Tom Crean Tweets Illinois game will be 11 a.m. (central)

Tom Crean is mad.

He just Tweeted that he’s been told that Indiana will play Illinois at 11 a.m. (central) next Saturday. Why would that upset Crean? Because the Hoosiers play the 9 p.m. game on Thursday against Wisconsin.

Here is what Crean had to say:

I am okay with 1 day in between games on occasion but 36 hours? In a rivalry game? That defies rationalization.

An Indiana spokesman just confirmed this.


  1. Why?? It didn’t affect NW when they had a short turn around…

    It’s time for Crean to quit being a baby and start coaching this squad, this rah-rah clapping stuff is going nowhere

  2. Clapping and encouragement of players doesn’t really bother me as long as there is substance to what a coach is teaching his players, improvement in their play as time passes, and good team offense and defense is exhibited on the floor – even in games that are losses. There is much more that players need to know how to do than just “playing hard” and having “mental toughness”. However, those intangibles have been the most common excuses pointed out for inadequate performances on the floor rather than any substantive basketball reasons.

  3. Crean’s best coaching year at IU was his first year. He coached to the level of his players and got them to do a few simple things, they played as hard as they could, played great defense and simplified what they could offensively. These last 2 years he’s done nothing but over coach, over speak and overwhelm the guys.

  4. IU and Illinois are perhaps the two most disappointing and underachieving teams in the country. As a chronic and hopelessly addicted IU fan, I’ll watch, but I wouldn’t blame the BTN (or CBS or whoever) for making these two train wreck programs from playing at either 7 am or 2 am when innocent bystanders won’t be exposed to them. By the way, Crean is sounding more like Squeaky Weber every week (on the whine-o-meter, not voice pitch).

  5. Chet, HC- at least we are in the present, your favorite IU players are 15-17 year old kids and they have 2-3 years of HS basketball left…..who is more misguided?

  6. Exactly. We understand the predicament. We also know how to recognize falling sky. Almost to the day three years ago.

  7. Wah!Wah! Come on Crean. Really? I have supported you and the kids the past three years and will keep it up, but quit crying. They are 18-22 year old kids. They will be okay. I used coach Little League baseball until 9 or 10 on a weekday night. I would get home at 10 or so and in bed by 10:30 and be up by 2:30 then drive 25 miles and complete a full work day of 10 hours. I was 40 years old at the time.

    Our program was decimated and you have started from scratch building us back. sure we wish this season had produced more wins but they have been improved and in most games. Now is not the time to start whining and making excuses. Be a man. Beat Wisconsin and then go beat the real “whiner” Brucie Weber.

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