1. Very good Scooptalk.

    The comment “Hulls should take over but VJ3 won’t let him” is an example of why VJ3 is a guy you don’t want on your team.

    He wants to be the man but can’t finish. Also, he plays no “D” at all. Just sit during a game and watch him on defense. You’ll be amazed.

    If creek would ever get back to his freshman form, I think he could take over the role very easily.

  2. IU is not good at basketball. Tom Crean is not a good basketball coach. No one on IU’s team would start for PU, MSU, OSU, Ill, or Wisc. Sure maybe a few coaches could use Watford or Hulls off the bench but in a bigten draft the rest of the Hoosiers wouldn’t be selected high at all. With that said this is on CREAN. All of you talk about ‘leadership’, Crean does not allow for leadership. Plain and simple. Who is the face of IU basketball? Crean. Who points out flaws, creates excuses, deflects responsibility and blames others? Crean. Who steps in the way and undermines players and doesn’t give them a chance to take the reigns? Crean. Leadership occurs when ownership is given. Crean doesn’t allow for ownership in this team because he plays 10+ guys and benches anyone on any given moment for any given reason. He is unsure of his own team and his substitution tirades back that up. If you have coached the same players for 2 years and you don’t have some semblance of trust and respect in them, you have wasted your 2 years. Crean should use 7 maybe 8 guys and give them the reigns to win or lose on their own, he needs to sit down and stay out of their way during games, he shouldn’t be the loudest voice on the floor. I do not understand why he insists on pacing, yelling, clapping nonstop most great coaches coach during the week and the games are the evidence of the coaching they did or didn’t do, for the Crean fans out there who say “well thats how he coaches though” well thats great look what that gets you…0-4 against the 2 worst teams in the B1G, why doesn’t Crean at least humor the fans and players and stay out of the way this next game? Tell them it is their turn to lose or win on their own, force them to take ownership, sit down and shut up Crean, let the players play. He needs to start calling it “Jordan’s team.” Or “Verdell’s team.” Sure those guys have flaws but so does D Lighty,K Lucas, M Thompson,J Taylor, T Battle. But their coaches understand that you have to have a leader and they allow those players to lead through the good and the bad, no player is perfect, that’s why it takes a team, and leadership can’t always be perfect either but you have to have it. Crean has taken something as simple as the game of basketball and completely f’d it up. He is worried more about being a sound byte then being a coach, he’s worried more about ‘his energy’ than about winning; tired of seeing IU be about a whole bunch of excuses, blame, unaccountability, and all that nonsense. This is basketball, its a simple game…. unless the coach gets in the way…Crean is his own worst enemy and he doesn’t know it, thats the worst part…he’s turned something simple into a huge cluster f

  3. Who will it be? In the 4 games a few weeks ago in which IU was ‘the good IU’ winning 2 games against ranked teams and losing the other two by 1 pt each, check out the minutes played:

    Win against Illini-
    Jordan Hulls 35 mins
    Verdell Jones 0 mins

    1 pt loss at MSU-
    Hulls 39 mins
    Jones 0 mins

    Win against Minn-
    Hulls 37 mins
    Jones 17 mins

    1 pt loss to Iowa-
    Hulls 33 mins
    Jones 21 mins

    In the last 3 losses of their current 4 game losing streak Verdell has started each game again and we’ve lost to PU, MI, NW all 3 games in which Verdell has taken back the starting PG spot, all 3 games in which ‘the little things hurt us’……hmmmm. Who will it be? Who should it be? HULLS

  4. Wow. How did TC collect all those 20 win seasons?

    I agree. It is difficult to watch at times. But this team still has made strides. Up and down? Inconsistent? Yup? But still looking up to me. I think I’ll keep my seats for next year.

    Chemistry now is a serious issue it seems to me, but I’m not at practice–just games.

    I will agree with one thing though…Jordan does look a little befuddled about his role lately.

  5. In Basketball Diaries, Jim Carroll used a colorful word (which I won’t use) for those players who were legends in their own minds. I used to think of Devan Dumes being one. Now obviously, with his graduation, VJIII has stepped up.

    If he had gone to Minnesota (he wouldn’t have survived Calipari), VJIII would have learned some humility. He’d be a great 6th man. Fans would murmur appreciatively when he’d come into the game. However, he came to Indiana and was lionized as a frosh when he became bold during the Big Ten season. Bold he may be, but he hasn’t moved on from it.

    Jeez, sometime I think he and Crean are co-dependent.

