Kevin Wilson on Twitter

We honestly didn’t see this coming.

The esteemed Landon Turner Overdrive asked us on the live chat yesterday if Kevin Wilson would have his own Twitter account. We figured it would stay IU Football like it did with Bill Lynch.

Why did we think that? First, Wilson’s a no-nonsense guy. Twitter just doesn’t seem like his thing. Second, if he does speak unedited to the masses like Tom Crean does, well, it could be interesting.

But we learned this morning we were wrong.

Here’s the release from IU sports info declaring Wilson’s indoctrination into Twitter and also something called Lexy that I’ve never heard of.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana head football coach Kevin Wilson has joined Twitter. To follow him and everything going on with IU Football visit @IUCoachWilson.

Wilson will also reach out to Hoosier fans via Lexy beginning on March 8, as the Hoosiers kick off 2011 spring practice. Lexy, a new entertainment medium, provides free on-demand personalized audio clips that listeners can get on any phone by dialing 877-FYI-LEXY (877-349-5399) or by going to

About Lexy:
Lexy is a privately-owned company on a mission to deliver through the authenticity of audio a dynamic, interactive aural network of ideas, information, arguments, entertainment, rants, raves, news and stories.


  1. I predict that a “Fire Wilson” group will be born from this news. It will be the same people who criticize Crean’s clapping and Twittering.

  2. If you parse through his tweets (they are numerous for a man who supposedly just joined) it looks like they just re-named the IU football account that Lynch was sometimes on.

  3. I think it is wonder Coach Wilson has a Twitter. He’s making himself more personable. Twitter is not the easiest program to manage, but I’m sure he will do well.

  4. Barring a 13-0 season there will absolutely be calls for Wilson’s firing. If we lose another assistant coach they will start before the season begins.

    …and he better not clap.

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