1. here’s some answers:

    (1) Cheer for Purdue;
    (2) Fire CTC and staff;and
    (3)Revke about 5 scholarships;
    (4) Face reality that IU is truly irrelevant in college basketball– its gone the way of the Roman empire;
    (5) Boycott the Wisconsin game.

  2. Yeah dude. Firing the coach and clearing out the roster is gonna fix IU ball. Great idea. Maybe after we show everyone that we have no patience for rebuilding, we’ll get (insert big name coach here) to come to IU and restore the glory.

    Boycott the next home game? Unprecedented genius.

  3. Guess what? CTC is “all hat and no cattle”(I’ve said this for 2 years) and he will be let go eventually–probably after a couple more last place finishes in the Big 10. By then, it will not matter because the IU ship will be completely sunk.

  4. Have we hit bottom yet? How far can we fall? Maybe Cody will tear up his LOI and we can find bottom. It’s not even worth the effort to look for positives. Sheehey and Oladipo are starting to look like JC players. Elston continues to play like a clod. Pritchard has one or two good plays and then disappears as usual. Hulls looks like a Ms. Basketball against top talent. Rivers has completely zoned out..he doesn’t care anymore…his body language tells all. Daniel Moore? Why in God’s name is he on the court? Is Crean trying to disgrace us on national TV? I’ve never seen a team so out of sync. Positives? There are none. I’m so sick of hearing announcers say “you’ll see no quit in a Tom Crean team”. I get so tired of the cliché phrase used over and over while we’re getting our asses spanked. No quit? Maybe the Hoosier should quit. I wish Crean could have just pulled the team off the court yesterday when the officials couldn’t stop with the ticky-tack foul calls. It’s not bad enough that we’re the most inept team in the conference. Note to the dweebs in striped outfits…You don’t need to win the game for OSU with your whistles..Hoosiers don’t have enough talent and would self-destruct just fine without you..And where’s Crean during all of this? Grow a pair of damn testicles! It’s time to say enough is enough. He should have dropped his drawers and pointed his fat tan buttocks directly at the CBS camera and took our team to the locker room.
    And they said the head honcho of Big 10 officiating was at the game? They should all be ashamed.
    What the hell?! I’ve heard tea kettles whistle less than those bozos. Somebody please tell me when we will see the bottom? The criminals like Pearl and Calipari keep smiling on TV and building their teams with NBA talent while the NCAA decides Bloomington Indiana was the appropriate bull’s eye for dropping a decimation bomb? I say we tear up the TV contracts…Let’s see if the Big 10 network can survive without the viewership of Indiana basketball fans.. Listen to the radio again..Go to the damn games. Buy a newspaper. I’m sick of Knight on ESPN ignoring us. Why give them such satisfaction? I’m sick of Dakich and his big mouth that he uses to slather himself with praise for helping bring Zeller to save poor IU. Don’t give any of them the satisfaction anymore. Let’s make ourselves completely irrelevant by not being in the hip pocket of the greedy corporate giants that have ruined sports anyway. Let’s make it about basketball again. It’s time to start flexing our muscle. Take back the game. Screw ’em all. Maybe it’s time to be different. Cut the budgets for sports. Cut the salaries. Cut the umbilical cord and the cable cord. Let the NCAA have their Big 10 tournament in Indy without Hoosiers in town. See how many subscriptions Comcast can sell when candy-stripes don’t play on their overpriced stations. Didn’t we used to watch Hoosiers play free of charge when we we’re hanging banners? We watched the best product for free and now we pay to watch garbage hoops? Most of the best players from Indiana go out of state..they go to MSU, OSU, Illinois, Louisville, Duke, NC…etc..etc. etc..Now we pay to watch Indiana basketball? Am I missing something? Now is when we pay to watch Indiana basketball on TV when we’re not good enough for the best talent in the state to put on a uniform of an Indiana team? Let them have their headquarters in Indiana without my dime spent in the restaurants and hotels. It’s all a big money game. They had their fun taking IU down and now we sit here and whine like babies over our crappy team. We all now why we’re here, but yet we feed them more of what they want to hear. Blame Sampson for ten more years. For a few too many phone calls? Give me a break! We should give them what they wanted. Tell the NCAA we want nothing to do with post-season tournaments for the next five years. We want more punishment. Take us out of Division One basketball..No need for participation in the Big 10 tournament. Remove us from the Big 10 conference. No need for television contracts. You want answers? Here’s an answer…Board up the windows of Assembly Hall and see what becomes of basketball without Indiana to piss on. Watch Bobby Knight piss into the wind.

