Crean taking Turner gig very serious

When he hasn’t been out recruiting this week, Tom Crean has spent his free time diving into the massive binder Turner Broadcasting gave him to study for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis, who also works as an analyst for CBS and will apparently be in the Turner studio for the early rounds, posted on his Twitter account Monday that Crean would be part of Turner’s studio team. Crean said after his radio show Monday that he will be in studio Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

“Really when I haven’t been recruiting, it’s been a lot of our film evaluation and it’s been studying and preparing certain things to make sure I understand teams,” Crean said. “Sitting on the plane this morning and sitting on a plane this afternoon, rather than take a nap, I’m sitting there studying and trying to make sure I’m prepared.”

Crean said the study has already helped him as a coach.

“Even diving into things, I’m learning things,” he said. “I’m learning things of why teams win. You start to look at film and statistics. You look at why guys are doing this and why guys are doing that. I’ve got the notes I’m taking and whole other set of notes that I’m going to take from it.”

Crean said he’s studying every team in the bracket because he isn’t yet certain what teams he’ll be called on for.

He said the gig won’t cost him any recruiting time because he’ll be done by Saturday. That obviously allows him to watch Indiana’s semistate games on Saturday. He thinks the exposure could be valuable.

“If anything it’s great notoriety for the program in the sense of you’re representing Indiana not just representing Turner Sports,” Crean said. “And for someone that loves the game and loves to study it and watch it, it’s the opportunity to take it a step further.”

Crean said he doesn’t get paid for the job beyond expenses. He will be working in Atlanta.

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  1. Shouldn’t he have already learned how teams win?

    perhaps he is referring to just the teams in this NCAA tournament but I would hope a head coach of a major basketball program would understand what it takes to win.

  2. He should be taking this serious as he should be losing his job and will need one.

    I do not see how he can be good analyst after not being able to analyze his own team and make any changes.

    Kent Sterling article was good as he wondered out loud how Crean could possibly still have his job at IU.

  3. You guys really need to stop quoting him directly. It’s good to hear that he’s finally starting to look at film and statistics though. He lost me on the part about the (two?) sets of notes though.

  4. I’m always amazed that people see others as a finished product at, oh, say 35. It’s as if anyone can’t improve on their skills once they achieve adulthood. I’m sure that’s true of many unsuccessful people but for the rest of us, we continue to learn throughout our lives.

  5. What I find sad is that all of you negative people that call yourself Hoosier fans on these blogs. Really? I guess we could have Sampson or Davis back that would be great then our players could have a gpa of .6 again and maybe even sell some drugs on campus you know just for a little extra money before every one of them get the boot. A program takes time. How hard was it when your Head Coach cant even leave campus to recruit until May 2010 because what the ones before him left us here with nothing. Nothing….and all of you can’t see improvements and where this is program is headed. Then I feel that you should cheer for another team and quit trying to bring these kids and program down because you are not fans! You dont think recruits and players know about these blogs and actually read them. Just think of it as who would want to come and play in front of the same people who make these comments. Go Hoosiers! The best is yet to come!

  6. I am sure glad that he has things going so smoothly at IU that he can afford the time off.

    What a joke.

    Jay- how many more years with CTC will it take you to see that he is a miserable coach?

  7. He should be out recruiting and doing whatever is necessary to make next years team better. Great start to the spring coach!

  8. Some of you people make me sad to be an IU fan. While I was disappointed in the lack of progress in this year’s team, I do not view things in a background. Anyone reading this blog doesn’t need to have our recent history rehashed to them. With that said, 3 years ago, our basketball program was in worse shape than our football program, and that’s saying something. Considering that 40% of our projected starters didn’t play most of the season, I’m not surprised by our poor record.

    If we don’t make the NIT next year, I think Crean will start deserving some heat. But, I for one, don’t expect a program to be built in 3 years. And, yes, I do mean “built.” Indiana has made the Sweet 16 one time since 1994; many of you are being unreasonable in your expectations of what can be done in 3 years.

    Finally, I understand that progress on the court is more important than on the recruiting trail, but Crean deserves a great amount of credit for his recruiting successes. If he can’t win once the 2012 class arrives, then he deserves to be fired, no question. Until then, I will resist the knee jerk reaction to call for his head.

  9. I don’t really care if he does the coverage or not, but I’m not sure what positive exposure you get from being on tv while teams are playing.

    The only thing it shows recruits is your team wasn’t good enough to make the NCAA or NIT. Not really what you want.

    As far as complaining he should be fired its not going to happen whether you want it or not. No way the school could afford to pay him the next 7 years and pay a new coach.

  10. No one really expects final 16 appearance yet, but progress yes. The school can afford whatever as his salary is chump change for IU athletics. I would be fine with giving him more time if he really looked like he understood the X & O’s of coachign but I have not seen that nor getting the most out of the talent he has.

    No doubt he can recruit and if he get great players who do not need much coaching with natural BB IQ then he can win games, I could too probably.

