Tom Crean on Ohio State

Indiana’s traveling today, so we won’t have any face to face availability before tomorrow’s game. IU SID J.D. Campbell sent us quotes from Tom Crean. They follow.

Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean on the Ohio State game
“First and foremost, this is another great opportunity for our players and coaches.  We get to play on CBS on a Sunday afternoon against one of the top teams in the country.”

”We will have to play mistake-free and make the most of our opportunities on offense.  We have to move the ball, make the extra pass and take the best shot possible each time down the floor.”

“Each game is an opportunity to find out something about yourself.  When we have played with toughness and resolve we are a different basketball team, home or on the road.  We have to play with trust and belief in one another and we have to play with a controlled confidence.  As I said after the Purdue game, we played hard, but we didn’t always play smart.

“Defensively, they have so many weapons that we are going to have to be active with our hands, move on the pass  to disrupt what they want to do and contest every shot.  We can’t allow them to be active on the offensive glass.”

On Ohio State
Ohio State is a great example of a player-led team.  Their seniors (Lighty, Diebler and Lauderdale) have done a great job of integrating their younger players .

I think everything starts with Diebler, because he’s as good a shooter as there is in the country and the ball continually finds him back because of the way he finds other people. They’re such a dominant team and they’re so good at so many positions that you just can’t let guys do things that they don’t normally do in games.

Last time against us, Buford got hot early with the three and it just created everything else for the rest of the team and we did not have an individual match-up for Jared Sullinger,

Ohio State is different because of how much talent they have and there are multi-dimensional. These guys can beat you from three, they can beat you from the pull-up game, they can beat you at the rim and you’ve got to get up and you’ve got to establish more will and grit and resolve to that.


  1. Ohio State at their place on national TV.I am a realist and I don’t believe in sugar coating facts just to achieve a goody goody feeling. I know some people can’t handle that. SORRY,but this is going to be painful to watch.

  2. Hammer,

    It was Austin’s younger brother Alex, not Austin. According to a Tweet from Peegs – RT @peegs Hear Alex Etherington cleared to go home, just a major concussion. But can’t play for 6 weeks.

  3. Watching Purdue annihilate Michigan St. right now. But, if the Spartans can have this bad a season, certainly our team is allowed to take that one step backward after 2 steps forward. Although, I do believe progress has been made this year as they have very much competed in all the Big Ten games other than a couple. Not blown out most games like last year….but actually competed this year.

    As Tim Robbins said in the movie “Shawshank Redemption”, “hope is a good thing” & I’m still carrying lots of hope with this team. I’m willing to wait till the end of next year for an outlook on the situation.

  4. Sometimes hope is all we have.Unfortunately this is one of those times.Rationalize if you must.Whatever gets you through this season.

  5. If Larry’s hope for the program as whole is in any shape or order of magnitude like Larry’s hope for an upset tonight in Colunbus then I think Larry woul find Tim Robbins’ brother (I.e., Baskin) a far better source of quotes. Coach K(rean)’s idea of “31 excuses, one for each day of the month” can be traced back to the same flavour-rich source.

  6. I saw on another website that it was not Austin E., but his younger brother Alex E. who suffered a concussion. He was sent to a Ft. Wayne hospital and released Sunday, but is being withheld from competition for 6 weeks due to the severity of his injury.

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