  5. Ok i have said it before, our best player is a 5’11 white sophomore point guard. We have no leadership due to age, and suppose two best players in our #11 ranked recruiting class are injured. How do we win? And the teams we play are older, stronger, and have leadership on their team.

    Off subject but Jeremy Hollowell’s twitter says that he is 6’8…. Is this true?

  6. First I have been an IU fan since I could walk. But have IU fans become so ignorant they believe a return to ‘elite’ program will happen over night. It seems some who post on this site and others live in a fairy tale dream of our ‘great past’. While I watched and followed IU in the 70’s & 80’s with our historic coach lead those historic teams. Might I remind those faithful followers IU began it’s fall in the 90’s when we became the team who made it into the tourney but lost in the first round. Big picture…support this coach, this team like you did the coach and teams in the 90’s. Some need to just seriously shut up and support a team you wanna follow. If you want to support Purdue, Butler, Valpo I personally don’t care, but it is the attitude of the fans and supporters who will help turn this program around. That is why it is “Hoosier Nation” because it is about all of us. This seems to have been forgotten through the 90’s when it was about Coach Knight and in the beginnings of 2000 when it was about to be quite honest who knows what. It is time to build this program back!! If you think it is we need a new coach, first give this coach a chance to bring in a full bench of his players, before making that decision. I for one am fed up more with the “real iu fans” who can’t open there eyes and realize greatness and prominence is built over time. I think it is time to fire some fans and as for past players and coaches who don’t want to come back, I simply say, “Bye, Bye you are nothing more than a fading memory.”

  7. dwayne- how did we beat illini,minny,lose in ot at MSU? if we can do those things expecting to beat the psu, iowa, northwesterns, colorado, etc isn’t unrealistic, of course no one thinks IU should beat OSU, or PU right now, but being last in the B1G? nobody picked that result in the fan preseason poll, we have 1 less bigten win than last year….stop with the excuses

    Funny how something that at one time was revered is now utterly ridiculous and yes I’m referring to that video of Crean in the walkways of Assembly after the Illini win—wow now it just screams “look at me, look at me, I’m Tom Crean! I won a game” why didn’t he act a bit more respectful, he acted like they won the superbowl, why didn’t he take the players out there with him, or his staff? Why did he just go by himself and stand there taking all the credit, soaking it all in?

  8. Just an Observer- what exactly has Crean done in these 3 years to lead you to assume he is the right man for the job, and that he is building the foundation slowly? Please let us know:

  9. Dustin Dopirak- is it true that IU will get a 2 seed in this year’s NCAA tourney? From some of the posters on here it sounds like a loyal fan base, fan support, tradition, banners, history, names on an old jersey and fading memories supposedly matter more than the on court performance in college basketball. Is it true that the selection committee will take all those things into account and IU will make the Big Dance afterall?

  10. These comments are why I don’t usually post on here. It’s less “fan talk” and more “I’m completely out of touch with reality; here’s my insane overreactions”.

  11. It is pretty easy to be a great fan when your team is winning, isn’t it? And it is tough to root for a team with a losing record. Everyone keeps saying that our players need to show some toughness and grit. Well, the same can be said of the fans. Stop whining about everything and stop taking their losing record as a personal affront to you. Show some toughness and grit — be a real fan; support your team.

  12. You hear all the answers out there to what is wrong with the Hoosiers/and nobody has the answers. We all want IU to do better and will it happen/i sure hope so. The coach is not all the problem either, they don’t have allot of good players now. There good kids, but we do need some more help. I think it will be here, and injuries don’t help us either. The NCAA are a worthless bunch of nothing, what happens to crooks like Calipari, Pearl, Ohio state and on and on. They said our big man couldn’t play because of the overseas deal, who really knows about that. But it’s IU so what do you expect, sports has changed allot now. And Coach Knight, i don’t have respect for him anymore/he could care less what happens to IU anymore. The people that shafted him are dead and gone, most IU people backed him up. So get over it Coach, you still must have some loyalty and love for IU. If not, you better look at your heart and look at things different. This support IU and quit crying about whats wrong now with them and the coach. It only hurts the players, allot of big teams lose now/good players everywhere. Go Hoosiers/they will do better in the future!