  6. Thanks for another good ScoopTalk. I always look forward to your thoughts, even when I marginally disagree on some minor point or other.

    And thanks for the name clarification. Something tells me that Dustin’s folks watch these and I’d bet they appreciate hearing his name pronounced correctly.

    On topic, I’m so far away from the locker room that my opinions can be fairly discounted and I accept that(and I suspect Crean probably rightly tells those guys not to read anything written by us yokels online!), but my instinct tells me that some of this would resolve if Jordy were the upperclassman and VJ3 the lowerclassman.

    If Crean could get them to act as if that were the case, I think it would help them both and benefit the team.

    If I could adress them, I’d say that.

    None of which is to say that Verdell is not a great guy and a skilled player. He has many skills, including a mid-range game that is extraordinary and a high level ability to penetrate. But point guard isn’t in his long-term future and three point shooting is probably not his forte either. And he definitely needs to work on defense to maximize his time on the floor in the future and to help his team.

    Jordy probably fits better as the point guard and “on the floor” team leader.

    And Jordy may actually be able to help VJ develop his skills and make him and the team stronger.

    But they have to work that out between them.

    I hope they do!

    Go Hoosiers!

  7. Everyone knows the answer but it never comes about…Jordy at point (100% of the time) and vjiii on the wing. The offense grinds to a halt every stinkin’ time vjiii starts dribbling the ball on top. Yet he has the best midrange jumper on the team. We need him, just not his (endless and pointless) dribbling.

  8. Nice metaphor by Ginger..the zone was “too porous”.

    This is a good Northwestern team, gang. Weren’t they the top 3-point shooting team in the nation going into the game last night?…I thought that was what one of the broadcasters said. I think it’s a game we should win at home, but these aren’t the Wildcats that were automatic victories/blowouts from the Knight era. Northwestern could easily get to the semi-final of the Big 10 tournament and is once again a bubble team for the Big Dance. I’m a Hoosier fan to the core of the bone marrow, but if there’s a team from the Big 10 that I would enjoy watching in the NCAA tournament it’s Northwestern. They pose a match-up nightmare with adequate size in the paint with bigs that can step out and drain triples. They have a pair of very sharp guards in Crawford and Thompson. I truly believe they could be a Sweet 16 team if they finish the season strong.

    Hulls can no way go against his coach. Jones is the teacher’s pet on this team. Any perceptive player is not going to attempt to split the weird loyalty Crean has for Jones. Hulls has deserved to start at point guard. His play has improved dramatically. Do you guys(Hugh, Dustin, and Zack)actually believe Crean could not recognize the profound improvement in how the team operated during Jones’ injury? If Hulls’ had been injured and the reverse situation was in place, do you think the team looks as strong against Illinois, Michigan State, and Minnesota with VJ running the show? Carrying it a step further, I don’t even think the team is in sync when Hulls is playing point and Jones is on the floor. The positive energy of the team fades and the unselfish play/ball movement isn’t there.

    Jordan Hulls is not being allowed to lead from the point guard position. He must be given command(and the ball)to validate the role and show his teammates the coach has unequivocally put the confidence in him and has zero apprehension keeping Jones on the bench when the team is surging(instead of interchanging the roles, confusing the dynamics, and killing momentum just for the sake of giving Verdell his minutes). You have one leader on the bench named Tom Crean(I think that’s why they call him “head” coach) that must be willing to hand over the reins to one leader on the floor.

    I sometimes wonder if Hulls should transfer. It has to be extremely discouraging to not have the utmost confidence from your coach at the position you’re most suited. The kid was a Mr. Basketball and he has proven he can play with anyone in the conference. Personally, I think he should have been given the reins at the point guard during the midpoint of last season.

  9. Just a final thought tonight… I think Coach Crean should have let “Juice” Thompson have the game ball. It reminded me a bit of Alford getting in that BYU kid’s face last year(ego and arrogance out of control and a grown man looking disgustingly immature in front of rolling cameras). Obviously, Crean ripping the ball away wasn’t like cussing out the kid with the ‘F’ word, but it just looked like a bit of bad sportsmanship in my opinion. A team that comes into your house and plays the game clean and with poise should get to have their moment in victory. COMMENTARY tomorrow? Wonder if there is a journalist in town willing to be burned at the stake for touching that one with the pure objectivity a proud Hoosier eye.

  10. There’s really no comparison to the BYU player incident. You have to know that specific player from BYU. He has issues and thought he was God’s gift to basketball. But I digress…yeah this may be the tipping point for some transfers? Maybe this will light a fire under some behinds, or maybe it’s turned into a permanent doghouse session for some individuals. Here’s to hoping.

