Recruiting: Yogi Ferrell and Park Tudor down Collin Hartman, Cathedral

It’s games like this one, Park Tudor coach Ed Schilling says, that he sees the maturity in point guard Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell, an Indiana commitment for 2012.

Ferrell struggled to make shots in Tuesday night’s game against Cathedral, hitting on just three of 12 attempts. However, the ones he hit were crucial and he finished with 11 points and nine assists to help Class 2A Park Tudor knock off Collin Hartman and Class 4A Cathedral, one of the top rated teams in the state.

“That’s the thing with Yogi as he’s matured as a player, he’s not concerned about statistics,” Schilling said. “We all talked, I said, ‘Yogi had 11 points tonight, nine assists, but what’s Yogi all about?’ They said, ‘Winning.’ He doesn’t care about stats, he doesn’t care about anything. When he penetrated, they really did a great job of sagging and helping on him. Boom, he passed the ball. That’s the sign of the maturity.”

And it’s not highlight reel passes, Schilling said, it’s just the smart pass. The right one. He finds the open man and gets the ball to him. Style points don’t matter.

“He’s just such a winner,” Schilling said. “The biggest thing is making the easy play. He can make the fabulous play, but today you didn’t see the crazy passes he gets a lot of times for layups. The biggest thing is he just makes the right play. He makes the right decision and he makes everyone around him better. That’s the thing the progression from last year through the end is he just continues to make the players around him better.”

That, Ferrell said, was his focus.

“I’d say getting my assist to turnover ratio up,” Ferrell said when asked of his goal for the year. “Definitely better, as you can see, it’s getting better … I’m distributing, they’re making shots. … Everyone pretty much knows how I play so as soon as I drive, everyone sets up, and I can just kick them the ball because their man comes to help. It’s pretty much that simple.”

The next goal, of course, is to start hitting more outside shots. He clearly has the range, which he proved by hitting a big third-quarter 3-pointer that gave Park Tudor a five-point lead, but it needs to be more consistent. His dribble-drive game still makes up for a lot, though.

Hartman’s shot is the one thing about his game that he can always rely on. The 6-foot-6 swingman committed to IU for the Class of 2013 didn’t have his best shooting night, finishing with 13 points and a lot of misses against Park Tudor’s 2-3 zone. But most of those misses were off the back iron and looked pure coming off his hand. His form is near perfect.

But the goal for Cathedral is to work on the rest of his game so that his offense isn’t entirely based on jump shots.

“We want to see him improve his athleticism a little bit,” Cathedral coach Andy Fagan said. “We want him to be more of a scorer and not just a shooter. He’s a heck of a shooter, so we don’t want him to go away from his strength. At the same time we want him to attack a little more off the bounce. We want him to have some more stuff in the post to go to, but those are all things we’ll work on in the offseason with him.”

The Hoosiers had another target in the game. Trevon Bluiett, Park Tudor’s freshman swingman, scored 23 points in the win for Park Tudor, showing an ability to score from inside from outside. He has a very mature build for his age, and shows why the Hoosiers were on him so early.