What is happening here? (or a 4th Indiana assistant coach hired by another school)

Brent Pease. Corey Raymond. Jerry Montgomery.

Now Jemal Singleton, it seems.

Oklahoma State has hired Singleton in an unknown capacity, the Oklahoman is reporting.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to work at Oklahoma State and with Coach Gundy,” Singleton said. “It’s a phenomenal program. It’s a school I knew a lot about while growing up in Texas and I’m excited to now be a Cowboy myself.”

Singleton was hired last week by Indiana to coach the running backs. He’s the fourth assistant coach to leave the program shortly after accepting the position.

All have gone on to more established programs — Pease back to Boise State, Raymond to Nebraska, Montgomery to Michigan and now Singleton to Oklahoma State.

UPDATE, 2:54 p.m. Dustin Dopirak here. Indiana is confirming that Singleton has resigned his position and Oklahoma State has a release up here. My first attempt to contact Singleton resulted in me leaving a voice mail. We’ll keep you updated.


  1. I understand that theses guys are leaving for better Football programs and that would seem to make these guys good hires for IU. But I am tired of seeing these guys constantly jumping ship for another program shortly after getting a new job with IU. I guess we should be happy that they are flaking out earlier rathen then later in the rebuilding process. Hopefully the ones that stick are just as god if not better than the ones we lost. GO HOOOOSIERS!!!

  2. It’s all part of the process. I don’t like it but it is what it is. A question, is A. Thompson not interested or what? He was a pretty good player, just curious.

  3. Looking forward to the day if and when IU becomes a destination job for an assistant. A.T. won’t be that coach…just because you were a good player, doesn’t mean you’ll be a good coach. Is Andre Powell locked up somewhere?

  4. I support AD Glass 1000% in his efforts to lead the sporting programs at IU. But it is time employment contracts mean something at IU in the fact there is no visible or measurable personal integrity left in the coaching profession. ZERO! You cannot gift anyone integrity, but a $30,000.00 buyout clause for moving on to a different job during the first 12 months of present employment would force feed anyone to rethink their lack of integrity. I stated the other day I thought the Singleton hire would prove to be Coach Wilson’s best hire. I now enthusiastically hope the SOB fails miserably, is caught in a scandal, sanctioned and canned. I still maintain Coach Wilson is the best judge of FB talent around, apparently every coach in the nation solidly agrees.

  5. Sounds like a whole lot of feet getting cold. “This is Indiana” has a much different connotation when speaking of pigskin.

  6. Our football coaches will have to start wearing name tags to meetings and practice so they don’t get confused on names.

  7. Something is not right with the football program. I have a saying.. “if you smell something… something stinks”. There seems to be a pattern of people committing and then leaving. This is NOT part of the process. This is very unsettling, and I believe we need to get to the bottom of what is going on. Is Glass on top of this? He better be!!! Or else we are going to have a pile of grap so high it will fill Memorial Stadium.

  8. I’m with Bear on this one. When you have this many guys take jobs, come to town and get familiarized, and then take the first bus out of town, something’s not right. I’ve got a bad feeling that soon we’ll be saying, “Oh, THAT’S why those guys got outta Dodge that quick.” This ‘rats off the sinking ship’ phenomenon, and the laughable explanation for the ‘lost in the quad’ embarrassment – something’s not right here.

  9. Had any of the four who left worked with Wilson before coming here? Doesn’t look good when they don’t even stay a month. What’s life like over in the football offices?

  10. I will say this, thank god NSD has come and gone and this is happening at the start of the next recruiting cycle in a sense (I know most programs recruit guys for longer than a year). A lot of coaches are going back to comfort zones, areas they are from etc. They are leaving bc of that, better programs than IU and/or something is up with Wilson (just a theory). The latter is purely speculation bc if there truly was something wrong with him, these guys wouldnt be here in the first place. Wonder if this guy will go for Miami’s old RB coach Mike Cassano, worked with a ridiculous group of RBs there and was very instrumental in gathering RBs for FIU which was top 20 in rushing this past season, just a thought.

  11. There have been a few hiccups, no doubt. But, I have a lot of confidence in our AD and I think he’ll either get the ship righted soon or he’ll make the appropriate changes. This is a major transition for IU football and there are bound to be missteps along the way.

  12. I hope he left his play book. He was a great hire, and could really work with the kids on a professional level and in the class room.
    Maybe is just need to go to the McDonalds all-star game and get into basketball.

  13. OK….let’s get this out in the open…..Wilson is off to a less than stellar start and his RA ramblings……his loss of not ONE not TWO, not THREE, BUT FOUR Assistant coaches in this short of time should at least leave heads scratching along with him reniging on scholarship offers made.
    Loyalty problems…yes….Leadership problems by Wilson….maybe…..