  11. Does that make taking the ball from Thompson even more unsportsmanlike?

    Transfers? It’s too late for Jones to transfer. I don’t think much is gained for this team from any other Hoosiers leaving. We’re not that deep and there may be some very positive influences on the play of our current forwards/post players once you put Cody into the mix. Zeller has a pretty nice touch from the outside. Watford and Zeller could really stretch the defense away from the rack..could open the dribble drive tremendously. Many seem to think we need more help in the blocks..I would much rather see us find a multifaceted guard with some outside range and ball skills that could be floating under the radar at a junior college…or maybe another “lights out” perimeter shooter to give Jordy less attention(Roth is just still a step too slow for a good one-two punch). And we all know there are no guarantees for Maurice Creek’s readiness/health next year. Have you seen that kid from Winter Park that plays with Austin Rivers? He has a tremendous touch from the outside…Austin Keel? I don’t think he has any offers..I’d offer Keel tomorrow while remaining in search for the next…?

  12. Hugh and Dustin-

    Thanks for never slamming the door in my face when I give an opinion you don’t necessarily agree with. Thanks for letting me use different blogging names..Thanks for not divulging to other commenting posters who I am when not using “Downing’s 5th”. Thanks for being accepting of criticism while biting your tongue the opportunity to tell this blogger off and let him know what an ass he can be. Thanks for your honest coverage of Hoosier sports. Thanks for your classiness and example. Thanks for showing more Hoosier hospitality than this born and bred Hoosier. Your tolerance is unequaled and you do Hoosier basketball and your profession a great justice by not being a bunch of Pollyannaish popularity seekers. The quality of your work and your devoted hours spent exceeds all other sites covering Hoosier sports. In the midst of all the ranting that occurs on here, I think it’s easy to forget, and bypass all too frequently, a show of appreciation for the exceptional journalists representing the Herald Times.

    Downing’s 5th

  13. Does anyone speaking of transfers have an inkling as to the personal interactions between any of people involved? Any of them? A clue? A whisper? Any piece of personal, ‘from the horse’s mouth’, information at all?
    I didn’t think so.

  14. Drake..Cluster F..yep I hate to say it but this is where we are. Sadly though I think Crean is here for at least 2 more years because our fans have forgotten what basketball is suppose to look like and well there is this 10 year contract thing. I would love watching a Davis or Sampson team in comparison to this. I’ve said before Coach C has all the tools – tradition, great facilities, and Fan support (cannot believe how good this has been particularly this season). Please Coach C get the ship righted quickly.

  15. Downing-

    Well said. Can I get away with a “ditto” here, or does that seem lazy?

    After Hoosier losses, I usually stay away from the blogs for a few days to avoid all the knee-jerk emotion. I’m glad I did this time. It is so, so easy to be impetuously critical when things aren’t at their best. Seeing posts like the one from Drake is proof.

    Before the season we witnessed one of the greatest recruiting streaks in Hoosier history. If I remember, the general tone and mood around the Scoop was that no matter the growing pains of the upcoming season, the future was as bright as ever. I remember people saying that the talent influx would help us put this year – a tiny grain of sand on a shimmering beach of eventual Hoosier happiness – in perspective.

    It’s disappointing, to say the least, that we all revert back to the “what have you done for me lately?” stance when our personal emotional sports-loving needs are not immediately met upon demand.

    As imperfect, simpler-than-I-had-hoped, impulsive creatures, an injured team that plays hard and pulls the occasional upset is not simply good enough. There is no longer a sense of the long-term, nor in Hoosier basketball blogs nor in America. If it’s not ready in the touch of an Ipad or on the shelf at Wal Mart, it’s not a quality product.

