1. I love the hoosiers, but I am tired of hearing about this dumb “Chronichoosier” like he is actually some kind of celebrity. Give it up guys, that wasn’t even worth a mention.

  2. The “next year” theory fails for one reason: CTC will still be the coach. IU will finish 11th in the Big 10 this year and if IU fans are honest we also have the worst coach in the Big 10. Do you hear any opponents wishing CTC was their coacH? NO. So if you have the worst coach, you better have the best talent –so don’t look for miracles next year because VJIII will still be driving with his head down, never looking to pass,Watford will still be a defensive liability, and CTC will be the coach.

  3. get real,
    I remember you. I live down in North Carolina. I remember when you wanted to run Dean Smith out of town. I remember when you were certain that Coach K couldn’t get the job done. You were absolutely certain. Yeah, I remember you.

  4. Love ScoopTalk. One little criticism: Hugh interrupts Dustin almost as much as Billo-the-Clown interrupted Obama.

    Let the man talk.

  5. And even worse, ‘get real’ may still be a ‘fan’! Crean may not be the best coach but there is little evidence to suggest that he is the worst coach in the league. I think it is safe to say that out of all the other coaches in the B10, or in all of D1 for that matter, not many would have any better record at IU with the same players and circumstances. I believe that most of us were thinking before this season that a .500 record and a trip to the NIT for a ‘one-and-done’ would be a logical conclusion to the season for this team. That logic included a healthy Creek playing up near his capabilities, with no thought of him getting injured again. There was no thought of Watford being injured during the B10. Nor any thought of Guy-Marc being ineligible. Yet this team still has an outside chance to finish at or just below .500 for the year. Some of you really need to extract your heads from your posteriors and get back to reality.

  6. I agree with Laffy. I love this post game video blog, but Hugh needs to let Dustin complete a thought now and then.

  7. To all you that run IU and th coach down all the time, we don’t need u!!!!Start backing Kentucky up, more your speed. You guys no nothing on what u say/and your not true IU fans/so get out…..

  8. Don,

    That is an old and ignorant statement. This is a board for discussion of multiple points of views. If you can’t handle it, then you need to just STFU and get out yourself.

    People like you that don’t think we as fans have the right to complain about the job the AD, Coaches and even the players who represent this University are less of a fan than those who are tired of losing and demanding that the product on the floor match the amount of money being dumped into fixing it. Some have less patience than others, some have no patience, some are idiots, others are very insightful, and some are like you…..truly clueless.

  9. Don Taylor, I tend to stand on your side of the discussion. Otherwise we suffer though the rantings of a likeness to 4tickturds.
    It is a blessing any time, every time and about anything someone repeatedly interrupts BO.

  10. I went back and listened to this twice to see how Hugh interrupted Dustin so much and I thought they were actually pretty even. Both of them interrupt each other from time to time – two guys with opinions, which makes it active and lively. Sometimes they’re finishing each others thoughts, but so what? I’d rather listen to two guys with too much to say than two guys who aren’t excited enough to have something they want to add.

    The most I could say in critical mode is that, towards the end (when he was presumably trying to wrap it up and get “outathere”), Hugh was a little quicker on the trigger. But bottom line, I think they’re both fine.

    Also, I didn’t time it, but I think they probably came fairly close to even in terms of “face time” or talking time or whatever you would call it.

    Finally, quick question, Hugh, every time you pronounce Dustin’s last name at the start, which looks to me like it would be pronounced “Dough-peer-ack,” I hear you as saying “Dough-peer-ee-ack”. Do I need to have my ear wax removed or should the spelling add an “i” or is the pronunciation just eclectic or reflective of his (I think Yugoslavian) ethnicity or….?

    Unassisted, I would pronounce it “Dough-peer-ack.” Yes? No? Maybe? Just curious.

    Good job, guys and thanks!

  11. I find it comical that someone talks proudly about finishing 500 with that embarassing pre conference schedule that we played. Any way, I have been an IU fan since the days of the Van Arsdales and I think I know good coaching from bad coaching. None of you have offered any rationale for CTC being a good game coach. Watch Michigan’s passing versus IU’s, what other team incessantly dribbles from side to side without purpose, etc. I see maybe 1 win in the remaining Big 10 schedule for IU. Fans are hoping for 5th or 6th place next year– that’s sad and it won’t happen because certain players continue to make the same mistakes. What if Watford had not been hurt? We would not know how good Sheehey really is. As for VJIII– what has changed– not much.

  12. Hell there are only 3 wins between us and 6th place MSU today and 4 W’s for 5th. Well within the realms of achievement in 2011-12.

  13. Watch Michigan’s passing? Didn’t we crush Michigan 80-61 earlier this year? Yeah, I’m real excited about watching their passing.

  14. The gap continues to close with Purdue.Painter has not recruited anyone thats a difference maker since the current group of seniors .The Davis kid from Fort Wayne is solid and maybe one other kid in that class is pretty good .Without Johnson and Moore they’re just another ball club and the bigs they have and have coming with the exception of a juco are just space eaters with limited skills and have not improved or earned pt.Byrd and Smith are living the dream and with solid defense are not a factor.One thing you have to give them they do get after it on defense.They are very vulnerable in the front line especially if you drive sraight at them and not on a angil it’s layup city.We just didn’t finish when the oportunities were there .VJ3 was a nightmare defensively and forced everything on offense,he still doesn’t get it!Moore burned Rivers back to back and that was the difference maker.Hulls,Oladipo,and Sheehey gave it all they had.Elston and THE PRITCH still have to be better every game.Overall the team never quit ,we just have get over the 8 minute speed bump and finish.Crean has us headed in the right direction and the players that will level the playing field are coming.We must continue to play hard and compete.We could surprise Michigan on the road and get Purdue at home.

  15. What we need to round out the peaks and valleys is for ELSTON to get on a roll and help flow the game time performance more to us. He does not have that athletic “light it up” athleticism but with his size and strength he has to physically dominate his man.

  16. Dustin,
    I know who he is. I am a christain man and I don’t stand for the constant foul language he uses, so I choose not to follow him on any site. Thanks

  17. Chronic may have been slightly influenced as I am in attending regularly for 29 years the RMK Hoosier University of Modern Day Advanced Study for Competitive Sports Use of Emphatic, Stimulating, Straightforward and Simple to Understand Linguistics course. He was a superb instructor in that he led by example and did not expect you to say anything that he himself would not utter.

  18. WestCoast Hoosier-

    The true pronunciation of Dustin’s last name is dopier·yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak…yak..yak..yak..yak…yak…yak

  19. Two clarifications. One, I’m mostly Slovakian, not Yugoslavian. And I’ve been known to babble. And camdog, I’m going to avoid discussing religion here and just tell you that regardless of your stance on curse words or anything else he discusses, he’s good people. I get a laugh out of a lot of the things he says and I think a lot of others feel the same way. If it’s not your style, that’s fine. I’ll end the argument there, but he’s a friend to us and a friend to a lot of other people who follow this blog, so we figured a shoutout was appropriate.

  20. Here’s my Top-5 concluding lines of babble I wish Dustin would have considered in his response to camdog.

    5. It’s like Brylcrean…a little “bab” will do ya.

    4. Got Babble?

    3. Hate to burst your babble but you should play more Scrabble.

    2. Chronic adheres to the words of the Holy Babble.

    1. Babble on…Babylon.

    Bonus Babble: Air babble!…Airrr babble!….Airrrr babble!

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