  13. Boomer- since when did being a ‘real fan’ mean not allowing yourself to think? Supporting the players and enjoying the games is one thing, and I agree with that. But seeing the same problems repeated over and over and instead of changes being made we just hear excuses being made by the coach(not saying he should be fired, but he should learn to coach, waiting for future nba recruits is a cop-out), and if you open your eyes and look around at what the rest of the nation is doing, look at teams with equal/less talent and see how they are doing, look what other coaches do with less….you’ve gotta start seeing a lack of positives at some point. You don’t just bury your head and chant robotically “go IU”

  14. We will be a factor someday.When the 2012 recruits get here we will be a national power again. IU Gave themselves the death penalty by getting rid of Sampson. Crean had to build program with only 2 walk ons. He’s been building this program from the bottom up. With no major victories he has signed and verbally committed some of the best Talent in Indiana. CREAN IS part of the solution Not the problem!!!!!!! Negative fans are the problem. All you so called IU fans”glass half empty” will be pu fans. and we will laugh at you from assembly hall. Your not the real iu fan. If you hate the way IU does things go somewhere else. Your actually a pu fan and you just haven’t admitted it to yourself!!

  15. 3-17, I didn’t say that being a ‘real fan’ meant you couldn’t allow yourself to think. Nor did I say any thing about fans being concerned about seeing mistakes and making comments on them. Some of the posters here do just that and that’s great. Others, however, have to always go way over the top and roll around in the doom and gloom with comments like “we’ll never win with Crean,” “this team sucks,” “fire the coach,” “we’re going to always be in last place so get used to it,” “the recruits will change their minds and not come here,” “there are no positives,” “our team is disgusting,” etc., etc., etc. It grows old and is boring. It is also all too easy to complain and whine.

    IU fans always say they want to win the right way but grow impatient when their coach can’t get results that come about only from those who are willing to cut corners. If reconstructing our program honorably takes five years, then it takes five years. I don’t see how fans can judge Crean until he has had his first true recruitment class go through his system.

    Someone above said Crean is “all hat and no cattle” and right now I’d say the same about a whole lot of people who say they are IU fans. I am as disappointed as any fan that we don’t have a winning record and aren’t tearing up the conference. That disappointment, however, will not lead me to say hateful things about individual players or the coaching staff. It’s been noted numerous times that Crean makes a whole lot of money. It’s assumed that he makes that high salary to produce a winning team. Maybe. But I think right now that high salary is being paid for the stress he has to deal with from unrealistic and fickle fans. Especially those who are all about “woe is me, my team isn’t winning.”

  16. I liked Hugh’s words the best—-take some medication.

    I truly feel sorry for the players. I am sure they didn’t choose to have this happen to them. They didn’t choose to have players go down with injury and one who became ineligible. They didn’t come to Indiana to lose this much–I know one that didn’t anyway.

    The bigger the obstacle, the sweeter the victory. It is coming we just have to hope that the players stay focused and that they don’t read blogs bashing them all over the place. It has to be extremely hard to take for 18-20 year olds. I will support them because they chose to come to Indiana when they knew the numbers were down. They took a risk by coming here and we should appreciate it. They are helping build a foundation. It may not seem like it now, but what would we do if we didn’t have the players we do have? No player in his right mind would come here if he knew what was happening right now. I know help is coming. I know it is difficult. I just hope we can give these kids some encouragement as they go through the valley. We will win some and we will lose some, and I will remain thankful for these young kids who are trying to help Indiana.

  17. 3-17, look at how long it took Coach K to start the Duke program to where it is now. Took him three years, on his fourth year he had a decent record. The first 3 years were building the program and making it his team. Coach Knight had to call the school to tell them to believe in Coach K.

  18. Hoophead, Dwayne, and Boomer-

    Great thoughts. I’ll echo a comment from Bob Kravitz by saying that next year is truly the year when we will be able to raise our expectations significantly higher (presuming there are no major injuries). You guys and other people I’ve talked with recently have really proved to me that reason is still winning the battle over emotion in the fanbase.

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