  16. Mikka Kiprusoff-

    You’re spot on with your take on a society thirsting on immediate gratification. A lot of mixed messages in sports..We see 18-year-old’s become millionaires overnight and leave little loyalty behind as they walk away from their university. We see coaches get huge salaries before one game is on the sidelines is under their belt. Their thirsts are satisfied, but we are told to be patient. I can’t be overly critical our fans because I think they sense it’s slipping away a bit..I am also feeling anxious and impatient. The kids on this team deserve better. My patience runs more thin with the personalities that exert their influence and often sabotage the whole rebuilding process. Seems to be a real lack of goodwill anymore. How much healing could be done if people would just bury their hatchets? It’s a strange blend between immediate gratification and a never letting go of grudges that has caused a very strange cloud to hover over IU basketball. I think it all plays out on the basketball court. The bitter divorce in the fan base would have made this a difficult job for anyone placed at the helm. The ex-Hoosier coach that many older fans watched put us on the map never has a word to say about IU basketball. Forever estranged in his aloof indifference, we are without the father figure of the program to voice his approval of a job well done. Mistakes were made by all. Now it’s time to quit the undermining and silent treatment for the sake of the young fans you’re stealing happiness from. It’s funny how expressions like “doing things the right way” never includes forgiveness and finding a way to move forward for the sake of those that had no part in the reasons justifying feelings of betrayal to take to a grave. I used to try and find excuses for Knight’s explosive behavior during our basketball heyday..Like many fans I would defend him. The blemishes and wrongs seemed to be forgivable when weighed against all the right examples he fostered(primarily staying in the classroom, graduating kids, and running a clean program)..And who isn’t tolerant when your team is playing winning basketball and contending for championships? And now when I see the way a legend our past holds grudges against an entire university for deeds a fan was not responsible, I wonder if this is a type of payback for the compromising my own values when I cheered with a blind happy eye long ago. I’m not impatient for victories, I’m more impatient and disappointed in people I once thought cared about Indiana.

  17. Well-stated. Knight’s silence is certainly one of the stranger phenomena of the sports world. Is it a phantom that both haunts and captures the essence of Indiana basketball? Perhaps

    On another note, I completely disagree with the “slipping away” comment. The sentiment you allude to, which may or may not exist, is only as deep as the shallow yet all-powerful domain of language. Throw a phrase out there – “It’s slipping away”- and you literally can create the mood that you thought you were merely describing. A half full glass becomes three quarters empty in the flash of a pen stroke.

    I wholeheartedly believe that if you detach the worn strings of emotion and frustration from the hard evidence at hand, you are left with a bright picture with this program. It’s easier said than done; even the most seemingly clear objective facts are often inseparable from our subjective feelings.

    I don’t comply with judgments about Crean’s salary or personality. Someone who averages 20 wins over 9 seasons in a premier conference is going to get paid market value at his next job. Say what you want about sports salaries; yes, they are a bit ridiculous, but don’t blame one person.

    As far as his personality, I can’t judge Crean for being a “big” personality any more than I can blame one tree for being greener and having more bark than the next. Personality is only criticized when you are losing. What is seen as a virtue during a win streak becomes the problem when losses compile. One day the gruff and iron-jawed Ditka is the prototype coaching personality, the next day it is the calm and player-friendly Lovie Smith. What happens when Ditka loses? He’s too intense. What happens when Lovie loses? He’s too soft.

    That brings us back to our own relentless emotional judgments. We mostly assess coaches the way we assess our politicians – a spur of the moment “feeling” about how someone “seems” based on a few television impressions.

  18. I had to wait a few days to even talk about this one .Once again its gotten to be unbearable to watch!I am beginning to wonder and question the coaching .I know thats just another excuse that will not win games,but either the team totally does’t understand the game plan or the staff losses control at the tip !All of our most consistant games and wins and almost wins happened with AJ3 not playing or playing limited minutes!The guy is not a team player,he gives away every point he scores times two to turnovers and zero defense!He never knows who hes guarding and will not help out,theres not much left!Call me stupid but if were going to lose anyway why not play the guys who are the future?Hulls is our pg end of story,he gets it !All thats happening right now is total confusion as to Hulls role which has made him ineffective and the rest of the team losses confidence watching VJ3 self destruct.I had hoped for a win sat.and was praying for a miricle and the return of Eric Gordon against Purdue.Hopefully they will be overconfident and Eric will get 30 points and captian turnover will come off the bench as a sg!

  19. TJ,Auburn,

    If Rivers was the weakest link last year it is Jones label to wear this year. I tend to think his playing minutes are earned in practices on the gamble his headstrong offense(he must practice with major success in that role)shortens or decreases team scoring droughts. Coach Crean is willing to make that bet knowing Jones has a poor memory about making bad plays. I would rather Sheehey get those minutes even with his D being less than ideal.