  11. People are totally missing the reality of recruits today. In most cases (not all), kids pick a coach to play for – the school comes second. That’s why you see so many kids try to get out of commitments or transfer when coaches get fired or move. I know we all want to believe that all recruits pick Indiana because of how great the school is but really it’s about the coach and how he relates to them. Also remember that more and more kids are looking for that positive male role model because the lack of one in their own life.

    If winning and playing in the NCAA was all that matters, Mike Davis would have had wicked good recruiting classes following the final four run – no matter how late in the process it was. And he’s not the only coach to suffer from that recruiting letdown after a great run.

    Also think about the psychology of the top recruits. They have been told since they started to shoot a basketball that they are the next coming of Superstar X. And as the years go on it comes from more and more people. Then internet exposure takes off and they watch themselves doing crazy good things on YouTube. In many of their minds – if they have basic support – THEY can carry a team to glory. And if they can get their buds from AAU or HS to join it’s even better. What I’m saying is that unless a school has absolutely no history of winning or no chance of it in the near future, recruits are going to gravitate towards the coach they like and trust first with all the other considerations filing in after that (PT, location, etc., etc.).

    So yeah I’m like everyone else and wish TC would not be doing this because of being in the field of 68. Trust me I have not lost that excitement of seeing IU in my bracket and then figuring out how they can make it to the finals. But given the makeup of the recruit of today, the move of giving himself insanely good exposure is one I’m happy for.

  12. You CTC haters are idiots. Marquette has made the last 4 NCAA Tourneys based upon CTC and the the program he built there. Let’s not rehash Sampson history at IU, but we all know it. He needs 5 years before a desicion can be made about his future at IU. He was starting with a big fat 0 of a program at IU. His first class of recruits allowed IU to just field a team. So, any injury (Creek) is going to be devastating because the depth isn’t there yet to fill in. So, shut the heck up and let’s see how the next 2 years unfold.

  13. Hoosier Fan FL, because its a ridiculous statement, I assume you’re being sarcastic when you say Crean’s salary is chump change to IU athletics.

    And how much talent do we really have? Verdell Jones, from Champaign, IL, wasn’t even recruited by Illinois. We don’t know whether Creek would have improved had he not been out two seasons in a row. Christian Watford has been a bit of a disappointment, I’ll give you that. But with that said, he averaged 16 and 5 this year. Pretty decent numbers for a soph. There’s no doubt Hulls has improved since arriving. Beyond those guys, there’s not much talent to speak of on this team.

  14. This tv gig made me think of something written here last week (I think it was Hugh) who wondered if Crean talked the same way in practice that he does with the press – lots of words, no real point. Makes him perfect for tv – sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, but afterwards you wonder, “what the hell was all that?: Great recruiter, can talk your leg off, but basketball players on his teams don’t seem to improve with his coaching. Dickie V Jr.

  15. Hate is such a strong word but I am beginning to HATE some our fans…it seem like a whole bunch of bitter Bob Knight wannabees commenting on this site….if u guys know so much why don’t you guys apply for IU job or a vacant one and watch the ADs die in laughter

    Either too old to be bitter or too young to be stress…just be excited that this season is over and from here the light will shine brighter from here on out

  16. Sean, each & every team has it’s own way of winning & how they go about doing that. There’s more to winning than just having more points than your opponent.

    Are you saying he should just give up watching film from teams that win? Personally, I would never stop trying to educate myself. Giving the fact that we did have some wins this year, 2 of those over a top 20 team, I’m pretty certain he’s got some knowledge. But as your probably life hero Bob knight once put it….a coach is always learning. Each team does it differently, is there something Crean could pick up from other coaches or teams, YES! But, your comment did have some sarcasm to it. Thanks.

  17. Cooper comment:The only thing it shows recruits is your team wasn’t good enough to make the NCAA or NIT.

    And you know what other people are thinking how???

  18. IUman, I agree. While some of these posters complain about the fact that Crean wants to study film to see what other teams do to win & they ridicule him because of this. Bob Knight on numerous occasions stated he did the same. he also had numerous conversations with his long time friend Hank Iba about college BB 101. Life & sports in this case are a lifetime learning lesson & I hope I never stop learning, thinking I know it all.

  19. I may be too loyal of an IU fan but I’m still on the CTC bandwagon. I would have thought when he was hired that by now we would be at least worthy of the NIT but I didn’t realize what it would take to continually improve the talent pool while at the same time getting quality expereince in a conference that has 7 teams in the NCAA tourny this year. It takes time to build a talented program, to get senior leadership, and to learn how to defeat some of the top programs in the country.

    Crean on TV is actually a good thing because it gives him and the program national exposure. It will help him in recruiting the next Dwayne Wade, believe it or not. Do you think this will help Jeremy Hallowell make his decision?

    I think he is building a long term lasting program the right way and I think by looking at the recruits lining up to join him that they see it as well. Only time will tell, but in the next three years I hope most true IU fans will be happy with the progress he has made as we prepare to watch IU go deep into the NCAA tournament.

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