1. CBI- personally I wouldn’t care to attend this event. We are heading towards another Thursday game in the B10 tourney- potential elimination and then to think about playing a small profile team in B-Town.

    Having attended the Mike Davis NIT debacle and hearing fans yelling to Greenspan to “do the right thing”! I don’t think that these games appear very attractive to a fan who has tried to stay upbeat through the last three seasons!

    Concerning your observation about Jones, Watford and Hulls- dynamics between multiple scorers and a hierachy? Interesting, that might have been part of it. You are correct in that during our victories- I guess that we played with only one of Watford/Jones- so maybe this has some merit.

    With all the talk of hunting shots, playing combative, hmmm- time to pull out the camouflage uniforms and light their hair on fire.

    Hope that we can handle NW and steal one from PU or Wisky.

  2. Really think there are a couple of guys on this team that the next 5 games are make or break. Think that Capo’s and Elston’s return for next year could be in doubt! Are there Juco’s out there to take there place. Just know one thing, you can’t win in the Big Ten without an inside game and TP and Cody are not enough to turn this around next year! Watford is not enough on his own to carry a power game!

  3. hi dustin and hugh,
    if iu can get 500 record or better.like go 15-16 regular season.suprise a few have like 17-17 record nit bound?

  4. I agree with part of what Dustin said at the end. I am a big supporter of VJIII but I’ve seen now that it needs to be Jordan’s team. I think VJ supports Hulls, which you can see in all the close games in which Jones was out, he was constantly pumping Hulls up and cheering. But I think Jones might be his own worst enemy. Next year’s starting lineup needs to be Watford, Hulls, Zeller, Sheehey, Oladipo. Bring Creek, Jones, Roth in off the bench for the guards. And Elston/Pritch in for the bigs. Or if VJ does start he needs to be a SG instead of PG. Or in a perfect world Creek comes back legitimately 100%(don’t see that ever happening at IU). This is also assuming that IU goes with a more traditional lineup since they’ll have their first good big man since DJ…anyway, Hulls needs to be given the reigns to run the team as the PG and he needs to be the guy who makes the decisions that win/lose the game. I could see Jordan’s senior year ending on an elite 8 or final 4 court.

  5. I think MC comes back much closer to 100% than he did this past Fall. I see his playing time this season as an extension of his post surgery rehab from the first injury. This second injury is not as severe as the first. He is presently rehabing from the second injury which is much earlier in the schedule than was the first. Meaning much less down time between surgery and rehab. He will be working to get closer to that 100% mark for the rest of the Winter, all Spring and Summer and accelerate that physical exertion in the early Fall heading into the new season. I think we will like what we see of him.

  6. I concur with HC on the rehab. As someone who has rehabbed from quite a few major trauma surgeries, you get better at it each time. The pain becomes less of an issue when you’ve been through the process before.

  7. Rob-
    I’ve seen AE play the past 2 years in HS and I see no scenario in which AE will actually get quality PT at IU. Watford, Sheehey, Oladipo and Creek have the ‘wing’ spots solidified for the next few years, by the time they leave the group of Jrs in HS now will be there and they are studs compared to an unranked AE. Admittedly I have to check myself a bit here– I just have nothing positive to say regarding AE.

  8. Chet and HC- I hope you are right about MC3, even if he does come back completely 100% physically healthy with no problems at all- I still do not know if he’ll ever be ‘the man'(a guaranteed starter) at IU like we once thought he would. Sheehey and Oladipo are on another level athletically and if they can become reliable shooters it’ll be even harder for Creek to get major minutes. Even this year Creek, who is known as a shooter, shot just 31% from 3. Oladipo who is not known for shooting, is shooting the 3 at a 36% rate. Hulls is playing 31mins per game this year, that’ll go up with the addition of Zeller. If Creek had never gotten injured this next year could’ve been a special group.

  9. If Creek gets his body right, I think he’ll have plenty of chance to start over Oladipo and Sheehey. The shooting percentages are not indicative this year..I don’t think he was anywhere near 100%. The problematic issue on this team next year will be the power struggle at the point and the ambiguity the leadership role on the team between Hulls and Jones(a now popular topic I talked at length some weeks ago along with how things could get confusing once Yogi arrives). I’m not sure I like the way they function together on the court(Hulls and Jones). I personally favor Hulls at the point guard position but I’m not sure the coach is ever going to see it that way. Doubt if he cares my opinion..Hulls and a healthy Creek are much more appealing for next year’s backcourt in the opinion of this novice basketball junkie. Probably more than coincidence the way the team gelled and looked in sync during Jones’ injury(Illinois, MSU, Minnesota). If Watford didn’t fracture the bone in his hand, I think we easily win the Iowa game at home and Michigan on the road with the same lineup that saw us play our best ball..No decisions to be made on who runs the team from the point and simpler rotations off the bench…Crean had less to pull the emotions and muddy the brain. Verdell made an excellent cheerleader(I’m kidding) and when Jordy gave up the ball there was actually a chance he might see it again on the same possession(I’m not kidding).