  20. Mikka-

    I think you may have unintentionally misinterpreted a bit of what I meant. I wasn’t referring to Crean’s personality. I was more alluding to guys like Dakich, Dick Vitale, Benson, and others that desire to continually find a part to play on the Indiana stage. Some have feelings of resentment because of old friendships with Knight. They use subtle words and sly methods to encourage rifts of old. They play us with undermining hand and I truly believe some enjoy seeing a program of strong tradition stay down. I get sick of listening to Dakich talk about “culture” and his constant patting of himself on the back for how well he knows the Zeller family…One week later he’s “fueling” the rumors about players that should be considering finding a new place to take their games. Didn’t he have enough with kicking kids off a team? Dinosaurs like Vitale uses the national stage to never shut up about Knight..Just last week I happen to catch Knight doing an ESPN segment/piece on Jared Sullinger’s dominant post play..Guess what game footage he used? Yup. The OSU vs. IU game early in the season. Nothing recent? In the entire clip he makes no mention of Indiana or the names of Hoosier players he’s using in specific examples Sullinger’s taking them to the cleaners. He knows what he’s doing. Tom Crean knows what he’s doing. There is no goodwill. There is no burying of hatchets. Should Crean feel a supportive vibe when he hears stories of an All-American that played center for the ’76 Hoosiers attending a Purdue game wearing black and gold? There is constant undermining… Whether silent and purposeful indifference to make IU look irrelevant(Knight’s and Benson’s favorite game) or a sports shock-jock that wasn’t given the keys to run the car who now overcompensates by acting like he is the pulse of everything Indiana(Dakich’s gig). Can’t these people try and be supportive and let Tom Crean have his day? In a recent game Dakich did for ESPN he rambled needlessly about his close relationship with the Zeller family…Guess what Hoosier fans? Tom Crean didn’t land Cody Zeller. He’s coming to IU because of Dan “Nearly Kept Air Jordan Out of the Hall of Fame” Dakich had a personal bond with the Zeller family. And why the obsession? Wasn’t Branden Dawson’s game far more suited to what Crean had success with at Marquette? Why didn’t we ever hear Dakich talk of how important we should go after kids to fit his style of coaching? This team is being built like a Knight team of the 70s…But this isn’t the college game of that era and some of these recruits are nothing resembling the type of kids that helped Crean reach a Final Four that earns him that market value you talk about.

    That’s what is slipping away…a chance for this coach to fill his own shoes and find a bit of deserving validation from ex-coaches and ex-players that claim they love Indiana. And if this is what is seen on the city streets and always digging into our garbage, just imagine the rats in the sewage pipes out of view. Many on here scream of there impatience our progress..I don’t buy it. They want the old clan back in power and they love nothing more than the ongoing struggles a team trying to turn things around as quickly as possible..They love the setbacks and the talk of how long this rebuilding process will take. Maybe impatience isn’t always a bad thing. Should I be patient of sabotaging voices(when I believe it is boisterously insincere or in the form of silent indifference) that undermine our program? Can I be impatient for reasons a fear of return to short shorts and an old image our school that lives forever stagnant in the stiffness an Alford hairdo and a coach that tossed chairs and the ‘F’ word around? I don’t think the victories can come fast enough. And nothing would make me happier for Crean to land a true 5-star so these haters could crawl back in their sewage traps…land a super versatile multi-skilled weapon, another Dwyane Wade, like the kid Izzo just put in Spartan uniform from Gary Wallace.

  21. Mikka- you need to read your own thoughts- you ask people to calm down, take a step back and look at the situation, yet you only accept a blind positive spin on things? How is that being objective or thinking critically? To suggest that IU fans have absolutely nothing to be disappointed about is completely false. You have either bought into all the ‘don’t think, just blindly support support support’ followers or you yourself do not understand how simple basketball is. If you need examples open your eyes and look around: the sport is full of teams who aren’t perfect but some how they still win and they do it without top recruits and they do it without perfect scenarios, but they win because its basketball, its a simple game. Its not as scary, intimidating and confusing as Crean would like you to believe.

  22. my last comment Crean is probably a very nice fellow but just watch his x’s and o’s and listen closely to what he says and if you cant see that his coaching ability is marginal then just live with it.

  23. Tom needs to let leadership happen on the court. Pretend you are John Wooden. I think one of the problems is the offensive system. It just doesn’t get the right players the ball at the right time and place. Screens are set and often not used. I do like Creen. He has recruted good players who seem good people. For next year, we need some serious tweeks to the offensive game. What is our ranking in the Big Ten on offensive rebounds? The system puts shots up with on one near the hoop.