    Now lets discuss how he has handle other situations away from the media…..like locally a teacher at a local school that had worked with one of his recruits was treated poorly by Coach Wilson…also how has Wilson done with some of the local walk on products too and his handling of players, coaches, and parents….interesting….one story (ok rumors) second (story hhhmmmm????) wait more to come I am a betting man…..I like to be a fly in the staff meetings and see how they operate. (third story about how he handles himself with coaches, athletes, educators, and athletes could make this a very interesting tenure.) Lynch for all of his flaws did not have problems with staffing….loyalty…..and the public….especially coaches and athletes….this is not a Mallory Man like some indicated….he is Cam Cameron 2.0!

  14. The situation calls for facts not unsubstantiated rumors. Although the boys at the bar will enjoy your insinuations.

  15. The complete lack of integrity shown by the coaches who first accepted and then resigned their positions on the football staff at Indiana is symptomatic of the world of intercollegiate college athletics and the profession of Div. I college basketball and football coaching.

    Integrity and honor are a strange and infrequent visitor to that world. The only ones who do not seem to know this are the President of Indiana University and the Athletic Director.

    And, even though many who write to this blog are complaining about lack of honor by assistant coaches, can we really be surprised? Theirs- the world of intercollegiate major sports and coaching- is a world of creating illusions, breaking or continually living at the margin of the rules, of using people and cover. It is a world without ethics or honor where kids (yes, children as young as 12 and 13) who barely passed the test of puberty make “commitments” to adults who encourage them to break their other “commitments”.

    As we, the fans cheer the ‘gets’ and accuse the ‘losses’ while we ‘rationalize’ away what the meaning of commitment really is? Did we (IU) not make a ‘commitment’ when we promised five or six 17-18 year-olds a college scholarship which we were so willing to break? IU’s integrity and honor was at stake but getting the next one and done… remember Gordon?

    The same individuals who are complaining about the lack of integrity by the coaches who shredded their integrity to go elsewhere, were the ones who were writing into this blog to defend the act of taking their scholarship away because…wel because IU has to start winning at football.

    Why are we allowing the ‘one and done’ revolving door in college basketball? Why are we measuring the worth of our program by our ability to recruit characters who had no intention of pursuing their education at Indiana beyond the siren’s song of the NBA in the first place? Do we understand that the same money (whether private or tax supported) used to pay for the classroom space the individual will take up and sleep through his/her one year at IU keeps away one kid who was really much more entitled to society’s investment.

    This is the same world where the quarterback at Ohio State can walk around Columbus bragging about the token prices they pay for food and clothing and rental SUV’s; or where schools with sufficient clout can wink at the pressure they are able to put on a just as corrupt NCAA which has been making billions and billions of dollars of network and ESPN profits while paying obscene salaries to coaching ‘icons’ and administrators who protect the system while the holy men and women in the robes of the Temple of the Academe yawn, mumble out some incoherent phrase about ‘the opium of the masses’ from their seat at row 10 at a 20,000 seat arena sponsored by the Chiquita Banana Fruit Co.

    This began long before the assistant coaches shook hands with IU only to break their word and leave. Or, even long before Sampson discovered the cell phone and ‘only broke the rules a little bit'(interestingly, the administrator in charge of monitoring NCAA compliance for IU during the Sampson saga was just yesterday named to be the Athletic Director at Chicago’s Loyola University).

    So…we dance on. The kids who were top prospects just after their voices changed , were wined and dined to attend this or that football school, used their secret account at the downtown clothing store, turned the ignition key to the Cadillac SUV grew, ‘lawyered up’ and got their assault charge for leaving their fingerprints on the girlfriend face reduced to a ‘domestic disturbance’ up and passed out a statement about how ‘honored’ they were to accept this or that University; just before they distributed the press statement the next day to tell fans to forget the whole thing, they didn’t mean it anyway and had their fingers crossed all along.

    We may be Hoosiers but we ain’t hay. Mr. McRobbie, Mr. Glass…we’re embarrassed.

  16. At this point the hiring of Wilson has to be questioned. Something isn’t right here and it’s not IU, not Glass so it leaves only 1 guy, Wilson. He better win early and often so fans can overlook his obvious failings. If he doesn’t win, this will just snowball.

  17. Those of us that have seen Wilson’s work in Oklahoma are not surprised. As he goes into foul mouthed tirades at the drop of a hat. I wouldn’t want to work for him, and the Indiana football program, well….do you want to make $120,000 coaching running backs there, or $200,000+ at Oklahoma State? Not rocket science.

  18. After enjoying RMK for 29 years there is nothing Coach Wilson could possibly inject into the English vocabulary that would offend many Hoosier fans. In fact I hope he gives us 29 enjoyable years of the same.

  19. Very true, HC. It would be the height of hypocrisy for any Hoosier fan to praise the days of RMK and whine about a verbal tirade from the football coach.

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