  10. After witnessing MC’s Freshman playing performance before he was hurt tells me everything I need to know about where he can fit in next year. If he comes back anywhere close to 100% his position will be as the starter at shooting guard with Hulls at the PG which means in a 3 guard offense the 3rd guard will be a competition between VO and WS which answers the question about Jones and his minutes.

  11. Yeah if(nothing is certain anymore) Creek comes back 100% healthy and 100% strong and 100% skilled…. All big ifs since it hasn’t been that way since late 2009 then maybe he does become Hulls’ back court mate again. But if you look at how things are going it’ll be Watford, Hulls, Jones, Zeller as the 1-4 leading scorers, you throw Will and Vic in there…Creek’s got a long way to go is all I’m saying.

  12. HC- you talking about the frosh year when IU was 6-6 with Creek, with losses against Loyola and George Mason? People seem to think that because Creek dropped in 31 against Kentucky that he was a program changer, IU was blown out by Kentucky that game. He was good and I was/am a huge fan of Creek, but he is not the next AJ Guyton like we all thought he might be…

  13. I am not sure what you are saying is wrong with his Freshman performance. You might find out how his scoring average compared to other Frosh in the B10 and also across the nation before he was hurt. Without the injury he was much closer to being a program changer than anything you are trying to insinuate. But please feel free to seek your own level.

  14. Just saying IU was/is rebuilding and was 6-6 at the time of his injury, not like he was leading a top 25 team in scoring or was doing something any other number of top frosh couldn’t have done on a bad rebuilding 6-6 team. You are mentioning how great his stats were nationally, put a lot of other legit frosh on that IU team and they would’ve done as much or more as Creek so I don’t think it begins/ends with those 12 games’ stats. Love Creek though and hope that he’ll be back and better than ever, since you pressured me for more…put your info on the line, what are you projecting for his scoring average next year and his importance on the team: 20 plus? If you are saying he’ll be 10-13 ppg and shoot 40% from 3 then we aren’t disagreeing. I could see him doing that. If you think he’ll be first team big 10 and lead IU in scoring I’d say good luck with that….

  15. I cannot figure out what your beef is but I am not chewing. The original query of this topic was can he come back next year more sound and ready than from the first injury. I have made no qualms about saying yes he can and stated why I think so(as supported by Chet). I have no idea where you stand. Not that it would have anything to do with tomorrows sunrise or sunset.

  16. It’s easy to now ask for predictions. Nobody knows if he’ll ever be back close to the athlete that arrived in Bloomington. I don’t care about stats or a few off-shooting nights. What he did against Kentucky was example of what he was soon to grow into. He didn’t get on board ’til just before the season started. Weren’t we waiting for clearance from the NCAA? The injury came before the start of the Big 10 season. I think he was just getting into decent physical condition at that time and catching up to guys that had had the benefit a full summer to get up to speed before the onset of competition. Not sure it was ever is given much attention but I think it played into some of his early inconsistency prior to blowing out his kneecap(and despite coming to campus late, he still managed to be the the top avg. scorer for Freshman in the conference before the injury). I have not seen anything resembling near the potential that was bubbling over in the kid his first months on the team. To my eyes he appeared to have All-Big 10 ability. I respectfully disagree with you, Drake. To now call out for predictions on the kind of numbers he’ll put up next season is not only a bit foolish but unfair. We’re all hoping for the best in our blind optimism, but there is more to recovery than just the physical condition his legs. He has to feel competition again and become confident in his body again. Sounds easy. Of course we could just do what a blogger named “coachv” used to say on here(when everyone else with a pair of eyes and no need a stat sheet could see the kid wasn’t right and couldn’t elevate 3″ off the ground for a layup) and just claim all his woes were due to his ugly form and fixable release. Conclusion? Come on, man!

  17. HC, not trying to upset anyone, in a perfect world I’d agree with both of you; Creek would come back “100% and be the starting SG we all saw him be against Kentucky.” But this isn’t a perfect world and to blindly assume that he’ll come back ‘better than ever and 100% after this injury’ is wishful thinking. Might it happen? Sure. But nothing has shown that to be the case. Crean isn’t that optimistic and said as much, saying the Creek probably won’t ever be 100% while at IU. Then from taking my fanhood blinders off for a second and looking at the 12 games that is “Mo Creek’s gift to IU faithful.” You see that sure he was good but he wasn’t all big 10 good. He played 32 mins against Kentucky, had 1 assist 1 rebound, shot 9 threes, hit 5 and scored 31 pts in a blowout loss.To suggest ‘that was the real MoCreek’ is no more true than to assume that Pritchard would always be a double double man or that Roth would always hit 9 threes like he did against OSU so long ago….. IU would’ve always needed more than Creek regardless, so to get back to my original post when I didn’t include him as a projected starter, my thinking was merely objective and not ‘wishful thinking based.’

