1. After watching some games in person and the rest on TV I am convinced DE and BC need to be replaced. Neither are ready for B10. All season long I’ve tried to give both a long leash but am now convinced they need to go.

  2. I agree with Florida/Alum had just 2 pts. between from Pritchard,Elston,and Capobianco. They may be great guys but they may be better suited at a mid-major than the Big Ten. Also, while Verdell Jones can shoot he may be one of the slowest point guards I’ve ever seen, his dribble drive seemed to be in slow motion. IU really needs to recruit some shooters as well other than Hulls, Watford, and Jones nobody was looking to shoot it at the end of the game.

  3. Elston not ready for the Big Ten? Wasn’t he showing some promise at the end of last season? This is the second year in a row that a freshman big has regressed in his sophomore year.

  4. Scoop guys talked about players starting to think too much, hesitate, not play instinctively. Johnny says “seemed to be in slow motion.” FL/IN alum says some are “not ready for B10.”

    When I saw the first exhibition game, I told my friends and family the same things! In their offense, IU’s players catch the ball, stop and look, and think too long. They should be reacting faster. When they play defense, players are late reacting and rotating on the help side. In transition, the team as a whole looks slow. That’s a major difference between the top teams in a major conferences and the middle of the pack in mid-majors.

    I would have expected some improvement in these issues, at least their instinctive reactions. No such improvement this year. It speaks to the level of talent on the roster, and maybe the coaching. Sampson’s recruiting mess sure devastated the program, and it’s not recovering as fast as most loyal fans expected.

  5. You know, players can and do regress in strange ways. Lance Stemler, AJ Ratliff, Pritchard, and now apparently Elston are some good recent examples. Meanwhile, guys like Verdell and Hulls turn out to be better-than-expected. It’s puzzling and frustrating as a fan, because it screws up your projections for upcoming seasons.

  6. Actually I take that back. Verdell never exceeded expectations except in perhaps number of “sloppy, untimely turnovers” so that wasn’t a good example. Also when I said “puzzling and frustrating for fans” I was referring to Crean, but I should have also added “for his players too”. Anyway, that’s it, that’s allI have for now. Keep the faith!

  7. You know, I can’t seem to get my thoughts straight. For the last time, here it goes: Verdell did exceed expectations. He was ranked by rivals as a 3-star, somewhere in the 120-150 range. Totally an after-market prospect dug out of the scrap heap. The fact that he was Big 10 honorable mention last year totally surprised me.

    As for Crean, I meant to say that I was puzzling and frustrating to him, not vice versa. That is, if he even knows who I am, which is doubtful.

  8. One more thing: do you garden? If you do you will appreciate the analogy: Tom Crean is a Mexican-grown Kroger-bought tomato, while Steve Alford us a vine-ripened tomato froutright here in your backyard, which you’ve nurtured through the bugs and the elements. Tom Crean is puzzling and frustrating even for himself, that is if he even knows who he is, which is doubtful, Also, I was wrong and too harsh about Verdell earlier: he was exceptional on the bench!

  9. Sorry: “while Steve Alford [is] a vine-ripened tomato [grown] right here in [our own] backyard, which [we]’ve nurtured through the bugs and the elements.” Yeah, I like that!

  10. Boy, looking back at my penultimate post, I feel real embarrassed about my spelling and typos… I hope they don’t think I am Downing or anything.

  11. I have now used the same screen name for 10 straight posts…b{eat}ing my last record of 2. A personal all-ti{me} record.