  24. I think we all get caught up in the past and everyone knows you can never go back!For fifteen years Knight was hands down the best coach in the country,he coached against the game its self not the opponent.Having said that the behind the scenes stuff did’nt come in to play until he started loosing.He was not a happy camper and if you had sat near the I.U. bench as many times as I have in the past it was unbelieveable.The verbel tirates and profanity along temper tantrums were common.You could not take your family with you!Many good players started going to other schools and the university set no boundries and thats where things got out of control and that was not fair to him.and along came Miles Brand .And the rest is history as they say.Bob Knight was and is a honest ,hard working student of the game,and he will not change who he is for anyone and you have to respect that!Guess what he’s not coming back,not now not ever!Tom Crean is a different breed of cat,he’s commited don’t ever think that he’s not.But three years of losses,and frustration have taken their toll.Nobody wants it more than he does for everyone.He is just as strong and determined as Knight.But I think when he gutted the program ,which was the right thing to do by the way it took a unbelievable amount of courage and strength.He did not even blink and has worked 24-7 since that time.I like everyone else am tired of losses and excuses.I want it now!It’s just not there yet and I’m not sure when we can all smile again and be proud were HOOSIERS .I do agree that I don’t get recruiting marginal juco players just to please the fans,if in fact thats whats going on.We need skilled bigs,we get killed on the boards every game!You can shoot seventy percent from the field but if you don’t rebound and play defense your going to lose.Coach knows that and he is still looking for a couple guys to step up and buy in and compete.Hulls has to run the point and take everyshot he can ,the team feels comfortable with him there we all see that.VJ3 is a sg and has his own agenda!

  25. My biggest problem with Knight was always his personality. How did he become such a father figure to his players? When I first began to cheer for the Hoosiers, Knight gave me constant reminder how thankful I was to not come home from school to a dad like that. But as you grow older you begin to realize that what you see isn’t always what you get. My dad wasn’t verbally abusive, but he was often so busy he just didn’t have time for me. Let’s not forget that most of us only have earned our PhD in Psychology and formed our complete view of Knight through the lens of a camera or a seat in Assembly Hall. There had to be something other than pure basketball knowledge and the beautiful trees a Bloomington campus that kept 98% of the young men forever loyal to him. Your workmate…your professor…your pastor…your neighbor…your hair stylist….your favorite grocery store clerk…your piano instructor…your gas station attendant that gives you your winning Powerball ticket every Wednesday and Saturday…your favorite waitress at Applebee’s…..the chubby woman that greets you with half a smile every morning serving as stand-in replacement, super-sub off the bench, to provide a day’s worth of parenting and nurturing for the lucky child you brought into this world that is worth 1/4 the day your time spent at a cubicle?

    Far easier to always assume what you see is what you get..far more comforting to know the 8 hours of practice in life’s lessons your 2-year-old receives while tossing around a big inflatable rubber ball with “Happy Half-Smile Stranger” at the daycare center could never equate to what those poor 18-year-old kids had to endure locked in a practice gymnasium with Bobby Knight.

  26. Dakich. The guy played one good game (on defense) in four years and now he spends all his time reshaping his image for the Hall of Fame. As I recall, he average about three more points than a folding chair.

  27. It’s just too bad he couldn’t find a coaching job in the Mountain West. Sometimes I wish Crean would have come into the job with the same attitude the new IU football head coach. Far too much butt-kissing and listening with concerned ear to these insistent meddlers that already had their chance from the sidelines. I’d been happier if Crean just turned his back on the whole damn bunch of dinosaurs from the Knight era. Show the same indifference their only God, Bob Knight, and run the program without all the “Because it’s Indiana” nonsense. We didn’t need a Cook Hall. We didn’t need a museum. We needed a coach to recruit the way he wanted to recruit..Doesn’t matter if you practice at the YMCA if you know the game..I didn’t give a hoot if Zeller went to North Carolina..What a fiasco. Give me kids from anywhere in the country that want to play for our coach and our university without influence and puppet string pulling. I wouldn’t have cared if we became even more “irrelevant” or if it took a decade to get back to the tournament. How can Crean succeed if he wants to appease more than coach as he please? The disassociation of that crowd was then best thing that happened during the Sampson years. Do we honestly believe that they would have ever embraced the man even if he didn’t commit the worst recruiting violations(a few too many phone calls to Robbie Hummel) in the history of college basketball? You’re right, Chet…3 points per game….But give him a microphone and he makes Crean just as irrelevant as Knight makes Indiana with his silent treatment. Dakich is friends with the Zeller family and now he’s the reason the 7-foot “savior” that played poker with our name will wear the Cream and Crimson…Crean is merely taking up space as we wait for Dan Dakich to throw Steve Alford a coming home party.

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