1. The world will only be right if Cody signs…We must leave room for Cody and all his domino buddies…There’s a scholarship situation!..Somebody will need to go!…Stick a microphone in that 15-year-old kid’s face and see if he understands the complexity and severity of the over-sign situation! Everything hinges on Cody!… Who cares about the piss-poor players on our team right now? Team? We aint got no team..Just recruit the state of Indiana and shut-up about Crean’s current rejects..And will somebody on the coaching staff teach Maurice how to shoot a jump shot? Damn crappy release…That’s why Creek can’t score…Hulls?…A D-1 caliber player?..You must be kidding..He couldn’t start on Butler..He’ll function just fine as a role player on this team once we get Yogi..He doesn’t have the quickness or the height to start for any major elite program….Oladipo and Sheehey?…This is Indiana! Where did we dig up those clowns? They’re a disgrace to our great tradition…Watford? Weak… He can’t defend..I thought he was in the weight room this summer?..Where’s the toughness? He’s never going to play the game at the next level…Have you heard the transfer rumors? Straight from the mouth of Dan Dakich…Some of these pussies have to go!..It’s best for them..They need to salvage whatever they have left of their college opportunity…And let’s face it, many of these guys are barely mid-major level talent. They see the writing on the wall with the Cody train coming to town…This is Indiana, for God’s sake.

    The sky is not falling, Hoosier fans. We never gave the exceptional, collectively and individually, undervalued players on this team a beautiful sky to look at in the first place. How many bloggers on this site never felt most our squad, now apparently falling off our roster one-by-one by way of hard-luck injuries, were young men good enough to wear a Hoosier uniform anyway?…Now you’re getting your damn wish. Don’t talk about spooky curses. We’ve got spooky fans, and spooky ex-players wearing sporting desk ties, that would rather concoct rumors than support IU basketball. They have wanted nothing other than to undermine Tom Crean and ridicule the unselfish kids that came to play for him. How foolish for them to expect Indiana fans to embrace them and support them through thick and thin. The curse was not brought by Kelvin Sampson. The fans of IU had a chance to be something better the last three years. Instead of wanting to be supportive and appreciate the kids playing their guts out against teams loaded with deeper rosters, all most wanted to do was look for shortcomings their talent and second-guess their value. Look in the mirror if you want to know the source of the curse. Look in the mirror at what most these kids had to play in front of.

  2. This is in response to “The Curse of blah blah blah”. You’re an idiot. You start off by saying that half of the players on the current roster are horrible (too weak, too short, too defensively inept). By the way, when did being an Indiana Mr. Basketball in high school (Hulls) mean they were not D1 talent? Keep in mind, he’s still only a sophomore and even then, he’s averaging 53% FG, 49% 3P, 88% FT, and 10.8 PPG this season….but I guess that means nothing to you. But I digress.

    So even after stating your total disgust for this roster, you then claim that the root of all evil is the fan base?

    You said “Instead of wanting to be supportive and appreciate the kids playing their guts out against teams loaded with deeper rosters, all most wanted to do was look for shortcomings their talent and second-guess their value.” Um, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re looking for shortcomings and you’re second-guessing their value. Can anyone say HYPOCRITE?

    By the way, you said that Cody needs to sign with Indiana, and then everything will be wonderful. Well, Cody already signed his national letter of intent. And he’s a senior in high school, so he’s definitely older than 15. But I guess you didn’t do any research. That doesn’t surprise me given your pathetic attempt at competent response.

  3. Really?C’mon,
    You kind of missed the point. The top half of his post was sort of satirical. None of that is what he believes, it’s what he’s seen from commenters and from us and he’s using all that to show that we’ve all been overly critical.
    Carry on.

  4. Interesting situation with this team with the injuries and ineligibility of Guy. Even if the record doesn’t dictate improvement from last year Crean and rebuilding of IU in my mind gets a pass for the rest of the season. Anything more is icing on the cake.


  5. That is one stupid idiot. Armchair QB’s have an IQ of zilch. here’s a suggestion, go apply for whatever job your need improved…narcissistic idiot!!

  6. Dustin and Huge,

    Really you need a special font or symbol here in the comments section for satire. I personally thought that the first paragraph from The Curse of blah…blah…blah was so-over- the-top-dripping-in-satire that even the most casual of readers would get it. But, nope. Folks are flying at him/her for saying terrible things (a lot of which has been said in all seriousness by others in this comment section). Come on, people. Get a grip. Show your literacy. The Curse was using satire to make a point. And a good one, I thought.

    Christian, sorry you’re hurt. Mend quickly. Go Hoosiers!

  7. Oooops, sorry, I meant to type “Dustin and Hugh.” I hate it when people get people’s names wrong. My sincere apologies. Sorry about that.

  8. I have heard people say Coach Watson was a pig, Coach Knight to young to coach, Buckner couldn’t make a foul shot in the ocean. Hoosier fans we all want a winner, let’s back them with some positive. Most of the guys were stars on there high school teams, they were winners. Instead of playing in front of 500 to 5000 fans there in front of 16,000 fans, let’s cheer them on they will respond they were winners before they will be again, stop the hate and cheer them on. THERE IS NO MAJOR PROBLEM, there is a situation and with our help and cheering them on the boys will respond. GO IU, GO COACH CREAN WE ARE BEHIND YOU AND WILL SHOW UP THE REST OF THE SEASON.

  9. A devastating blow…for this year. It’s hard to predict what will come of it. I was once on a football team that was hit by a ton of injuries to underclassmen starters on a team with one senior. We ended up winning one game. The next year we were nearly arrogant going into the pre-season as we had what amounted to 30 returning starters. Practices were incredibly competitive. We ended up going 10-1, losing only to undefeated Bloomington in its glory days.
    A lot of would be role players are going to have to step up. Once a kid becomes a major contributor they’re not going to want to see the end of the bench again.

  10. The Post by the Curse….
    is spot on. IU has knowledgeable fans, but many (most of the loud ones who post on blogs and in comments to articles) are fickle, lack patience and are like two year olds who are stomping their feet and throwing a tantrum because IU is not winning like it once did (more than 15 years ago).
    Crean is right on target in the rebuilding process. I LOVE the way he and the team have responded to adversity. If you cannot get behind this team and this coach the way they have played the last couple of weeks, you are not an IU fan. You might be a Bob Knight fan or a fairweather fan, but you are not an IU fan.
    I’m enjoying the growing pains for this team. I look forward to the day that the current sophomores are seniors. It will be a bonus that CZ and others will be here. But I’d be happy just to see Hulls, Watford, Creek and Elston as seniors. They are competing hard. Success will come.

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