  12. Trust me the last guy we want as a coach plus Sampson and Davis is Alford!Ask the People of Iowa how that worked for them,it wasn’t pretty!He was a great player and probably the most mentally tough player to ever play at I.U. bar none!But at Iowa the wheels came off and the fans there still talk about it, just didn’t work for him in the Big Ten.He did the right going to New Mexico he needed a fresh start and out there he’s getting it done.Way too many high expetations at I.U. or anywhere in the midwest.The only comment about the coaching I have is why do we not set screens for Hulls?Speaking of Alford ,he made a living off great screens and was a pure shooter as is Hulls if he gets a good look it’s money!Purdue is not number 8 team in the nation because they’re bad!They are on a mission and you have to respect that.Even though I hate to admit it!I want to beat them every time out!We always get so close and fade it’s hard to watch.But T.Johnson and Byrd both living the dream with 5 3’s between them and not anyone within 15 feet of them I could hit that shot!In addition we missed 7 shots point blank ,how can you be 6’9″ and not dunk it?Heaven forbid you might score and get fouled!Throw in Lewis having a career game and were dead on our own floor!That coupled with VJ3 aka CAPTIAN TURNOVER matching every point with a mistake and this guy is a junior who was lights outlast year in the Big Ten season,still never knows who he’s guarding and refuses to help out!Watford still goes MIA through the course of the game and very soft inside,I hope when Zeller gets here he can play his normal position.I am like all of us I want it now but it’s just not there!OUT!

  13. Since the season is basically over I looked through some older posts to see if time has made them more relevant or on the contrary has demonstrated how silly and misguided their point of view was. In the second category here is my personal favorite:

    Washington Babble on Monday, December 28, 2009 @9:12 AM EST: 

    I’d be worried if I were an Arizona fan. Arizona coach Sean Miller inherited a team with experience, including all-Pac 10 senior guard Nic Wise. In his first year, he is only 6-5, with one of his wins an overtime scraper over Lipscomb. Arizona hoops has been to 23 straight NCAAs, won a national championship (1997), and competed for another national championship (2001), including 4 final fours and 8 elite eights. Like IU, they suffered through one scandal during this period (1999) and saw one coaching great depart from the program. So how can we explain only a 6-5 start? My only hypothesis: Arizona basketball lacks that special blogger like stevealford or L’accent who holds the team accountable .

    Sean Miller is top of PAC-10 in his second year. Babble was making one of his many unrelated analogies. Crean sucks as he has for the last three years: hard. Sean Miller doesn’t because he isn’t a fraud (like Crean).

    Hey Babble do you still think the two examples are related? Will Crean ever be held accountable for anything? Do you admit now he’s wasting the youth and talent of his players just to make millions?

  14. CTC is “all hat and no cattle”. I have said this for 2 years.If mediocre players should get better in their 2nd year. Only Hulls improved this year despite the way CTC uses him. CTC has zero credibility and accountability (If his tweets represent his spelling ability, then he is at a 4th grade level) and should donate his salary to charity- he has not earned it. Teams laugh at IU now and show no respect for AH anymore. Unfortunately, Cody Zeller is not Wilt Chamberlain so next year will be more of the same– only 3 credible wins this year and Iowa and Northwestern own us. Maybe CTC should wear the gorilla costume next home game and let the assistants coach.

  15. That’s nothing. Here’s what the biggest Crean apologist was writing a few months ago on Hoosier Hype:

    Posted by Husky Tom at 8:08 am on August 25, 2010

    The Vegas Invitational looks reaaallly weak. We should be in the finals of that one, if not win it.

    So, either he had no idea what he was talking about or it’s clear Crean has failed even the most fanatic of his activists. It’s a combination of both. (In Las Vegas we played with Creek, Watford and Jones so the hypocrites have absolutely no excuse: Crean has let everyone down, he’s a travesty of a coach.)

  16. if i was crean i’d just pull my hat down over my eyes grab both cheeks of my a– and hangon 2million bucks for ten years aint bad buster

  17. Crean has until year 5 before the heat will be unbearable and excuses won’t fly if in fact we don’t improve .At that time they will all be his kids and he can’t put the blame anywhere else!Thats why it’so important not to lose any recruits and only recruit difference makers!If Painter had started with a team 3 years ago we would have killed them twice this year with the team we have now.His time is coming,BTN announcers talked about it during the game,he has not recruited a difference maker since the current seniors.Take moore and Johnson out of the lineup and they’re a 500 club maybe.They play defense though and if you play defense you can win games.I am tired of cheerleaders we need coaching how hard can it be to install a rule of no defense no play ?If were going to lose anyway play the guys who want it!I know no defense were talking about all of them!

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