Cody Zeller takes what Bosse gives him, and says he hopes IU gets Jaquan Lyle

WASHINGTON – On Friday, North’s Carolina Kendall Marshall drove into the lane in the final seconds, commanded the double-team and flipped the ball to Tyler Zeller. The latter calmly put the ball in the basket and North Carolina beat Miami in the last second during the ACC Tournament quarterfinals.

It was a simple play, but one with a shockingly high execution rate. Zeller had to be the right place at the right time, and not panic as the seconds dwindled.

It was a play we could easily see Zeller’s younger brother, Cody, execute during his time at Indiana.

Zeller scored 21 points in the regional semifinal Saturday, leading Washington to a 71-49 win. He had 13 rebounds, four blocks and four assists – but focus on the points, because it kept Washington ahead of Bosse during a back-and-forth first half.

Zeller took what Bosse gave him, never forced his own shot and allowed the focus on stopping him, the heavy Mr. Basketball favorite, to get his teammates open.

The first two came when his teammates found him underneath the basket. Zeller used his size advantage to flip the ball up both times and through the hoop.

He ran the floor for this third field goal, and took a jab step before making a jump shot the elbow for his fourth.

He missed a long jump shot, but made his next shot in nearly the same place on the court. He had 12 points by halftime and 18 after three quarters, by the end of which the game was all but over.

It was a typical Zeller performance, and a big reason why it is easy to expect him to make an immediate contribution next season in Bloomington.

His ability to make the long jump shot will open things up on one of Indiana’s bread-and-butter plays: the big man setting a screen at the top of the key for the point guard, with the other three Hoosiers spread out across the court. Teams had both defenders fall with the point guard often this past season, but can’t do that if Zeller is out there to shoot jumpers.

Other notes of interest:

  • Zeller on Indiana’s recently completed season: “They’re definitely getting better. What I liked was that they always competed and tried their hardest, diving on the floor and always playing hard – which is encouraging. Even though they weren’t winning games, they were trying hard. They seem to be sticking together as a team.”
  • Like previous freshmen, Zeller will enroll in summer school (which will allow him to ease into college but also work out with the team and strength & conditioning coordinator Je’Ney Jackson).
  • Tom Crean was in attendance, not only to watch Zeller but also watch Bosse freshman Jaquan Lyle. Lyle had a tough game – four points, four rebounds and one assist. He probably had five could-be assists, some displaying great vision in the lane, but his teammates could not finish. He also attempted to dunk a put-back over Zeller, but the ball went off the room.
  • Zeller on Lyle: “He’s definitely good as a freshman. He’s going to be really good as a senior, or even next year. They are going to have a tough time beating them. Hopefully, IU can get him to come.”


  1. Anyone know the scoop on B.J. Young? If we could get him for 2011, IU is a different story next year.

  2. Ive heard that BJ Young has some attitude issues on and off the court and that he did not mesh well with any of the other IU players during his visit.

  3. Yoho is a nice player, but small D1 is correct. He plays the 3-5 spots in High School, but in College he would have to be a 2-3 and he is just not in the same class athletically as some other 6-6 wing players.He is also not a pure shooter. He has some range, but not like you would want from a 2-3 in the college ranks. His game is great for a small (2a) high school team, but I can’t see him doing much against another 6-6 wing that is faster, quicker, more vertical, and has a longer wing span.

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