  18. “Cupcake” Creek was only good in cupcake games against cupcake competition? I get the drift, but I aint buying it. HOGWASH! More CUPCAKE HOGWASH!..What a surprise. The same crowd that was climbing on Crean for his “cupcake” schedule are now frosting Maurice with it. Do they ever stop..What player on this team has not been thrown off the boat into the Sea of Doubt?

    Back to Creek..During those 12 games Creek played in(his freshman year before his first knee injury), he was averaging over 16 points per game while putting in only 5 minutes more than a half of basketball (25 minutes per game). Crean, as he still seems to prefer, was shuffling his lineup during Creek’s first dozen games as a Hoosier. Even without a hefty average in minutes per game(the UK game being the exception), Creek was still the nation’s leading scorer for all D-1 freshmen through the first nine games. It’s pretty difficult for any kid to be projected as “all Big 10” with only 12 games under his belt on a team he joined just before the season schedule ensued. Cupcakes, or an early season full of Calipari NBA croissants, if Creek would have averaged anywhere near the minutes he put in against the Wildcats in all the games prior to his injury, it’s not a big leap to assume his ppg. average could have easily been in the range of 20-25. Still, it’s true, the argument in support of Creek becoming a top guard in the Big 10 is admittedly weak because the body of evidence just isn’t there. Let’s try to frost the cupcake anyway..In his first games as a Hoosier he was sharing minutes with Hulls, Jones, Dumes, and Rivers…They were all sharing minutes. Crean must have felt he needed more minutes on the floor from Creek for a good showing against a team full of NBA players(Kentucky) when he jacked him up to 32 minutes…A completely healthy Creek with a coach willing to commit to giving 2 or 3 guards the majority of the minutes on the floor? In that scenario I believe Creek’s talents could have carried him to be considered an All-Big 10 player…Yes, even in his freshman year.

    Based on his slow recovery from the first knee injury(though a supposedly far worse break than the fracture to the other knee), it is hard to be confident that he’ll get back to the level of player that was giving us small glimpses of a young man that seemed to be a born perimeter scorer; a kid with a sleek style to his game and a smoothness coupled with deceptive speed. New nickname?…Maurice “The Sleek” Creek? The speed drop-off, lack of cutting ability, and weak elevation on his jumper was glaringly evident this year in a game nothing close to a huge potential yet unrealized. Will he ever be the basketball player I envisioned a young bud blossoming into by his senior year? I’m not going to get inside his heart. That’s for people that have a love for predicting failure when the odds seem more eminent. And I tend to believe Crean having his doubts we may not see the player Creek had the God-given ability and determination to become while at IU are rooted in far different emotions than where Drake seems to be coming from with his hints of cynicism. Crean planting that seed of doubt can fuel a kid to work all the harder..Alternatively, he could have made the statement to ease a young broken heart into accepting the unfortunate alternative reality that could manifest later, softening the blow if you will, when a young man may come to a future crossroads and be forced to swallow the harsh truth he will never again have a chance to live his lifelong dream. That’s far different than just being a simple doubter that now predicts doom on the horizon because he saw nothing great to begin with.

  19. The subliminal message I picked up (in my clairvoyant fashion) from Coach Crean was that Maurice may yet, one day, recover the flash of old. It just might not happen in the next two years. I took it as encouragement for Mo to continue to work, as his best years of ball playing may not be in college.
    That was my take, anyway.

  20. I agree. I also think it was delivered in a fashion to keep Maurice optimistic and show the kid he truly believes in his underlying talents. Does anyone know if he gets an extra year of eligibility with any of this? I’m completely in the dark on how the NCAA rules apply to season-ending injuries.

    And I apologize to Drake for sounding so snobbish in that last post. I went overboard as usual.

    I’m just a big fan of Creek. I think his decision to come to IU was a pretty big vote of confidence for Tom Crean and Indiana Basketball at the time. I don’t have any idea what the kid is like off the court, but if “what you see is what you get”, he sure seems like a class act….a refreshing and humble young man whom I’ve never witnessed display on bit of braggadocio, or an “in your face” cockiness, prevalent in many young players of the day that bring far less to a talent table to justify such blown-out-of-proportion egos. I want to see him beat these damn nasty knee injuries and maybe someday hit a game-winning shot or cut down some nets in an Indiana uniform.

  21. Oops..

    “a refreshing and humble young man whom I’ve never witnessed display [one] bit of braggadocio…”

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