Borman: Traylor “as athletic as it gets.”

IMG Academy basketball director Andy Borman doesn’t think Jamari Traylor would be a natural fit as a center at the college level, but he does believe the Class of 2011 Indiana target could make an impact anywhere in the frontcourt immediately.

“He’s about as athletic as it gets,” Borman said Monday. “The immediate impact he will bring to a program is he will never be in a game that is above him.  A lot of guys can come in and shoot the ball, but it takes a year to get their frame ready. Because of his size, his frame, his athleticism, his quickness, his leaping ability, his strength, all of his physical tools are prepared right now to compete at the highest level. He has to work on his offensive game, but as far as protecting the rim, rebounding and finishing, he’s ready to go.”

Indiana needs a player that fits that sort of description, and Borman confirmed reports last week that the Hoosiers have offered Traylor a scholarship. Kansas, St. John’s, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State and Virginia Commonwealth have also offered and are in the mix, Borman said.

At 6-7, 230, Traylor seems to be a natural power forward, and Borman said that would appear to be his best fit. The Hoosiers, though, would appear to be in more need of someone who can play center. Five-star forward Cody Zeller arrives on campus this fall and he has several inches of height on Traylor at 6-11. However, his 215-pound frame may not be quite ready for the five yet. Traylor may be close, and could provide the sort of help that would allow Zeller to play power forward.

He’s all muscle, no body fat,” Borman said. “He doesn’t play at the rim, he plays at the block. He plays a foot and a half above the rim. He’s 6-7, but he plays more like he’s 6-10, just because he’s a quick leaper, it doesn’t take him long to get off the ground. … I think he’s more suited to play the five defensively than he is offensively. … Do think that’s ideal for him? No, I think he’s a 4. But I played with Carlos Boozer at Duke. He played the five and he was no bigger than 6-7.”

Borman said Traylor’s next step is to add to his repertoire of post moves.

“He has to work on his face-up game,” Borman said. “His 15-foot jumper. He’s got a nice right-handed hook, but he needs a left-handed hook. A lot of that is disguised in the high school game. He doesn’t need a left-handed hook because he’ll just rise up and dunk on people. But he needs to add some variety to his offensive game.”


  1. Would love to have him and start pushing around Watford to make him stronger. This would be a good get IMO.

  2. Unlike some other potential 2011 targets, this sounds like a kid we could use. And you can’t say he isn’t getting any other high major attention if Kansas in the picture.

  3. I love Indiana and would pick it as my school but….If the kid has a offer from Kansas can you really think he is coming to IU? also wondering which kids committed to schools of coaches who have been fired and if they might be available now?

  4. OSD,
    We’re going to keep checking into those and see who IU might go after. In most cases, you don’t hear much until those schools hire new coaches. Athletic administrations tend to let players out of letters of intent in the case of a new coach, but they tend to ask players to wait to meet the new coach until making a decision.

  5. Wouldn’t count on landing this kid with the other offers mentioned. Have to say that an offer from Shaka Smart is probably more tempting given VCU’s current success.

  6. I’m not sure if strength and athleticism in itself helps us too much. I get a bit nervous when I hear “he has to work on his offensive game”. Don’t we have enough future blossoming stars in hibernation on our roster right now? And let’s not forget there will be committed Clydesdales coming to town(possibly in need of some interior finesse/work)when Perea and Jurkin arrive in 2012 right on the heels of Zeller. And let’s not forget Creek is far from a sure thing a readied warrior’s return for fall hoops battle. I prefer the immediate medicine a cure for any next year’s winter colds be in the tiny bottle a combo guard with some moxie and lightning quickness…a kid that could offer up some thread-the-needle assists to Cody, Pritch, and Elston…or provide that shot-in-the-arm quick-popping jumper when the defense in the paint chooses to stay honest..We don’t need more shoelace stumblers or point guards consumed with taking guys one-on-one. I want a kid that can knife into the paint and draw the trees away from the rim..I’d like to see us go a bit under the radar for a kid like Remy Abell(a possible decommit by way of a coaching change at Bradley whose name popped up in a Scoop Hoosier Morning edition a couple weeks ago). Size goes too often underutilized unless you have speed that can slip by their man or into the holes of a zone forcing the next line of defenders to relinquish containment on the inside. It’s not always getting more muscle under the hood, but finding fresh spark plugs that bring out potential the horses already in a lineup-an atypical answer to a size weakness wrongly perceived because the missing elements of quickness in the equation to help the bigs flourish has yet to be present on the floor.

    Bottom Line:
    Abell is a scoring combo guard that can knock down threes and play the point in a pinch. He is a must find for the defense in transition and in the half court set because he can change the scoreboard in a hurry(courtesy: ESPN College Basketball Recruiting).

  7. @STLBAM Does he actually have a KS offer? Dopirak’s tweets earlier only said KS “involved”.

    @Hogwash I think the point is that we should have the necessary offensive firepower next year, actually with a couple of different lineups. Traylor would help solidify the post defense, make the lane uncomfortable for opponents driving into the lane with his length, and rebounding. As many have noted, 2011 targets should probably be bigs or PGs because we’re going to be solid on scorers and wings. I’m not seeing a big need for a 2 or 3 or middling combo guard–that’s not going to be immediate impact, solidifying a glaring weak spot, like a solid rebounder is going to be.

    Just IMO.

  8. I agree with the keeping other teams honest argument Hogwash. IU still dose not have someone to break people down. Jordy was keyed on, Watford was double teamed a little down low, but that was it. Oladipo could be smoother with jumpers. But someone who could draw attention as to be able to kick out or dump under, plus hit the short jumper would be a great fit. Talent is obviously coming, but not till 2012. In my opinion, there is not one position on the team that could not be upgraded. If a recruit could also play great defense, that would be even better.
    Coaches being fired is going to open up a few talented players and create some reevaluating on what is available. Another problem, but a good one?

  9. Anyone heard anything about Goff? He might be a better band-aid for IU- Center with only 3yrs eligibility remaining.

  10. He’s still under letter of intent with Oklahoma. I’ve been trying to get in touch with his old AAU coach. I don’t think you’ll hear about him one way or the other for a few weeks until Oklahoma gets a new coach.

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