1. Ugh. Does Watford have any inkling as to how to play even rudimentary defense? Why is Rivers on the floor when he is an offensive liability? There are probably 2 teams in the CAA which could beat us (ODU and G Mason).

    Totay again looked like the JV versus the Varsity, just like in the Ohio State games (and maybe a couple of others).

    Layups, open 3-pointer attempts, alleyoop passes/dunks, at will scoring down low – we made IL look like a national champion contender.

    Even with a disqualified player, and an injured player, this has reached the point of being embarrising.

  2. FINAL: ILL 72, IU 48.
    IU: Jones 12, 7reb; Watford 7; Rivers 7; Sheehey 6; Hulls 4; Oladipo 4; Roth 3; Moore 3; Pritchard 2.
    IU: 18-57 (32%) FG; 3-17 3PT; 9-11 FT; 25 reb; 10 to; 7 (13) fouls.
    ILL: 28-57 (49%) FG; 6-17 3PT; 10-13 FT; 40 reb; 10 to; 8 (13) fouls.
    ILL: McCamey 22; Davis 13, 9reb; Tisdale 9, 9reb; Richmond 8; Cole 6; Leonard 5; Bertrand 4; Paul 3; Head 2.

  3. Fire CTC. Does anyone really believe that he can coach or that the players respond to him or that he makes half-time adjustments. Mike Davis has UAB in first place in their conference and we have tan man blaming everyone but himself andmaking unsupported statements about players. As for the players- most are soft and fragile –that comes from coaching. Give the SOB a 20 year contract because he won’t get it done in 10– I don’t care what family he married into.

  4. Mentioning Mike Davis is correct… Remember how Davis was blasted in the press for saying that the real key was winning on the road? We don’t have a chance to win on the road because when we are on the road Verdell cannot palm the ball and travel on every move, our players are called for fouling and when they do they look incredulous because they don’t realize that they are fouling because of our lack of Coaching and homer calling to pacify our great fan base.
    Today was pathetic to watch….Crean has managed to make the Coach of Illinios look like a class act. And I am sure Crean will blame his players for that. We have no ‘team spirit’…they look like they hate each other when in reality I am guessing they are wondering “why on earth did I come here to get coached by these idiots?”

  5. This travesty just gets worse …so very sad when Indiana has some of the most ardent fans in the country …I look at it as a 3 win season …the 9 joke cupcakies should not count really …So is this what “progress” looks like ? Not at all fans

  6. For the first time in years I just turned the game off. There have to be morale
    problems we don’t know about, made worse by their lack of performance. It
    is VERY, VERY difficult to not blame Crean for this team making absolutely no
    improvement. If anything, they look disinterested.
    Let’s bring in Dan Dakich to offer analysis of this program. SOMEBODY has to help.

  7. The good new’s is…we only have to watch one more game Thursday of this patheic team…and only 2 more year’s of Crean.After Thursday…Elston..BC..Roth..should all transfer.If Crean has any chance of keeping his job past 2 more season’s…he better get a couple Jr. College player’s at least 6-10 and 6-11.Glass will not fire Crean with the class he has coming in 2 year’s…but if IU doesn’t win 20-22 games in 2 year’s he should be gone.Crean has no clue how to coach in the B10.He get’s out coached by every coach in the B10…Indiana is ranked 178th in the NCAA…that is terrible…Glass is very weak has a leader..afraid to fire anyone…he didn’t want to fire Lynch…he had to be talked into that.He is an attorney trying to run a sport’s department…not working.But Indiana fan’s ..as bad has it is…Crean is not going anywhere for 2 year’s.No progress at all..6 wins..10 wins..12 wins…and we play nobody except Kentucky pre-B10.So really we won 3 games this year.I would take Coach Knight and all his antics back…winning or not winning…at least you could count on 20 wins a year and at least going to the dance…one and done…but right now I would take that.Fire Glass…bring Dakich back as AD…bring Alford..Smart..or Wittman back as coach.Bruce Pearl will be available next year…heck hire him…he would be better than what we have now.

  8. Hmmmm, I wonder what would have happend if the Hoosier faithful would have left Mike Davis alone? Let me see if I remember correctly they wanted him out because:

    – Didn’t like the way he got the job. Didn’t earn it.
    – Did not recruit enough Indiana players
    – Race?

    Hmmm, that 2002 team seemed to respond. As a matter of fact, as my wife always says, there should be a sixth banner in The Hall right now.

    Oh well, guess we’ll never know.

    Oh well

  9. Seems to be fewer people defending TC–I’ll always be an IU fan, just get a coach that understands what Indiana basketball means!

  10. Crean and Glass should both go! While Crean shows plenty of intensity from the bench, this does not replace good coaching skills. The players have decent skills but are poorly coached. IU has gotten worse each year under his tutelage. Davis and Sampson were infinitely better coaches (disregarding the questionable NCAA sanctions against the latter). This great university and hoosier fans deserve a great basketball program.

  11. Crean is more of a cheerleader than a coach.Almost every time he call’s a time out and set’s a play..we come out and lose the ball or fire up a 20 foot shot.If that is his coaching…the player’s must not like each other..they don’t help each other at all.Until he get’s some jr. college player’s in here we won’t ever win just reloading with freshmen.Mike Davis is a much better coach than Crean…but Davis never wanted to be here..he knew the pressure was to much.Sampson was 3 times the coach that Crean and Davis are…and could recruit great player’s…but if you can’t go by the rule’s..oh well Hoosier Nation..learn to live with it for a couple more year’s…nothing is changing until then.Next year…15-16…following year when all the talent get’s here…19-12…but remember..it’s all verbal commitment’s…doubt that 2-3 of them ever get here.

  12. Chet, let me oblige you. Do you garden? If you do you will appreciate the analogy: Tom Crean is a Mexican-grown Kroger-bought tomato, while Steve Alford is a vine-ripened tomato grown right here in our backyard, which we’ve nurtured through the bugs and the elements. I hope this satisfies some of your hankering.

  13. For those of you who think Crean just has 2 more years, let me remind you that he
    was signed to a T-E-N year, multi-million dollar contract!!!! That’s 1-0., or 10 years.
    He’s going no place because we, the taxpayers, would have to pay that huge salary
    and there would be nothing left for another coach or anything else.

  14. Kind of like the Cubs and Alfonso Soriano – a bad, expensive long term contract booging down the future.

  15. Anytime Indiana need’s help buying Crean out…Mark Cuban and John Mellencamp are just a phone call away.Glass has said that Crean isn’t going anywhere for 2 year’s with that class that’s coming in then.At least that’s what Dackich has said on his show.But remember those are verbal commits…they can all change after another awful year next year.Zeller will help some..but this group of player’s has many many issues that Zeller can’t solve.First problem..why do we have 4-5 player’s on our bench who never take there warm up’s off? Get rid of those player’s and get some jr. college transfer’s that can help now.Kory Barnett…BC..Daniel Moore..Matt Roth..Derek Elstin..two or three more that I don’t even know there name.Get rid of them and get some kid’s in here who can help now.If Crean doesn’t win 20 games after next season..he will be gone.Trust me…Crean could have 10 McDonald All-American’s in here and he will never win 20 games.If you can’t coach..you can’t coach.

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