With Watford out, Crean asks for fan support

Tom Crean disseminated the news before anyone could ask, seemingly stunned that he had to give out news like this yet again.

“Our road to getting better and our path on how we’re going to get there with the people we have took another hit,” he said. “We’ll be without Christian Watford indefinitely. He had surgery today on his left hand. He broke a bone in his hand, so he’ll be out indefinitely.”

Crean said junior guard Verdell Jones is still in a “day-to-day” situation with knee inflammation. Add to that the stress fracture in the right knee of Maurice Creek that ended the sophomore guard’s season and the Hoosiers have lost three opening day starters in the span of just over two weeks.

Watford’s loss may be the most devastating. He leads the team in both scoring and rebounding with 17.0 points and 5.8 rebounds per game, and was coming off a particularly strong week, scoring 67 points in the last three games. He scored 21 points in the Hoosiers’ overtime loss to Michigan State, but he also broke the hand in the scrum for a ball on the floor. He was wearing a brace on the hand afterward.

“We feel for him, because he’s coming off his best week,” Crean said. “He was absolutely relentless on Sunday. He was a huge part of why we had the game that we had. You take your leading scorer and your leading rebounder and a guy that can make shots and make plays the way he can, it’s going to affect your team. But there’s no choice tomorrow night. At 6:30 tomorrow night, we have to be ready to go. But I’d be lying if I said it was going to be easy. And I’d be remisced if I didn’t say we’re going to need that fanbase.”

Crean made more than one plea to the fan base during media availability, repeatedly saying that he wanted it to be as loud in Assembly Hall on Wednesday night as it was last Thursday for the Hoosiers’ upset of Illinois.

“We’re going to have a pick-me-up from this crowd there’s no doubt,” Crean said. “Those of you, you were Twittering here just a second ago, right? Make sure you Twitter that too.”

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  1. The Hoosiers seem to have two kinds of luck – bad luck and no luck at all.

    I tried to find a half serious/half humorous take on this::

    1. It may aid development of the other guys.
    2. The season was already toast.
    3. There is no logical theory under which the NCAA could have anything to do with this — although, on second thought, they always seem to find a way to screw IU far worse than their USC, UCLA, Auburn, etc. Could they have placed psychic trip wires on the court(s)?
    4. It gives Maurice Creek, Verdell Jones and Guy Marc-Michel someone else to talk to on the bench — which also happens to constitutes 4/5ths of what many originally thought would be IU’s starting 5 this year.
    5. What’s the old expression? “Whatever doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.”
    6. It should provide the medical staff at IU reasons to argue for that raise they’ve been wanting.
    7. One word: Obamacare!

  2. So does this mean we can finally get that 5 guard lineup if the bigs get into foul trouble? I’m here to support the guys, but since we weren’t going to do much in post-season terms this year – can’t we at least have some fun with it? Let’s throw 5 guards out there, let’s have Capo bombing more 3’s, I want to see Roth take set 30 footers, let’s at least pull out all the stops and make it interesting.

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