11 in B-Town.

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